Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2022 Episode starts with everyone asking Abhi to come to Udaipur. Abhi refuses. Manjiri says we are going back, that’s all. Anand says I will complete the discharge formalities.

Abhi thinks to come back to Jaipur to find Akshu. Kunal gets a call. He says who is getting so desperate to talk to Akshu, she is with Abhi, I didn’t get any info, its like good news, if Abhi knew everything, then he would have ended this, I have to use my power and sources and find out who is trying to talk to Akshu.

Nurse opens the stock room and sees Akshu. She says sorry, you are here, I locked the door by mistake, are you okay, I will get water. Kunal comes. Akshu says I have to meet Abhi and tell him everything. Akshu looks for Abhi. Kunal says they all went back to Udaipur, check the discharge papers.

Akshu says I did this to him, I can’t stay away from my Abhi, I have hurt the one I love the most, they all hate me, because Abhi got hurt because of me, I will go to Abhi and take his anger and hatred upon me, I will also go to Udaipur. She thinks to just meet Abhi, not the family, once I met Abhi, I will get Kairav out of the problems.

Kunal says you can’t go, else your loved one will get arrested here, your brother Kairav. She worries. He says I m a good brother, we both have no difference, I love Maaya as you love Kairav, you think I didn’t know that you had hidden Kairav in Mauritius, you tell me, what shall I do, you go to Udaipur and I will tell about Kairav, or you will come with me to the hotel, think.

She says your time is going well. She scolds him. Abhi thinks of Maaya. Manjiri pacifies him. Abhi is on the way to Udaipur. He says there is some connection between Maaya and Akshu. Maaya calls Kunal. He says Akshu I with me. She says that’s great, we have to go to Udaipur, they changed the event venue for the safety reasons.

Akshu says Mahadev has opened his third eye, your time is going to change. Maaya asks what is she saying. He says no, we won’t go to Udaipur, you take part in the event next year. She asks why won’t we go there. Akshu says don’t worry, he is joking, he likes to play games, we are going to Udaipur.

Maaya asks are you sure. Akshu says yes, no one can stop us. She thinks I m coming Abhi, I m losing to hatred, love always wins and even this time love will win. She goes. She hears about Ganpati. She says Ganpati comes and ends the sorrow, I m going to make a new start.

Abhi prays and does the Bappa aarti. Morya…plays.. Akshu reaches Udaipur. Abhi gives aarti to everyone. Suwarna comes home and greets Dadi. Dadi says Suwarna left because of Manish’s anger, she has come back today, take prasad together. Suwarna holds Manish’s hand and takes prasad. She smiles.

Abhi asks Manjiri not to give him a swear. She asks why do you want to go there. Everyone asks Abhi what happened in Jaipur, how did the accident happen. Manjiri asks him to answer. Mahima asks is this related to Akshu, you were taking her name in unconscious state. Manjiri asks is this the reason, you won’t go to Jaipur. Kunal and Akshu see the Birla house.

Kunal asks Akshu not to forget that… She says don’t repeat it. Abhi says please let me go. Manjiri says no, I can’t see you hurting yourself. Akshu thinks I have to reach my Abhi soon. Abhi eats the modaks. He thinks that voice was of Akshu, I have to reach that voice some way. Kunal, Maaya and Akshu come to a hotel room. He says we got one room because of late check-in.

Maaya says you said you are connected to Udaipur, where is your family. Kunal says US, Akshu has no one in India. Maaya says I can understand, I miss my parents a lot. Akshu says they are in my heart, go and get freshen up. Maaya goes. Akshu asks about Kairav. He says I m a doctor, I have kept Kairav well in a hotel, here in India.

She asks what. He says yes, he was here. She recalls her words. He says once Maaya wins this music event.. She says don’t repeat it. Abhi hears Maaya’s song. He says its Akshu’s voice, how is Maaya singing on stage, I will ask Shefali to find out, but she can tell Manjiri, how will explain her.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi and everyone celebrate. Akshu looks on. A vase falls. Neil asks who can it be. Harsh goes to see. Akshu runs and falls down. Harsh says Akshara.


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