Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 26th April 2022 Episode starts with Palki working on the pics. Anju asks her to go to sleep now. She says I will come back to check, sleep. Palki recalls Diya and gets sad. She cries. Anju sees Brij writing expenses.

She asks did it cost a lot. He says no, it happened under 5 lakhs, they both wanted a simple marriage. She says it was a good deal. He says our daughter is worth a diamond. She says even Armaan is golden hearted, Jhanvi and Diya got married, I m worried for Palki. He laughs and jokes on her. She says I m not crying, I m smiling. He says world’s customs are such, what can we do. He lies down to rest.

She says Diya was asking us to find a ghar jamai for Palki. He asks her to sleep. Palki comes there to sleep. He asks what happened, you didn’t sleep. Anju says I asked you to sleep, Diya isn’t here. Palki says I want to sleep here. Anju asks er to come. Palki sleeps with them. Brij finds Palki sad.

Armaan calls out Diya. She asks him not to trouble her. He asks her to get up. She gets angry on him. He says everyone is sleeping, everyone has heard us fighting. He gets close to her. She turns away. She says nothing will happen here.

He says okay, at least change your clothes, it will make you uncomfortable. She says I m okay. He says it will hurt me, I mean jewellery, what did you think. She says nothing. He says your jewellery is dangerous, sharp and rough, it can hurt someone. She removes the jewellery. He smiles. He asks shall I help.

He removes the jewellery. Dhaage tod laao….Bol halke halke… plays…. He kisses her. She gets shy and turns away. He holds her. They get romantic. Its morning, Sudha calls out Armaan and Diya. She asks them to wake up, its 7am.

She says Armaan, ask Diya to take a bath and come for first rasoi. Diya gets up. Armaan holds her hand and says don’t go. She says its my first rasoi today. He says these rasams will take my life. Diya goes for the aarti. Sudha asks her not to get late for aarti. Diya says sorry, I got late because of Armaan. Armaan comes and teases Diya.

Sudha asks them to do the aarti. They do the aarti. Sudha says I will do the aarti as always. Diya asks Armaan to convince Sudha. Armaan says we promise, we will come on time. Sudha says no need to do this to save Diya. Diya says we will come on time from tomorrow. Sudha says okay, do the first rasoi on time. She asks Krish didn’t he wake up. Diya says Sudha got angry on me because of you.

Armaan says she won’t come to wake us early, we will get more time. Diya says I didn’t know you are no naughty. She goes to kitchen. Bhavna greets her and asks how was the first night, did Armaan let you sleep. Diya says leave it, you would have slept well. Bhavna taunts her. Diya says he wasn’t upset, what happened, you are seeing stars in the day. Bhavna asks what are you making in first rasoi.

Diya says kheer, where is elaichi. Bhavna says there, in that cabinet. Diya thanks her. Bhavna changes salt and sugar labels and thinks Diya doesn’t know me. Diya talks on call and says I will come for pagphere rasam, I will get Armaan also, I m making kheer now. Diya ends the call. She sees Bhavna.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pavan asks Sudha to give shagun to Diya. Diya and Bhavna argue. Diya asks Sudha for a small gift in shagun.


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