Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2020 Naira says I want to take evil eye off you Kartik. I have never seen you this happy. He says I have a good news. She says are you pregnant as well? He says that I am, if you have the baby, that doesn’t mean I am not pregnant. The doctor said I can be with you when our daughter is being born. Naira says did he say daughter? Kartika says no he said baby but I am sure it’s a daughter. Naira says what if you faint seeing all those oxygen cylinders, OT things. He says I wouldn’t be. Don’t say that in front of my daughter. Naira says she heard everything.

Dadi says let’s do rest of the rituals. They give shagun to Naira. Everyone dances around her. Kartik’s phone rings. It’s Krishna. She says superman come. Kartik recalls her told her to use this as code word if she’s ever in trouble. He promised to protect her. Kartika says Krishna are you okay? Everyone comes. Kartik says Krishna called and said superman please come. It was a code word we gave to her. She said that and hung up. She must be in trouble. Naira says try calling her. Kartik says her phone is off. I should go but how can I leave you here? Naira says I am fine. You should go. Dadi says you two are worrying for nothing. Naira says we need to be there to check. Kartik says she sent me 20 missed calls. Maybe she’s fine. I just have to be sure. Maa says we are done with rituals. You should go. Naira says try bringing Krishna here. I will speak to her orphanage. Kartika says will you take care? Naira says I will be fine. Naira says ouch. She says baby did you hear papa is leaving? He will be back soon. Mama is with you. Don’t worry. Kartik and Naira’s hands part.

Scene 2
Naira is in a bus. They on their way. Naira says baby sleep. Papa will be back soon. Naira says will Kartik be fine? Why am I so worried. Naira calls Kartik. He says I am fine. Naira says I will wait for you to come back with Naira. Come back soon. He says take care. Naira says baby, why are you agitated? Papa will be back soon. I am also worried but can’t do anything.

Maa gives Naira juice. She says maa don’t feel like. Maa says Kartik would be mad at us. Naira says Kartik hasn’t called yet. Maa says he must be busy. He will call you soon. Don’t take any stress. Naira says I can’t sleep. She says let me get dinner ready.

Scene 3
Kirti says to Naqsh, Krish is coming tomorrow. How will we tell him about our divorce? Choti dadi comes in. Kirti is shocked, she didn’t hear. She says Krish is coming. I got his room ready. Kirti says you care so much about him. She says bhabhi maa and I am so happy. We will do so much for him once he’s back. She leaves. Kirti says how would everyone react. She says care about Krish only.

Kairav calls Naira and says I want to talk to my baby sister. Naira says no one wants to talk to mama. Everyone wants to talk to the baby only. He says I called papa but his phone was out of reach. Naira says let me try. She calls him but Kartik cancels and texts I am fine. Naira says is Krishna okay? Please call back when you can.

Maa says to dadi, Naira is really worried. Dadi says so am I. We shouldn’t have let him go. Should have spoken to Krishna’s parents first. I wouldn’t let him go. Dadi says I hope he comes back soon. Everyone waits for him.

Gayu talks to her Vansh. He says I miss you. Does chotu miss you? She says yes. A lot. I told him your big brother will play a lot with you. He says I made a wish to meet him soon. She says did you complete your homework? He says I will. Sarmath says Vatsal was crying. Can’t you hear? Feed him and sanitize your hands first. She says I fed him half an hour ago. And we shouldn’t sanitize him every few minutes. He will lose his natural immunity. He says as if you know a lot about kids. She says I learned on Vansh’s times. Sarmath says he gets cold and nausea all the time. She says it happens all kids. He says stop arguing. Since morning you have focused on everything but this child. She says I am also a human. I get tired too.

Scene 4
Naira says Kartik please come in front of me. She’s in a dark room. Naira screams Kartik.. She gets up. It was a dream. Naira says why did I see such a bad dream. What does all this mean? It’s morning. Kartik didn’t even see my message. He didn’t call either.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Inspector says we found Kartik’s car near highway but no one was around. He’s missing. Naira says did anyone speak to him since yesterday? Dadi says we have been trying to call him since morning, but his phone is out of reach.


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