Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th May 2021 Episode starts with Kartik coming to Kairav and Sirat. Kairav goes to get water for the plant. Kartik jokes. Sirat laughs and hurts Kartik by mistake. She says sorry. He asks does Ranvir know about your habit, he should keep the helmet and bodysuit, okay tell me what’s the problem. She says that girl had some problem, she left, she had stamina and used to fight well, there is no other girl, I had thought to practice fight with that girl twice a day but… Kartik says I have an idea, don’t you have male boxers in camp, leave it, it sounds strange. She says no, its a good idea, my fight will get better if I practice with a male boxer, I can vent Mukesh’s anger this way. Kartik asks her to think.

She says I have to increase stamina and strength. He says its my idea. She says yes, idea is of a great man, I will handle it, where will I find a male boxer, we just have female boxers in the camp. He says leave that to me. Kairav gets the water. They water the plant. Ranvir comes and sees them happy. He greets them. Sirat says you here… Ranvir jokes. He says I understood you would have come here to help Kairav, you should have told me. She says I thought you are busy. He says no. Kartik asks Sirat about the ring. Ranvir says its good, right, I chose it. Kartik says its too good, congrats. Ranvir says I thought not to waste time now. Suwarna and Surekha come. Suwarna likes the ring. She asks when are you both marrying. Kartik and Sirat say after the match. Ranvir says you found a good match. Kartik says you know Sirat’s partner… Sirat asks Kairav to show the plants. Kartik says come, we will complete this first. Everyone smiles.

Ranvir says I will quickly plan the wedding, its a already two years. Kartik asks where will you plan it, Udaipur or Jaisalmer. Ranvir says Udaipur, we don’t have anyone in Jaisalmer. Manager gets Kartik and Sirat’s clothes for the haldi and mehendi. Surekha says sorry, I forgot to cancel the order. Kartik says its fine, thanks. He asks Sirat to wear the dress in her marriage, he will wear the sherwani in their marriage. Suwarna says we plan anything, but it happens what’s written in fate. Ranvir says yes, we have united now, we can fight anyone, I won’t let Sirat go away from me. Sirat says I will go now. Suwarna asks her to have dry fruits and take care. Kairav says promise, you will get a medal. Kartik says yes, your focus should be on boxing, and Ranvir too. Suwarna says I will tell Amma, you take care. Sirat goes with Ranvir.

Ranvir says I will drop you. Sirat says you don’t need to come. He asks why, are the girls dying on me, I won’t see anyone. She says it doesn’t matter. She thinks he won’t let me fight a male boxer. She says I will have focus on you if you are there. He asks really, you pleased me a lot, I want to take you on a long drive, fine, I will drop you and come to pick you after boxing ends. They leave.

Kartik gets Vinay and introduces him. Sirat practices with Vinay. Kartik asks him to fight well. Vinay says she is a girl so… Sirat says so what, I can punch and also tolerate it. He says really, come. She falls. Vinay says sorry. Kartik asks are you hurt. Sirat says no, I can fight. Kartik asks why didn’t you defend his attack. She says thanks for getting Vinay. Kartik says it will be good when you defeat him. Vinay says come, try to knock out. Ranvir comes there and gets shocked seeing her falling down. He shouts and runs to her. He beats up Vinay. Kartik and Sirat stop Ranvir. Sirat says I asked you to not come. Ranvir says I came here to surprise you. She says I m practicing with him, because my partner left from the camp. Ranvir says any other partner will come, why are you practicing with this guy. Kartik says sorry, but what’s the objection to practice with Vinay. Ranvir says he is a male boxer. Kartik says so what, he is a state level champion, he is playing carefully. Ranvir says he is strong, Sirat will break her face or her confidence. Sirat says my confidence can get doubled. Ranvir says think practically, your hand broke, you were on bed for 3 months. He asks Vinay to go. Kartik says he won’t go anywhere. Ranvir says you won’t practice with Vinay. Kartik says Sirat, you shouldn’t leave this practice midway, it will be your decision, yes or no.

Ranvir says refuse for it, Kartik, don’t get me wrong, she was badly hurt last time. Kartik says it was her decision last time, even this time, it should be her decision. Ranvir says I got her into boxing to end her fears and fight, practice doesn’t happen this way, it happens according to stamina and weight, it can have a wrong effect. Sirat says I had accepted to fight with Vinay. Ranvir says I will get a strong opponent for you, come with me. She says stop it, you care for me, but you can’t scare me more, I have been boxing since years, I will do anything for it, we can talk later, we will practice at this time. He says it means you will practice with him. She says yes, I will not step back, I can get hurt by the female boxer as well, why to get scared of the punch when I have come into the ring. He says fine, its your decision, who am I to say, sorry Vinay, I made a big mistake, Kartik. Kartik says there is no need to say sorry, let Sirat do it. Ranvir says she can do what she wants, no one knows what’s right for her, but its her wish. He goes. Kartik says we can continue this tomorrow. Sirat says no, we will practice today. Kartik asks are you sure. She says yes. She practices with Vinay. She recalls Ranvir’s words. She knocks down Vinay. Kartik looks on. He turns to see Ranvir. Ranvir isn’t there.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2021 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik says Ranvir will understand, he loves you a lot, get ready for puja, I will invite Ranvir and get him. Sirat dances in the function. Kartik and Ranvir meet with an accident.


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