Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Diya and Armaan looking for the certificates. They ask Krish about it. Krish says I had kept it here, Ramkali was cleaning the room, maybe she took it. Armaan and Krish try to contact Ramkali.

Diya panics. Armaan asks her not to worry. Diya checks everywhere. She sees the certificates torn and washed off in the washing machine. Bhavna looks on and says whenever you step ahead, I will pull you back, you won’t succeed now. Diya shouts Armaan and shows her certificates.

Armaan asks who has put imp docs in the machine. Ramkali and Bhavna come. Bhavna recalls putting the certificates in Diya’s laundry clothes. Ramkali puts the clothes in the washing machine and goes. FB ends.

Bhavna says Diya’s hardwork got ruined because of someone’s foolishness, how will you give interview now. Armaan, Krish and Madhu scold Ramkali. Diya cries. Ramkali asks them to tell Bhavna.

Bhavna and Ramkali argue. Bhavna says I have tried to help Diya. Diya says enough, how did the certificates get mixed in the clothes, why do you always make mistakes, you know I have to pay a big price for this, you know its value, its my hardwork, the result of my parents’ sacrifices and prayers, you have ruined it.

Armaan says you should have not done this, Bhavna. Bhavna says I made a big mistake to help Diya. He says say sorry to Diya. Bhavna says I won’t say sorry. Madhu signs Bhavna. Bhavna says sorry, I was just helping. Armaan says you want to help and do work, fine, Ramkali take an off today, Bhavna will do all the work.

Bhavna worries. Palki sees Anju working. She says you do much work for everyone, think for yourself. Anju says I work for you all, I get happiness. Palki gets Krish’s message. She reads about Diya’s certificates.

She says Diya will be too upset. Diya cries and tries to fix the certificates. Bhavna gets angry on Armaan. Madhu comes. Bhavna says sorry, I made a mistake. Madhu scolds her. She makes a juice for herself. She asks Bhavna to wash the glass. She says you did much work, you ruined Diya’s hardwork. She goes.

Diya says my hardwork is ruined, I can’t do any job now. Armaan says I know your job is imp, don’t sit crying, every problem has a solution, just focus, I spoke to Meenal, she said we can give photocopy of documents now, problem solved, smile. She thanks him. He says sorry, whatever Bhavna did. She says don’t say sorry. He says don’t say thanks, I want to give you something.

He gives her some money. He says I know you are capable and will get a job soon, uncle and aunty won’t accept the money from me, keep this and tell them that its yours, give them the money, it will help them. She says I love you Armaan, I can’t take your money. He says when joy and sorrow are ours,

then how did this become mine. She says no, I have some money to manage things. He says have food now. She says no, I don’t want to go and have food. He says I will get the breakfast here. He goes and gets the food tray. They have the food together. Kaun tujhe….plays… Diya says I will go and start the documents issuing work, dad works in the same school where we all studied,

I will meet dad there. He says I will come along. Palki talks to Diya and curses Bhavna. Diya says enough, we can’t think bad about anyone, I have come to school to reissue the certificates, I will call later. Diya meets the staff person and asks for the documents reissue. The man says you will get the certificates. She asks about Brij. He says he got fired from the job yesterday, why would he come. She gets shocked.

Diya cries seeing Brij working. She hears him talking to someone.


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