Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2021 Episode starts with Kartik saying Naira gave me two precious gifts, you and Akshu, I don’t need to think of my safety. Kairav goes. He gets a chunri. Suwarna asks what are you doing. Kairav says mum would have sent this for dad. The chunri flies away. Sirat catches it. She gives it to Kairav. Suwarna asks Vansh and Kairav to give the prasad to everyone. Kairav hugs Sirat. Bandhan aise banjate hai…plays… Kartik says I didn’t know when my son grew up. He goes to Nani and asks her to have the juice. He asks are you worried for the marriage. She says no, why should we do the marriage in a temple, we aren’t doing anything wrong to hide it, I was satisfied when Sirat was marrying you, our family name would have got cleared, Sheela got us defamed, then whatever happened with Sirat, everyone had seen her returning in the bridal attire, then whatever happened on Maha Shivratri. He asks what do you want.

She says I want the marriage to happen with all the rituals, Sirat is innocent, Ranvir is stubborn, he doesn’t care for this, how to explain them, they want to marry in the temple. He asks if their marriage happens from our house and family, then will it be right for you. She says no, we already have many favors of you. He says Sirat is my friend, I will tell everyone that marriage will happen here. Ranvir asks marriage from your side. Kartik says yes, from this resort. Sirat says thanks, but we will marry at the temple. Kartik says Amma wants the marriage to happen well. She says its no need. Ranvir says it will be awkward for us and your family. She says I will talk to Nani. Kartik says she will get upset with the taunts. She says I will not leave who taunt her. He says Amma just wants to have your marriage done well, not in a hurry, she doesn’t want anyone to point finger at you, she has to return to Jaisalmer, she should go there with pride, can’t we do this. Ranvir says of course, we can. Sirat says just as Nani wants. Ranvir says we have to change date by asking pandit, I will get new mahurat. He sees Sirat and hugs Kartik. He says thanks once again. He goes. Sirat says I have many favors of you. Kartik says let it be. Sirat gets his eyelash and asks her to make a wish. He wishes she stays happy. He says no one will have a problem.

Manish scolds Kartik and calls him mad. He asks why would we get her married here. Kartik says she did a lot for Kairav. Manish says send her away, let her marry anywhere, not here. Suwarna asks him to calm down, his BP will get high. Manish says its good, I will go to the hospital and lie down. Kartik asks him to calm down. Manish says you are keeping unreasonable demand. Kartik says its not a big demand, its a small function. Manish says you think I m worried for money, I m worried for Kairav, Sirat won’t come here as his mum, will he tolerate seeing her marriage, I m scared that he will be hurt, she just worries for her own happiness, she is a selfish girl, ask her to go from here. Kartik says please calm down, you also know it, that this is not true. Manish gets angry and goes.

Sirat says don’t make Kartik spend a lot, he did a lot for us already. Nani says yes, but how will we arrange money. Sirat says we will not take his help, he is supporting me a lot. Ranvir comes and greets. He says I spoke to pandit, mahurat is after two days. Sirat asks what’s the need to hurry. He says you were ready to marry me tomorrow, did you change decision. She says we have to keep functions, we have to prepare. Ranvir says it will be done. Kartik says functions will be done well. Gayu says Kartik said you are going to marry here, we will come. Surekha says we have to go and bless her, Sirat and Ranvir’s parents aren’t coming, we have to fulfill rasams from both the sides. Ranvir says thanks, I m glad to know you are tensed for us, but none can bless us as mum, I have my dad’s blessing on my chest, don’t take tension, I have ended my relations with my dad when I got shot. Kartik asks Ranvir to call his sister and mum.

Ranvir says no, I don’t want to create a problem for them, Chauhan doesn’t see relations, emotions and someone’s life in front of his principles, I just heard one thing from him, family’s respect and status, he doesn’t spare anyone in business and relations. Manish talks on call. He asks what name did you say, Narender Nath Chauhan, he is a man of principles, fix the meeting. Ranvir says principles should be there, but it shouldn’t be everything, I already wasted two years, better he shouldn’t know about our marriage, else he will try that this doesn’t happen, sorry I was doing this melodrama. Kartik says its fine. Suwarna asks Ranvir and Sirat to do some shopping. Kartik says yes, I can’t help in this. Ranvir says you are so sweet. Sirat thanks Kartik. Sirat and Ranvir leave.

Kartik asks Manish about the new client. Manish says Mr. Chauhan. Kartik asks what’s his full name. Manish asks him to park the car. Ranvir and Sirat come for shopping. Sirat says its not needed to waste money on lahenga. Ranvir asks her not to worry, he will handle expenses. He asks her to follow rituals well. They go to a cafe. Kartik and Manish also come to a same cafe. Manish says agent suggested us to meet here. Kartik says Mr. Chauhan isn’t here. Manish says yes, he would be coming. Chauhan comes. He turns and doesn’t see Ranvir.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2021 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chauhan meets Manish. Manish invites him in Ranvir’s marriage. Sirat says mehendi can’t happen tomorrow. Surekha asks are you cancelling just mehendi function, or marriage as well. Kartik looks at Sirat.


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