Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2022 Episode starts with the man asking Abhi to make Neil out. Abhi says calm down, I will handle your brother’s case. He says Neil we will talk at home. He goes. Akshu says Manish has a checkup today, I will call Abhi and tell him. Abhi says your brother is fine, don’t worry, I m sorry for what happened.

The man warns him and goes. Abhi gets Akshu’s call and asks all good? She says I m mindblowing, why are you asking. He says nothing, tell me. She says I m sending Manish for routine checkup, I have a good news, I will tell you when you come home, see you soon. Manish is leaving from the hospital. He sees Aarohi.

She asks can I see your reports. He says everything is fine. She asks him to take care. He says you also take care, remember two words for your married life, peace and maturity, your Sasural has accepted you and gave you respect, its your duty to respect them, learn from Akshu, she said she will try best to keep peace at home, its your wish, I can just explain you. He leaves. She sees Neil there and cries. Neil hugs her.

He asks what happened. She says they just care for Akshu, I m nothing in Maayka and Sasural, forget it, we should accept life, I got tiffin for you, you look in stress, what happened. Neil says there is a big issue about kidney transplant order, Abhi is very angry. She says our fate is same, Akshu and Abhi are number one, and we are number two. She instigates him.

Manjiri asks where are you taking me. Akshu says your special place. She gives the cheque and greeting card. She says its my first signing amount. Manjiri says you got it on my name, why did you give this to me. Akshu says mum deserves the children’s earnings, bless me. Manjiri blesses her. They hear Abhi and Neil. Manjiri drops the cheque unknowingly and leaves.

Abhi says I want to know everything in detail. Manjiri asks what happened. Abhi asks why didn’t you discuss with me before signing. Anand asks the matter. Abhi tells about the kidney transplant list order changed by Neil. Neil says you were not available, so I decided, what’s the problem. Abhi says you broke the hospital rules. Neil says it was a high profile case, so I had to decide.

Akshu says Abhi is MD and a doctor also, he knows what’s best for his patients. Abhi says Neil has grown up now. Neil says you were busy, I have to take decisions sometimes, you might be in surgery also. Abhi says I wasn’t in surgery, both the patients were safe, why did you rush.

Neil says no patient died, why are you creating the issue. Abhi says there was an issue at the hospital, we don’t give special treatment to the rich patients. Harsh says Anand and I discussed on this matter before, sometimes it happens. Abhi says I have done this to save the patient’s life, Neil has given in seeing the high profile case, I have a problem with this, we can’t break the patients’ trust, no high profile case can save the hospital. He explains Neil.

Anand says Abhi isn’t saying wrong, we are expected to follow the protocols. Abhi says we can’t explain those who aren’t doctors. Neil says I m not a doctor, but Mahima is a doctor, I decided this by discussing it with her. Abhi asks Mahima did you know it. Mahima says yes, I asked Neil to consider this, but final decision was of him. Anand says you know the protocols, how did you allow.

Abhi asks why didn’t you give right opinion. He asks Neil don’t you have your own mind. Neil sees Aarohi. He asks Abhi to end the matter. Abhi says don’t make this foolishness again. Manjiri asks them to stop it.

She scolds them. Abhi says I m explaining him. Neil says I have a right to explain too. Abhi says you are arguing. Aarohi says enough, how much will you scold Neil. Akshu asks her to stop it. Neil says keep them away from this matter, I have some position in the hospital, I can’t come to you always, do you have all the rights, will I get second grade citizenship. Akshu thinks Aarohi has filled this in his mind. Aarohi taunts Abhi. He asks her not to talk in between, else he will shut her up.

Neil argues with Abhi and asks Akshu not to talk in between. Abhi says I will decide for all the professional matters from now. He leaves. Akshu and Aarohi argue. Akshu goes to Abhi and says Aarohi has done this. He gets the card and cheque fallen. He shows it to Akshu. He says its wrong, we couldn’t celebrate your good news. She says this happiness is incomplete without family. He says sorry and hugs her.


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