Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20st May 2021 Episode starts with Nani and everyone asking Sirat not to think of any bad omen and tie a new cloth to the pot, pray for Ranvir. Sirat says yes, I didn’t think anything bad, I will tie the cloth and nothing will happen to Ranvir. Kartik and Ranvir are inside the car, unconscious. Gayu gets a cloth. Surekha says its Kartik’s fav colour. Sirat says maybe Kartik’s choice is Ranvir’s choice also, I chose the cloth by heart. The petrol leaks from the car. Kartik gets conscious. He tries to wake up Ranvir. He shouts help. Sirat and everyone dance. Kartik tries to get Ranvir out. He sees the sparks turning into fire. He shouts help. He asks Ranvir to get up. Ranvir gets up. He sees Kartik. Kartik asks him to open the seat belt.

Ranvir says its not opening. Kartik says sparking is happening, petrol has fallen, the blast can happen anytime. He shouts for help. Ranvir says you go, this won’t open. Kartik says I won’t go anywhere. Ranvir thinks of Sirat. He asks Kartik to go. Kartik says no, you will meet Sirat and tell her whatever you want. Kartik asks Ranvir to please try. Kartik asks Ranvir to get away. Kartik’s phone falls. Kairav’s video call gets answered. He asks where are you, I can’t see you. Sirat says let me talk. She asks them to hold the phone right and talk. She says maybe the phone has fallen down, Ranvir you would have answered the call and not talking to me, I will take revenge on you, I have to do puja, reach here before puja. She disconnects. Kartik sees Ranvir. He tries to cut the belt with a glass piece. Ranvir asks him to go. The car blasts.

Sirat gets worried hearing the sound. She says it sounded like a bomb. Everyone gets shocked seeing Kartik and Ranvir coming. Kartik is hurt. Sirat asks how did this happen. Kartik says we met an accident. He tells everything. He says when you called, we were trying to cut the seat belt and get Ranvir out, he came out and car blasted, thank God we got saved. Ranvir says Kartik saved my life, anyone else in his place would have left me there, he stood by me. Sirat says there is no one like him. Sirat asks Ranvir is he fine. He says yes. Akhilesh says doctor will come in some time, do the first aid till then. She thanks him. Manish does the aid to Kartik. Sirat looks on. She does the aid to Ranvir. She asks Ranvir what is he thinking. He asks are you upset. She says life is short. He says marry me tomorrow, I know I said I will marry after your final match, whatever happened today, I got scared, I didn’t care for my life in the last two years when you weren’t with me, my life is yours now, I was so worried, I have promised to love and take care of you, I thought my promise will be incomplete, marry me, you hug me before death hugs me, give me a chance, marry me, we will go to the temple and complete our story, say yes Sirat. She cries and says yes Ranvir, I m ready to marry you tomorrow. He kisses her hands. Dil ki bechaini….plays… Kartik and everyone look on.

Sirat says we decided to marry tomorrow. Nani asks what’s the hurry. Ranvir says I m in a hurry, I was close to death twice, I just thought of Sirat in that moment, please let us stay together, we want to marry. Nani says you have a match right. Sirat says yes, so shall we wait, Kartik… Kartik says you can wait till the match, Ranvir you can take rest and then decide. Ranvir says its my decision, match and marriage have no connection, nothing will change. Sirat asks sure. He says yes, don’t worry, your game will be same, I want your yes. She says its my yes.

Manish thinks this girl should leave from my son’s life soon. Sirat asks aren’t you all happy, Kartik what do you think. Kartik says you made a mistake before, by loving, you are going to rectify it by naming the relation, Ranvir is right, marriage and match should happen the right way. Surekha says its good, once she goes, Kartik will think of Rhea. Sirat and Ranvir get excited. Kartik asks Ranvir to trust the Lord’s timing. Ranvir asks Sirat what mahurat time she wants. Kids dance. Gayu says we shall complete puja first. Sirat says yes, come. Nani worries.

Suwarna says give the kerchief to your husband and ask him to always keep it. Everyone gives the kerchief to their husbands/would-be husband. Surekha says sorry Ranvir, you didn’t get your fav colour kerchief, Sirat didn’t tie the knot well. Sirat says I have tied it by all the heart, this has to protect you. Ranvir says this saved my life, now this is my fav colour, I will tie this with your chunri. Suwarna asks Sirat to come for puja. Sirat does Ranvir’s aarti. Kartik looks on.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik says marry here in the resort. Chauhan comes. Ranvir says I ended relation with Chauhan on the day when I got shot. He gets shocked seeing his dad.


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