Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th August 2022 Episode starts with Kairav refusing to marry Anisha. Everyone is shocked. Kairav asks shall I repeat myself, I don’t want to marry Anisha. Abhi asks him what happened. Everyone asks him what happened, what’s the reason. Kairav says it will be better that Anisha answers this.

He leaves. Anisha cries and asks Kairav not to leave her and go, she will die. Abhi asks did you two have any fight, he never reacts like this, tell me, what’s the matter, how will I sort this. Mahima says answer him. Dadi asks does she want to go to Mumbai again. Anisha sees Akshu.

She says Kairav will come back, you just give me 5 mins, I will get him back. She goes. Parth and Mahima worry. Abhi says Anisha will sort the issue and come back. Harsh says Anisha left career for Kairav, she was handling this relation well. Anand says when Anisha agreed to marry, Kairav refused.

Anisha asks Kairav not to tell this to anyone. He says do anything, end this marriage drama, go from here. She says just handle the matter here, I have no courage to tell them. He says if you have courage to do it, then you should have courage to tell. She says I promise I will tell them, just handle this today.

He says it will be a cheat. Mahima asks Dadi did she say anything. Dadi and Mahima argue. Mahima shouts what happened then. Kairav says you don’t find this right, tell everyone, else I will tell them. Anisha says if you go today, then I will die. He says stop the nonsense. She shouts to stop him.

Everyone argues at home. Abhi asks them to stop it. They all see Akshu. Anisha stands over the railing. Kairav runs to her and shouts Anisha. Abhi asks Akshu do you know what happened between them, tell me.

Kairav asks Anisha to come downstairs. She says promise me, you won’t say anyone and not break this marriage. He says come down, don’t blackmail me. She says I will really jump down. She slips and shouts Kairav, save me. She falls down. He shouts Anisha…..

She falls over the car top. He is shocked. Abhi asks Akshu to say what happened. Akshu says it will be good if Kairav and Anisha say this matter. Abhi says fine, just tell me in short cut, is there anything serious. He gets a call.

He is shocked. He says I got a call from hospital ambulance staff, Kairav is taking Anisha to the hospital. Everyone is shocked. They all reach the hospital. They see Anisha getting treated.

Abhi goes inside and holds Anisha’s hand. Family comes in. Abhi says we all are here, nothing will happen, are you hurt, painkiller will relief you, I can’t see you in pain, you think Mahima doesn’t love you, see who has come. He asks Mahima to say she loves her. They get shocked seeing the flat line on the machines. They all cry and recall their moments with Anisha.

Abhi closes Anisha’s eyes. Abhi goes to Kairav and catches his collar. He says you killed my sister, she was begging and shouting, she will die, but you didn’t hear. Akshu says leave him, Kairav didn’t kill her. Kairav says I didn’t kill her, she slipped, why will I kill her.

A man comes and says Kairav killed Anisha, I was there, she was pleading him, he didn’t listen and she jumped down. Mahima also blames Kairav. Abhi angrily goes to punch Kairav. Akshu comes in between. She says Anisha left us, she will not come back to tell the truth, I believe that Kairav doesn’t lie, give him a chance to explain please. Harsh asks Kairav to say.

Kairav says I told her to tell you all the truth, but she wasn’t ready, I didn’t want to say so we had an argument that day, she was saying she will die if I break the marriage, it was her mistake, but I explained her, then she slipped. Abhi asks why did you break the marriage. Kairav says I didn’t kill Anisha. Abhi says answer me. Akshu says Anisha slipped. Mahima slaps Kairav and says you killed her.

Akshu says he didn’t kill her. Mahima shouts. Harsh says he didn’t push her, but she died because of him. Anand says its his plan. Parth asks why did you break the marriage by calling us home. Akshu cries and says please stop it, Anisha just went, we can’t fight and blame each other, its wrong, we will talk later, stop this.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akshu says I read all your questions, the answer is, Kairav is innocent. Abhi asks why do you always take your family’s side. Mahima shouts get out. Akshu cries.


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