Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 25th April 2022  Episode starts with Bhavna taunting Diya. Diya remembers Anju’s words. She finds the coin and smiles. She says I have come here permanently, if you accept this, then it will be good for both. Pavan gets sweets for them. Diya feeds it to Bhavna. Pavan says I m glad seeing this change, Bhavna.

Diya says now I have come, everything will change now, Bhavna and I will have good friendship, she is special to me. Sudha smiles. Palki says Diya and I shared a lot after Jhanvi’s marriage, we also fought a lot, I m left alone now. Jhanvi asks did Armaan leave you alone, don’t lie to me. Palki cries and hugs her.

Jhanvi says so sorry, I should have not burnt Armaan’s letter and told you everything. Palki asks which letter. Jhanvi says Armaan’s love letter for Diya, I thought Diya is strong and can tolerate this, I wanted to see you happy, sorry. Palki says then be a part of Diya’s happiness. They hug.

Palki gets Krish’s call. She asks did you decorate Diya’s room. Krish says yes, I did as you said. He says Armaan and Diya will be impressed by me. Armaan and Diya come. Krish shows them the beautifully decorated room. He asks isn’t it a romantic decoration.

Armaan asks what did you do. Krish says I did this for your wedding night. Diya says its beautiful. Armaan jokes. Krish says don’t be so boring, Palki told me, she has sent me pics of decorations. Diya says I knew it, when are you going to tell the family. Krish says we will tell when we get serious. He goes.

Armaan shuts the door. He sits with Diya. She says Palki and Krish are so filmy, what did they think, what we will do. Armaan asks what were they thinking. He holds her close and asks what would we do. She says they thought its that type of suhaagraat. He asks which type. He hugs her. She asks him to switch off lights. He says good idea, but who will do it. She says you will do. He says I will do when you leave me.

Bhavna comes there. She knocks the door. She asks him to open the door. Armaan asks is she a sister or enemy. He shouts coming. He goes and opens the door. He asks what is it. She asks did you sleep. He says no. She says there is an imp rasam, come. She takes them to the balcony. Sudha asks what’s the rasam here, I didn’t hear it before. Bhavna says its very imp and interesting also.

She asks Diya to find Arundhati tara. Sudha asks what. Bhavna says Arundhati and Vishisht are husband and wife, known for their loyalty, anyone can see Vashisht star but not Arundhati star. Bhavna shows the stars to them. She asks Diya can she see the Arundhati star. Diya says I can’t see that. Bhavna says congrats Armaan,

Diya failed in loyalty test, she will have an affair after marriage. Diya asks what’s this joke, its nonsense, how can you say that. Sudha asks what nonsense. Bhavna says one who doesn’t see the Arundhati star gets into an affair, its an interesting rasam, right. She looks at Diya.

She says I was joking, don’t take it serious, smile. Armaan says jokes have some standards, don’t say such disgusting things. He asks Diya to come with him. They leave. Sudha asks why did you say that, Armaan is so touchy about loyalty, his mood got off on his wedding day. Bhavna says sorry, I was just joking.

Krish says it was really cheap. Krish and Sudha leave. Bhavna says I know Armaan is touchy, so I have done this, Diya was taunting me. Diya tries to explain Armaan. He gets angry on her. She says its your anger, your problem, you can’t vent out on me for Bhavna’s mistake. Armaan says sorry. She says no, you can’t shout on me and get angry, I m your wife. He says you know why I got angry on that thing.

She asks did you tell me. He says stay quiet for sometime, I loved my first wife a lot, I thought I m the luckiest, she cheated me with my best friend, I was still madly believing her, then one day, I saw them in a hotel, so I got divorced with her, Bhavna told about the affair. Diya says so you got reminded of that and thought I can also do that, how did you think so. He says no, I trust you, I m saying the truth, sorry. She says I m feeling sleepy, good night. She goes to sleep.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Diya says I m making kheer. Bhavna changes the salt and sugar labels on the containers. Diya takes the salt. Bhavna smiles.


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