Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2021  Episode starts with Kartik joining the broken evil eye. Naira comes and says you have warded off bad sight from this. He hugs her and says you always overestimate me. She asks what can’t I do. He says I can’t get my love back. She says Naira can’t get alive, but love can come back. He says no. She says yes, when it has to come, then you can’t stop it, you feel the love lacking. He says yes, everyone is here, you, your memories, kids, family and business, but there is a thing lacking. She says love is lacking. He says its your place. She says memories can’t take the place of love. He says you are my love. She says I have left, give my place to someone else. He says just you have the right on me. She says when someone claims the right on you, you can’t refuse, don’t worry, it will happen when its destined. He asks why are you saying this. She closes his eyes and disappears.

Its morning, Sirat practices. Ranvir looks on. He coughs. He sees bleeding on the kerchief. He goes and calls the doctor. He asks did my reports come, is there anything serious. Doctor says yes, I was afraid about the intoxication, poison is spreading in the body because of that bullet. Ranvir asks will I get saved or not. Doctor says I m sorry, come and meet me tomorrow. Ranvir asks how much time do I have. Doctor says we will do some more tests and then talk. Ranvir ends the call. He leaves. Sirat looks for him.

Kartik teaches Kairav. He asks why are you submitting this project in the last min. Kairav says its Kisha’s, I have submitted mine. Kartik asks him to help his friend himself. Kairav says good boys help friends. Sirat calls Kartik and Kairav. Kairav goes. Kartik says he is making me do his friend’s project, he got caught, so he has run away. She says Bindya is going to come for punch practice, its her match tomorrow. He says she will win if you train her, where is Ranvir. She says yes, he left. He says keep him tied to your pallu. She says I thought he went to you. He says maybe he will come. She says tell him to call me. He says you look good when you are happy, smile always. She says if I forget, you remind me. He ends call and says now I feel like I spoke to my friend Sirat.

Ranvir thinks I can’t go in front of Sirat, I can’t hide this truth, I can’t give sorrow to anyone. He runs on the road. Sirat trains Bindya. Bindya asks how do you balance all this. Sirat says we have to control our mind, else our mind controls us, just work hard, our team should get this championship trophy. She waits for Ranvir. Kartik says I m buying stuff for someone’s child today. He goes to his car. He sees Ranvir running. He shouts Ranvir. He runs after Ranvir and asks why are you running, from whom, where are you running, from where are you coming, tell me, what happened, Sirat is worried for you. Ranvir hugs him and cries. Kartik asks what happened. Ranvir sits there and says I m dying, Kartik. Kartik gets shocked.

He asks Ranvir not to joke, what’s the problem. Ranvir says I m going to die. Kartik says shut up. Ranvir coughs. He shows the blood on his hand. Kartik gets shocked. Sirat applies sindoor in her maang. She smiles. Kartik asks what happened to you. Ranvir says blood poisoning because of the bullet, I won’t get saved. Kartik says don’t say this, we will get second opinion, we will go anywhere, you will get saved, I m with you, I won’t let anything happen to you, we will try. Ranvir says I have no time to try now, I won’t get saved. Sirat shares her pic. Kartik says you can’t lose like that, I will not lose my friend, you have to be strong for yourself and Sirat, you have to get fine for Sirat.

He asks does Sirat know this. Ranvir signs no. He says please Sirat shouldn’t know about this, her smile came back after much difficulty, I don’t want her to get sad. Kartik says you have to tell her. Ranvir says she will get angry if she knows later, I can’t make her sad. Sirat makes food ready for Ranvir. Ranvir says sorry to trouble you, I got strength from you, when there is any problem, I find you some how, thanks Kartik. Kartik hugs him.

Ranvir says promise me, you will not let Sirat know this, no one should know this, if I see Sirat sad, then I will die today itself, Kartik please. Kartik says promise me, you will never lose hope, you will live for Sirat and yourself. Saroj eats the food. She likes it. She says its better than the last time. Sirat says yes. Saroj says I thought you are a boxer, you won’t know cooking, but you are the best in everything, I m blessed to get a bahu like you. Sirat jokes and laughs. Saroj says I wish I got you before, I would have made Nidhi like you, you train Nidhi also in everything. Sirat says I will do. Saroj says go and call Ranvir. Sirat asks where is he, he didn’t tell me, let him come, I will beat him. Saroj laughs.

Ranvir washes his face. He says I hope I can go in front of Sirat now, she will know it from your face, come on Kartik, be strong, I didn’t die yet. Kartik says don’t talk of dying. Ranvir says I also want that, I won’t talk of that, we will not tell anyone, I will tell Sirat if I could, else I will go like this, she can do anything after I die, I will go, she would be finding me. Kartik holds him.

Sirat comes to the room. Ranvir catches her. She says I thought its some ghost, I m scared of ghosts, because I can’t punch them. She jokes. He cries and thinks we were together but just till here. He hugs her. She asks where did you go. He says I had imp work, I will tell you at the right time, you will know it. She asks him to come and have food. He gets sad.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranvir plays the recording in front of Kartik. Kartik gets shocked. Ranvir asks can you give another chance to yourself and Sirat.


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