Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2022 Episode starts with Akshu and Abhi crushing the wedding cards. He thinks of her singing. Koi jo mila to….plays… She thinks of him. She goes downstairs and sees Aarohi dancing with everyone.

Abhi sees his family dancing. Akshu tears the dupatta and throws sweets. She dances with the family. Neil takes Abhi for dance. Akshu sees Sirat’s pic and recalls her words. Abhi thinks of Manjiri. Abhi and Akshu cry. Abhi says its my marriage with Aarohi. She says should I let their marriage happen,

Abhi loves me, I love him, Aarohi doesn’t love him, three lives can get tangled by my wrong decision, Abhi just wants love, what shall I do now. He says mum isn’t here, I miss you, come soon, I will go to hospital. The camp pic is still in his folder.

Aarohi says I m the best, I will handle the exam after haldi, Akshu shouldn’t do anything. Manish and Suwarna see Akshu and ask her to go to room and rest. Akshu says I m fine. Dadi says its good you are fine.

Kairav asks do you want to say something. Mahima says Manjiri said the ritual, we have to send Abhi’s applied haldi to the bride. Harsh says there is no problem, we will apply haldi to Abhi first and then send it. She says I don’t think he will agree. Abhi comes. Anand says we decided to not do any ceremony without Manjiri, but we have to send the haldi applied to you, for Aarohi,

I request you to apply some haldi, it will keep your mum’s heart. Manish asks what happened Akshu. Akshu says nothing. Aarohi says I know what she wants to say, that nothing should lack in marriage because of her. Kairav says don’t think so, everything is going well. Parth gets the haldi. Abhi recalls Akshu.

He keeps his hand on haldi bowl and gets back. He says get it touched by Lord, what can be a bigger shagun than that. He leaves. Harsh says he said right, we will do the puja and send haldi to Goenkas, Abhi said he won’t do anything without Manjiri, so he won’t.

Mahima thinks without Akshu also. Akshu sees Aarohi and recalls her words. Neil comes and thinks Abhi didn’t touch this haldi, but its of his name, I won’t let wrong happen. He stumbles and falls near Akshu. Akshu holds the plate.

The haldi gets over her hand. He says so sorry. Everyone turns to see. Aarohi asks Neil to see and walk. Neil says sorry, I m okay, haldi also got saved. Akshu looks at her hand. She thinks what’s this sign, what shall I do. She tries to remove haldi. Abhi thinks of Akshu and looks into some ward. He cries. The pic falls down the folder.

Nurse stops him and gives the pic. He thanks her. He goes. Neil says Akshu, talk to Abhi once, truth may look bitter, but life will become sweet. He goes. Abhi thinks of her. He says I didn’t want to think of her. Nurse says this maybe of Akshu, it was there in the room. She gives the bracelet. Jaaniye…plays….

He gets Akshu’s call. He says Akshu…. She says Abhi…. The call disconnects. He shouts charger. She calls again. He recalls her words and stops. She calls on landline. The man takes the call. She asks for Abhi. The man stops Abhi. Abhi says no and leaves. She says what shall I do now. She hears Naira’s voice and says mumma. Dadi says I miss Kartik and Naira a lot, I see their videos when I miss them.

Akshu says they look perfect, like each other. Dadi says they were different, but their love was same, they had to face many problems, Naira took some tough decisions, we used to understand later that she was right, she chose the right, she never left the truth. Akshu thinks. Abhi stays upset. Akshu sees the haldi on her hand.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akshu says I don’t want to apply haldi to you, you don’t deserve it. Aarohi looks at her. Abhi sees the pic. Akshu asks how can you lie to him. Aarohi says I have to lie a bit. Neil says ask Aarohi about it. Abhi asks who is Aarohi.


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