Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 22nd April 2022 Episode starts with Diya and Palki warding off the bad sight. Jhanvi comes and compliments Diya. She says everything is perfect, where is the chunri. Palki says I forgot, I will get it. Jhanvi cries. Diya asks what happened. Jhanvi tells about Armaan’s letter. Diya says no,

Armaan didn’t write that letter, Chadda had sent it. Jhanvi says I don’t know about it, I got Armaan’s letter for you, but I didn’t let it reach you, I burnt it. Diya asks why, what was written in it. Jhanvi say he wrote his feelings for you, he asked you to tear the letter if you don’t love him. Diya recalls Armaan.

She cries. Jhanvi says I did this to save Palki from this pain. Diya says its okay, if you get one, the other will get hurt, its not anyone’s mistake, it was in fate. Jhanvi says yes, fate united you and Armaan. Palki gets the dupatta. They hug Diya. Diya smiles.

Diya and Armaan sit in the mandap. Anju asks Brij are you crying. He says no, Diya looks so pretty. Anju says yes, I had applied her black dot. He says she has grown up so soon, she will be going today. Palki cries and says Diya look so pretty, I have done her makeup. Bhavna ties the gathbandhan. Palki asks Armaan to always keep Diya smiling, else.. He says I know, else you won’t spare me.

Neil asks Sudha to smile, else pic will come back. Pandit asks them to stand for the rounds. Diya says I don’t think I can stand on my feet. Pandit says marriage will happen when you take the rounds. Armaan asks pandit to read the mantras. He lifts Diya and takes the wedding rounds. Everyone showers the flowers. They smile.

He fills sindoor and makes her wear mangalsutra. They smile. Everyone blesses them. Jhanvi asks Diya to take care and apply the ointment to her feet. Diya says guys change after marriage. Jhanvi says its not like that always. Diya and Palki tease Jhanvi. Palki says Amit has stolen Jhanvi and Armaan has stolen Diya today. Anju packs Diya’s bag. Diya says this is my house. Anju gets emotional and cries.

She says I have put some sarees for you, and extra sarees for the relatives, you are innocent, you don’t know anything. Diya cries. Anju asks Jhanvi did you explain Diya. Jhanvi asks what. Anju says what happens after marriage. Jhanvi says Diya is elder to me, she would know everything. Anju says you got married first. Diya and Palki smile. Anju says fine, I will tell you.

Diya asks Palki to shut her ears. Palki says no. Anju says let her hear, it will be useful for her also, I have to tell you something imp. Diya says we know everything. Anju says you are too innocent. They laugh. Anju says let me say now, listen to me, after marriage… everyone will tell you that Saas is mum, don’t listen to them, it’s a secret. They ask what. Anju says Saas is Saas, and mum is mum,

remember this. They laugh. Diya asks did you have to say this. Anju says yes, what else, what did you think, Bhavna is also there, she is clever, beware of her, I m scared of her, she will create misunderstandings between you and Armaan. Brij comes and asks what’s happening here. Anju says I m giving her some tips.

He cries and says you are going today. Palki says we will smile and do her bidaai. Diya’s bidaai rituals are done. Diya cries. Anju makes a puffy face and signs Sudha. Diya smiles. Heer heer….plays.. Diya cries thinking of the family moments. She performs the rituals and steps out of the house. She hugs her sisters. Anju hugs her. Diya sits in the car. Armaan takes Anju and Brij’s blessings. He leaves with Diya. Diya looks at her family and cries.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhavna taunts Diya. Diya says I didn’t learn to step back, now I have come here permanently, it will be good for both of us if you accept this.


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