Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2021 Episode starts with Manish meeting Chauhan. He says meet him, he is my son Kartik. He sees Kartik gone. Sirat says sorry to call you. Kartik says I didn’t see the bike while parking the car. Ranvir says good that Sirat identified your car. Sirat says else you would have broken it. He smiles and says you will always taunt about it. Manish says we will keep the meeting soon, there is a marriage in the house. Chauhan asks your son’s marriage. Manish says no, its his friend’s wedding, you can come. Chauhan says you can tell the time and day, I will come with a gift. Manish says your coming is enough, you can meet my family, we will sort out the next meeting talks. Chauhan says fine, till then you read proposal.

Manish says sure. Kartik moves his car. Ranvir says we had come for shopping. Kartik says we had a meeting here. Ranvir asks who are you meeting here. Kartik gets Manish’s call and says I went to move my car, did Mr. Chauhan come. Ranvir and Sirat hear this. Manish asks Kartik to come fast. Ranvir and Sirat leave. Kartik comes to Manish and says sorry, Sirat had called. Kartik asks where is Mr. Chauhan. Manish says he left for another meeting, he gave the proposal, he will come tomorrow, I called him at the resort. Kartik says good, we will have meeting and proposal. Sirat thanks Ranvir for buying a beautiful lahenga for her. Ranvir says its not beautiful than you, we should thank Kartik, he is a great man.

She says his family is also good, I wanted such a family, but I didn’t get such. Ranvir says our fate is same. She says they took my marriage responsibility. He says you are enough for me, you are my everything. She says none can take the place of family’s love. He says yes. She goes. He thinks of her words. He calls Nidhi and says I m getting married. His mum comes and takes the call. She asks him not to disconnect the call. He asks how are you. She blesses him to be happy. He says you are blessing me to live, Chauhan may have another motive. She says father’s anger is not powerful than mum’s blessing, not every mum can be Parvati to fight husband for son’s sake, I m weak and helpless, tell me, how are you. He says I m fine, happy, I m marrying Sirat, will you come in my marriage, I m just calling you and Nidhi, not Chauhan, I won’t let him come here, will you come and bless me, will you apply mehendi shagun to my bride. She blesses him and cries. He says I knew you will say this. Nidhi hugs her mum. They cry. Ranvir cries.

Surekha says we can use the same clothes, what if the groom changed. Sirat comes and says mehendi can’t happen tomorrow. Surekha asks are you cancelling just mehendi function, or marriage as well, did you change your decision. Kartik says mehendi can’t happen tomorrow. She shows her hands with bruises. Kartik says you practiced without gloves. She says yes, someone challenged me, I forgot that its my mehendi rasam tomorrow. Surekha taunts her. Nani prays. Kartik sees Nani’s connection with Lord. He says I got to see a solution. He makes Sirat sit. He applies the haldi to Sirat. Yeh rishta kya…plays….

He says its the cure today, rasam will happen tomorrow. He asks Kairav to get painkillers for her. He asks them to ask Sirat about her dress, food menu. He says you all are asking me about it, I don’t know, I m going for a meeting. Sirat thanks him. Manish and Akhilesh look on. Manish says Kartik thinks of others, when will someone think of him, he thinks of making others smile, when will someone make him smile. She gets a message. She goes and meets Ranvir. She asks did you talk to mum, she would be happy. He says I don’t know, she got happy or upset, I feel I did a big mistake to talk to them, then I feel I took two years to talk to mum, she wasn’t at fault. She says everything got fine. He says I want my baraati after bride, I want my sister and mum, don’t know why my heart got greedy, I m not content. She asks him to calm down and hugs.

Its morning, Sirat checks her clothes and jewellery. Nani asks her to have breakfast. Sirat says no, I m not getting anything matching. Nani says I kept it in the cupboard, have food by my hands, maybe its the last time, you will go to your house. Sirat says you will come with me. Nani says no. Sirat asks why, did I do any mistake. Nani says no, I don’t want to stay in Ranvir’s house. Sirat says why, it will be my house too, I won’t marry then. Nani says don’t say this, you and Ranvir manage your family, I will come sometimes. Sirat says its not right. Nani says its a custom that girls leave their house and go after marriage. She feeds Sirat. They cry.

Kartik sees Sirat crying and goes to her. She asks why did society make this custom that girls leave their family, why can’t Maudi stay with me, she refused to stay with me, she won’t have same right on me. He says because she has seen and heard this, but you can change her thinking. She says she isn’t listening. He asks how are you losing, you need to know that one should not break a relation for another relation, Naira taught this to her, she took all relations along, she didn’t sacrifice any relation. She asks him to explain Nani. He says we will explain her after you get married, until then I will enjoy her handmade food. She says you want to take an advantage of my leaving. He says yes, you can come whenever you want. He asks her to come for the rasam. She sprinkles water on his face. He says this rain is better than your tears. She says you are joking. He says no, really, sadness doesn’t suit you, your boxing pose suits you, don’t punch always, but be in this mode, you punch the sadness. She smiles and thanks him. She says I will always remember your teaching and you, will you forget me. Suwarna asks her to get ready for mehendi. Kartik asks Sirat to come. She holds his hand. She asks him to answer, will he forget her.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik dances in the function with Ranvir. Ranvir gets shocked seeing Chauhan.


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