Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2022 Episode starts with Akshu and Abhi seeing each other. They happily cry. He says I was dying for this moment since a year, I wanted to ask the question,

why you left me alone, its enough, not anymore, I don’t want to ask anything, I m done, don’t meet me again, good bye Akshara. He goes. She shouts Akshu and runs to him. He says you have no right to stop me. She says you go, you told your feelings, listen to me, you have a right to get angry and hatred,

but keep your goodbye with you for 24 hours, I gave one year to my love, you give 24 hours to your hatred. He plays the dhol. Maaya comes and smiles seeing him. She clicks his pic. Akshu sees Maaya. Abhi disappears.

Akshu says keep some love saved in any corner of your heart, just 24 hours. Abhi walks on the road. He screams and recalls Akshu’s words. Akshu says I have to tell everything to Abhi and get evidence for Kairav’s innocence, just give me 24 hours. Abhi says 24 hours…

Aarohi is on call. She asks why is your mood off, did anything happen at home. Vansh comes to her. He gives the pendrive. She says thanks. He asks are you dating someone, you can’t hide it. She says I would have told you if I was dating someone. He says I m just asking, Kairav and Akshu left,

just we both are here, you can talk to me. She says I m dating someone, don’t ask me when, where and how. He says you can tell me when you want. She says yes, I will tell you when right time comes. He says I will wait for your right time. The elders hear this. Dadi says thank God,

she liked some guy, find out who is that guy. Manish says she was talking of some complication, why did Abhi call Aarohi to ask about Akshu, we don’t know, why is she hiding, do we know the guy and his family. Akhilesh asks who can it be. Nishta says someone delivered this pizza. Parth asks who ordered it. Abhi says I did. He sits eating the pizza. Parth says you stop others from eating junk food, you are also having it. Abhi asks Nishta to play music. He asks them to have the pizza. He dances on Ranjhana… Manjiri worries.

Parth says you don’t like music and dance, right. Abhi asks what will happen if I do this, will the world end. He argues and goes away. Kunal asks Maaya not to go anywhere without telling him. He says I get worried, our hardwork will get ruined. She says I know, but I m fine, really sorry, don’t get angry,

I promise, I won’t go next time, just go and meet Akshu. He asks why. She says something happened to her, she looks lost and worried, I tried to ask her. He asks where did you both go, tell me the truth. She says I have a big fan, he invited me in Ganpati event, we went there. He asks who is this fan.

She says I won’t hide more. She shows Abhi’s pic. Kunal thinks did Akshu see him, did anything happen, did she tell him everything. Abhi hears Neil’s recording. He recalls Akshu’s words. He gets her message and blocks her number. Akshu says please give me 24 hours, why are the messages not delivered. She calls him. She says Abhi blocked me, just one message is delivered, no,

please Abhi, I can bear your hatred, but give me 24 hours once. They recall each other. Maaya says don’t get angry, I m scared, Akshu will go after the event, what about me, my truth was going to come out today, but I got saved, but how long will I get saved, truth will come out when Akshu goes, then I will be finished. She cries. Kunal asks her to calm down. He says I m there.

Manjiri asks are you fine, did you sleep so early. Abhi says I m fine, let me sleep, I m feeling sleepy. She says I know its about Akshu. He cries and says she met me today. She asks here in Udaipur. He says yes, she was hiding from me. She asks did you ask her where was she.

He says no, why shall I ask, she didn’t tell me anything and left, she was hiding from her, I don’t want to ask her anything, I have cut off ties with her. She asks what did she say. He says she said she wants 24 hours, why, she didn’t come to me for a year, how will she come in 24 hours, she would have told me everything there, she doesn’t take a minute to leave me for her family’s sake,

she always leaves me for her sister and brother, I blocked her from my phone, heart and life. She says give her 24 hours. Akshu cries and messages Akshu. She says no, this can’t be our last meet. He says no, I can’t give her time. Manjiri says you came back with an empty heart, I m also angry on her, but we have to listen to her, let her clarify, we will take the last decision, if she is asking for 24 hours, then maybe there is something, we should find out.


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