Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st July 2021 Episode starts with Sirat reaching the hospital. Kartik thinks of her words. Chauhan asks did you leave my son suffering and went to meet your lover. He scolds her. He says I wish to tell your truth to Ranvir, I m silent that he is sick, once he gets fine, then you go to any hell you want, if you say anything wrong to my son, then remember I will shoot by my hands, my aim didn’t miss till date. Sirat says nothing is imp to me than Ranvir, I m not leaving him ever. She goes to Ranvir. He asks where did you go, why did you write I m sorry on my hand. She says I went away for some time, you would have worried, so I wrote I m sorry, I had gone to finish an imp work. He says you are right, I get worried when you aren’t around, never leave me, okay. She hugs him and says I won’t go anywhere. Kartik comes home. Suwarna says Manish is telling his friends’ stories. Manish asks about his friends. Kartik says I just met a friend, I don’t think I will meet my friend again. He goes. Manish asks what happened to him. Ranvir smiles seeing Sirat. Sirat talks to nurse. Ranvir asks what did you say, Mrs. Ranvir Chauhan, I liked it, because my name got linked to you. She says I made a mistake, I should have said Sirat Shekhawat Chauhan. He jokes.

She says this time, I will die first if you do this, I told that name which came from my heart. He says good. Chauhan comes. He sees them and goes. Ranvir asks for Kartik. Sirat says I asked him to not to come, we will keep him away fro this, I mean I m there to take care of you, he has his office, work, kids, own responsibilities. He says yes, he was busy after us, when I get fine, we will go and meet him. She takes him home. Kartik and Kairav play the video game. Kartik says I will win the next game. Kairav says its fine, I will call my friend. Kartik asks why, am I not your friend. Kairav says you are Sirat’s friend, can a guy and a girl be friends. Kartik says yes, their heart should be seen. Kairav asks Dadi the same. Dadi says why not, its written in Puraans also, Krishna and Draupadi were friends, he always helped her, Kairav do you have such a friend you want to help. Kartik says Kairav, you can share anything, we are best buddies. Kairav says if you break a promise, then Lord will get upset, friendship may also break. Kartik nods. Sirat comes to her room. She says all the stains got cleared from my pic and also my relation. Ranvir comes. She cares for him. She says I have made your time table, you have to do everything accordingly. He says you changed, I feel you are different, but this Sirat is better, that Sirat was with me, but this Sirat is close to me, thanks for coming in my life and accepting me. Kartik imagines Naira and talks to her. He says I m worried by what Sirat had told me, am I so bad.

He says whoever comes in my life, leaves me and goes, Lord snatched you and then my friend, Naira I didn’t need a friend when you were there, I had got a friend but.. She says don’t get sad, friend can go away but come back, its tough to keep friendship. He asks am I not wrong. She says you can’t be wrong. They hug.

Its morning, Sirat asks Saroj to teach her making Arbi’s curry, its Ranvir’s fav. Saroj says sure. Sirat says I heard that Papa ji has a belief in Ajmer Dargah. Chauhan asks Papa ji? Sirat says yes, will you send this chaddar and chadava there by Ranvir’s name. He takes it and goes. Nani comes. She says you will need time to have sweetness in relations. Sirat says that night would have brought bitterness, which I could never get rid of. Nani says I came to see Ranvir before going to Jaisalmer to see my brother. Sirat talks to her. She says I have to ask something, come with me. Suwarna wakes up Kartik. Kartik says I didn’t wish to get up. Suwarna asks what happened to you. Kartik says don’t know, Naira also met me in the dream, I don’t wish to get up soon, I want to sleep for some more time. Suwarna says nothing happens without a reason, sometimes we know and sometimes we don’t know, fine, wake up soon. She goes. He recalls her words. Sirat asks am I bad, is my character bad, I loved Ranvir and got engaged to Kartik, I married Ranvir and realized that I love Kartik. Nani says you are mad to say this, did anyone say anything. Sirat says no, I feel scared meeting Ranvir’s eyes, that he may see Kartik in my eyes, I can’t talk to anyone else, tell me. Nani says you aren’t bad, your fate is bad. She hugs Sirat and cries.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik says we will get mum and dad married again. Chauhan says I will prove that your blood has cheat. Suwarna says we will invite Sirat and her family. Kartik calls Sirat. Chauhan answers and asks her to talk.


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