Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th July 2021 Episode starts with Kartik saying she has tied the thread with belief, you have to respect her belief, she doesn’t know that your life is in danger, girls fight for their husbands’ lives, but we husbands don’t know about our wives, we break their heart, we don’t know what’s love. Ranvir says you are asking me to tell her and break her heart. He says don’t hurt her, maybe Sirat’s prayers and belief make you fine. Sirat sees Ranvir and smiles. Ranvir says her belief is going to break down soon, and her heart as well, she is doing a puja for my long life, shall I tell her that I have no life left, why do you want me to do this. Kartik says you have to go home and tell her. Maudi and Saroj bless Sirat.

Sirat goes to Ranvir. She stumbles. Kartik holds her and asks are you fine. Ranvir looks on. Sirat does tilak to Ranvir. She says everything will be fine, my Rakshasutra fell short, I didn’t leave the puja incomplete, I can’t let anything go wrong with your long life, we will get a pic clicked and capture this moment. Kartik clicks their pic. He takes their selfie also. Ranvir cries. She asks what happened. He says I got senti. They all leave. Kartik says I feel like someone is asking me to steal his love. Ranvir says no, I m asking you to handle it, keep it until the next birth. Kartik says you get fine soon, she is just yours. Ranvir says its not in my hands. They see Sirat there. Sirat comes and says you thought you won’t tell me and I won’t know it. Ranvir says no, I didn’t think so, I know that you are expecting me to get a nice gift for you, I had much work, I will get a great gift soon. He looks at Kartik. She says you are smart, you failed my trick, I thought you both will get scared. Ranvir says this is an old trick, now new ways have come to scare others. She asks him to share the tricks. She goes. He says I will tell her. He thinks I have an imp work. Maudi says Ranvir is lucky to get a wife like you.

Sirat says yes, when will I become a good bahu. Maudi says Chauhan will accept you as bahu soon. Sirat says I want to end the rift between Ranvir and his dad. Maudi says you got a loving husband like Ranvir and a friend like Kartik, I m happy to see you happy. She jokes. Sirat gets burger for her. Maudi says its vrath today. Sirat says its my fast, you can have it. Maudi asks her to go on honeymoon with Ranvir. Sirat says you are getting many ideas. She sees Maudi gone for a second. She says you scared me. Maudi says don’t get scared for little things. Chauhan scolds the servant and says its Ranvir’s childhood trophy, I told you, Ranvir’s belongings shouldn’t get damaged. Ranvir comes and says you are getting angry on others, you keep hurting me. Chauhan says I never hurt you intentionally, you will know it when you become a father. Ranvir says I regret it can’t happen in this birth.

Chauhan says I feel the same, you won’t respect me in this birth, I love you a lot. Ranvir asks why don’t you respect Sirat then, you did a lot with her, she has tolerated a lot, she has forgiven you and made a new start, why can’t you try to understand her once. Chauhan says I understand her well. Ranvir says its your hatred. Chauhan says its my worry, you trust others, that girl and Kartik, they are cheating you, they will ruin your life. Ranvir says my life isn’t left. Chauhan says forget both of them. Ranvir says forget your ego and adamancy, change your thinking, else it may get too late, then don’t say that Ranvir left without saying. Ranvir goes. Chauhan says I will never agree, I can never forgive that Sirat and her lover.

Kartik checks something for Ranvir. Manish and Suwarna come. Kartik shuts the laptop. Manish says if its personal, then we will come later. Kartik says no, I was just lost in my thoughts, I m not interested in marriage, take back the pics. He gets Ranvir’s doctor’s call and goes to take it. Manish says he looks worried. Ranvir says maybe this is my last gift for you, listen to me carefully…. He practices and says I can’t do it. Kartik asks Naira how shall I save Ranvir, I couldn’t save you, I thought to save him and lessen my pain. Naira says what’s destined always happens. He says Sirat is my friend, I want to help her, everyone leaves me, how will Ranvir tell her.

She says yes, I m thinking the same, how can he say that he is going to break his promises and leave. Ranvir goes to find Sirat. He calls her out. She comes to scare. He says one who is facing death isn’t scared of anything. She asks what are you saying. He says I have seen death closely many times, I have to tell something. She says later. She lights the candles. Kaisi raah pe….plays…. He cries. He says I got something for you. She likes the bangles. She says you love me a lot, I also want to love you a lot. They dance. Kartik makes calls to the doctors. He sees Sirat and Ranvir’s pic. Ranvir says listen to me now. She says I m feeling dizzy by taking rounds, I m so happy. He faints down. Sirat falls by his foot. She gets shocked seeing him unconscious.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sirat takes Ranvir to the hospital. Doctor says I told Kartik about this, Ranvir doesn’t have much time left. Sirat scolds Kartik for hiding such a big thing.


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