Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st November 2022  we saw Abhimanyu practicing for Neil’s sangeet with Neil, Shefali, and Nishta. Manjiri watches from distance with teary eyes and wishes him all the best. Abhimanyu recalls his meeting with Akshara and says that he loves him and will wait for her reply.

Meanwhile, Suhasini and Swarna are concerned about Neil and Arohi’s sangeet. Akhilesh says that he is more concerned about facing Mahima’s face as she is unbearable. Shefali adds that Mahima has not stepped out of her room for a while, to which Manjiri says that she should realize her mistake. Manjiri says that Neil and Abhimanyu deserve happiness as Abhinayu has already suffered a lot.

Akshara is also thinking about Abhimanyu but she still remembers the advice of Suhasini. He says that she loves him but she is still not sure as it seems that something is still stuck between them. Abhimanyu is looking at the payal he wishes to gift Akshara. He says that he has already emptied the drawer for Akshara’s lipsticks as she must be having hundreds of them now. He has also decided to put on curtains of Akshara’s choice but the only thing where he will not adjust is the temperature of ac so that Akshara will feel cold and will stay close to him.

While Abhimanyu can’t wait to meet Akshara, the Birlas get ready for the sangeet. Abhimanyu compliments maa and says that she is looking beautiful. Parth tells Abhimanyu that he can stay at home if he is not comfortable. Abhimanyu asks him to forget all this and come with them.

While he sings Tenu Leke Mein jawanga, Arohi receives the prenup papers from Atul. Arohi is scared and asks why he came inside when she asked him not to. She thanks Atul for the papers and says that she will make Neil sign the papers and he wouldn’t even know. Akshara overhears the conversation and wonders what Arohi is talking about.

Suhasini also inquires about Atul but Arohi lies and says that he is a friend and he is here to attend the sangeet. Abhimanyu finally sees Akshara all decked up and couldn’t take his eyes away from her. Akshara shies away and hides behind the curtain.

Goenkas welcome the Birlas. Neil tries to give a pep talk to Abhimanyu and says that he has already confessed his love to Akshara and now that the time is perfect, he should go and be romantic with her. Abhimanyu asks him to keep his advice to himself as he fears no one and will do what he feels like.

He later goes to talk to Akshara and asks her to give their relationship a second chance. Akshara on the other hand is still restless and tries to walk away. Abhimanyu holds her hand and pulls her towards him showing her earrings to her. He helps her wear them but then decides not to and put them back. Akshara swings between shy and confused and gives a smile that conveys a sea of emotions.

Abhimanyu also meets Manish and asks for his two minutes. He tells him a story where he lost his friendship with a childhood friend just because of his anger. He asks him to enjoy the moment as it is his daughter’s sangeet.

Abhimanyu also meets Rohan and compliments his attire. He also asks what is he doing here and tells him to go back to the hospital. Rohan decides to leave but Abhimanyu stops him and says that he is just joking. Rohan also tries to give him love advice, but Abhimanyu dodges it and asks him to become the love guru.


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