Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2021 Episode start with Kartik seeing Sirat. Kairav says you look so good. She says I thought I m looking weird, track and hoodie suit me. Kairav says that’s for sports, this clothes are for puja. She asks how do I look. Kartik says you look good. He misses Naira. Kairav says Sirat, I will click your photos. He takes Kartik’s phone. Sirat poses with a pot. Kartik laughs. She asks what happened. He asks who pose with a pot. She says I have seen many people posing with a pot. He says you be the same, no need to try anything different. She asks why did you make me wear these clothes. He says clothes are according to the situation, not person. Kairav asks her to make her fav pose. She makes the boxing punch pose. Kartik clicks pics. Kairav says we will click selfie. Akshu comes. Kartik takes her and gives her to Sirat. Kartik clicks selfies. Rhea looks on.

Sheela passes by. Rhea stops her and says the address you gave is wrong. Sheela says Mukesh can’t give me wrong address, maybe someone gave him wrong address. Rhea argues. She says Manish also wants me to become Kartik’s wife, if you don’t give me Ranvir’s address, I will tell everything to Kartik, he will oust you from here and Jaisalmer’s house. Sheela says no, I will talk to Mukesh. Kairav asks Sirat to decorate the idol well and win the competition. Rhea says sorry Kairav, Sirat can’t win all the time. Dadi talks to pandit on call. Nani says once Sirat gets settled, I can die in peace. Dadi asks her not to say so. She makes a friendly hand shake.

She says tilak will happen, everything will happen, don’t talk about dying. Kartik comes and says I think we should talk to Naksh once, he should know about Sirat. Dadi says he isn’t here, he has gone to ayurvedic center for treatment. He says then lets stop this. She says no, I will talk to them tomorrow. He says fine. Kairav sees the ladies decorating the idols. He says no cheating. Gayu says Naira got decked up well, she looks the same like before. Kartik recalls Naira. He asks Kairav how is Sirat looking. Kairav says different, she isn’t like mumma or Sirat. Kartik says yes. Sirat punches his hand. He says I think I will make a bodysuit to stay around you. She laughs. He says don’t worry, I won’t let you get troubled. Dadi says come on, decorate the idols, sing some song. She sings prem ka aisa rang…..plays….

Everyone sings and dances. Dadi gives Sirat’s hand to Kartik. They all dance. Everyone decorates their idols. Ranvir decorates his idol. Chandu comes and asks him to not be stuck on Sirat. Ranvir says you won’t understand, leave me, you fall in love and see, you won’t need to ask. Chandu jokes. Ranvir says fine, I can’t forget Sirat, you do one thing, leave me. Chandu asks are you mad, you are my life’s first friend. Ranvir says you can’t leave friendship, how can I leave love, I loved Sirat, I fought my family and left them, you supported me and came after me. Chandu asks him to put the car in gear, not neutral, race it. Ranvir tickles him. Chandu says you have made a good idol. Kairav and everyone see the idols. Rhea sees the price tag on the cloth. She thinks they will know that I got this cloth from outside.

She goes and hides the tag. Gayu asks Kairav to say. Kairav says judge’s result is ready, but public voting is left. Dadi says I like Rhea’s idol a lot. Dadi says I like Suwarna’s idol. Suwarna says I like Gayu’s. Rhea says sorry but I like mine. Sirat says no one took my name, am I out of competition, can’t I bribe the judge. Kairav says you can, but not in puja competition. She asks what’s the use then. Kairav asks Manish about his vote. Manish say that black one. Kartik says that’s Sirat’s idol. Kairav says final result is ready. Everyone gets excited. Sirat holds Kartik’s hand and says you also pray that my idol wins, I didn’t get any prize in girly things, I will be glad if I win this time. Kartik looks at her. She smiles.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th April 2021 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik and Sirat come to the temple. Ranvir comes there with his idol.


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