Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2021 Episode starts with Kartik joking and trying to calm down Sirat’s anger. She says you have seen what Ranvir did, I was doing practice, why did he interfere. He jokes. He says sorry, tell me what happened. She says I m feeling bad that I fought with Ranvir. He says yes, you should feel bad. She asks are you on my or his side. He says you both aren’t on different sides. She asks can you explain him. He says no, its your relation, you have to talk, don’t give this right to anyone. Ranvir angrily leaves from there. Sirat says I have to explain him that everything changed in two years, me and my dreams got grown up, competition is tough, fight is big, he knows it, but…Suwarna, Surekha and Gayu wash some pots. Nani comes and asks what are you doing. Suwarna says we have a puja today. Surekha says just married women keep this puja. Gayu says or the girls who are getting married.

Suwarna says we decorate the pots, light diya and pray for husband. Gayu says we sing, dance and enjoy food. Suwarna says we can call Sirat, she can keep puja for Ranvir. Nani says no, let it be, what will she do here. Surekha says you are right, its our family puja. Suwarna says she is also part of our family. Kairav says yes, she can marry anyone, she will always be my Sirat. Nani thinks don’t know she will come or not. Kartik comes to Sirat and jokes again. She asks what are you saying. He says you want Ranvir to understand your heart, why, is he Antaryami, every couple has fights, Naira and I also had fights, we used to talk and solve it, we always got solutions, the problems used to get big when we stopped talking, we got separated once, whatever happens, don’t stop the conversation, Ranvir loves you a lot, he will understand, he will try to change himself, things can get well by talks, if you get angry, then he will also get angry. She says you always make me think right. He jokes. She says I think you like to have a punch. He says no, keep it for the ring, have the juice, you need energy to talk to Ranvir. She says okay Kartikeshwar Maharaj.

He asks what. She says I have kept this name for you. They laugh. She says Ranvir is mad. She gets a message. He asks what happened. She says Suwarna invited Ranvir and me in a puja. He says refuse if you don’t want to go. She says if I want then… He says then come. She says Ranvir would be upset, don’t know he will come or not, I told all that. He says no, you didn’t say that without a reason, get ready for puja, I will invite him and get him. She says thank you so much. He says don’t thank all the time, be quiet. She asks him to get quiet. He keeps his hand on her mouth and says sorry. She goes. He thinks to contact Ranvir. Sirat comes to meet everyone. She hugs Nani. She asks what’s happening, it looks beautiful. Kairav says come soon, there is a pot for you also. Suwarna asks her to get ready and come soon. Sirat says I wish Kartik gets Ranvir.

Kartik comes to Ranvir. Ranvir is resting on his bike. Kartik asks will the anger calm down by this cold drink or shall I get something else. Ranvir asks why did you come alone, why didn’t Sirat come to say sorry. Kartik asks why didn’t you stay there to say sorry. Ranvir says why would I say. Kartik asks why would she say, you leave this bike, its unfair, you will be having responsibility, my friend had an accident. Randir says I can handle this, there is a difference between riders, I love bike. Kartik says Sirat likes boxing, you shouldn’t waste time in fights, else life will fall short for love. Kairav says we get happy when Sirat comes. Suwarna gets sad. Gayu says if Sirat kept the fast for Kartik, then it would have been better, I know she is Sirat, not Naira, even then she is like my sister, I m feeling bad for her leaving. Nani says she should had a relation with Kartik. Kartik says Sirat needs your love. Ranvir says I m sorry Kartik, I should go to Sirat and talk to her. Kartik says you have to come with me. Ranvir asks is Sirat there. Kartik says yes, something else is also there. Sirat gets ready and comes. Suwarna compliments. Surekha says it would have been good if Rhea was here, can we keep a pot for her. Suwarna says no, ask her to do puja there. They all decorate the pot. Suwarna says tie the kerchief of Ranvir’s fav colour, he is so good.

Suwarna says we know, else why would we send you to him. Sirat says he is really very nice, I can never repay his favors. She prays for Ranvir. Vansh and Kairav come. Vansh compliments her and asks did Ranvir see you like this or not. Sirat says no. Suwarna says he will be gone today. Sirat asks really. Suwarna says yes. Sirat thinks when will Ranvir come, Kartik don’t break the promise of getting him. She gets Ranvir’s sorry message. She thinks he should come soon. Ranvir says she read the message, she didn’t reply. Kartik says enjoy this phase, do anything, fight, talk, but don’t drag the annoyance. Ranvir asks what’s happening there, you made me buy and wear this kurta. Kartik asks him to keep patience. Sirat and everyone dance on Maare hivda….. Kartik drives on the rough road. He says sorry, are you fine. Ranvir says accidents happen at such times. Sirat sees the yellow cloth falling down. She worries and goes to take the cloth. She pulls it, the kerchief/cloth gets torn. Kartik and Ranvir meet with an accident.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th May 2021 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kairav asks where are you Papa, I can’t see you anything clearly. Sirat asks Ranvir not to trouble her. The car blasts.


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