Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2022 Episode starts with Abhi saying your cheque got spoiled. Akshu says its okay, mum got scared hearing your voice, I will clean this and give it to her. She disconnects a call. She says its photoshoot today, I will refuse, I want to be with you. He says I will come with you.

She says no. He says delete the stress, I couldn’t save the cheque, but I can save this happiness, we will go for the photoshoot. She says you will get bored there. He says yes, I will sit there and stare at you. She smiles. He jokes and hugs her. He says we will go for the photoshoot, I m excited, it will be fun.

He gets a message. She asks is there an emergency. He says I will just come. He checks the doctor’s message… He smiles reading about the hope in Akshu’s case. Aarohi sees him and says he is so happy, what happened suddenly. He calls the doctor and asks is there any hope in Akshu’s case, thanks, I will send you the details. He gets the reports. Aarohi looks on. He leaves from his room.

She goes to check the file. She says Dr. Iyer, I didn’t hear this name before. She hears footsteps and goes. Abhi says I will take the file with me, how did the bag open. Aarohi hides. Abhi takes the bag and goes. She says I have to find out, if this is connected to Akshu. Akshu smiles seeing Abhi. The photoshoot goes on. Kyu tareefein….plays…

Abhi does the touchup to her. The man asks him to try photography. Abhi says I don’t know this. The man says you should have just vibes. Abhi clicks her pics. She says the pics came nice. They both say oye hoye… and dance. Neil checks Manjiri’s bp and temperature. He says thank God, you don’t have fever, but low BP. She says I will be fine. He says its happening since Aarohi and I came back home. She says don’t think of this again. She explains him.

He says take rest, Aarohi will bring fruit juice. Akshu comes. Neil leaves. She asks what happened to you. Manjiri says I m fine, don’t tell Abhi, he will worry, how was the photoshoot. Akshu says it was good, he went to hospital for work, are you fine. Manjiri says I m worried seeing my children fighting. Akshu says Abhi and I will make preparations for Shivansh’s birthday. Aarohi hears this.

Everyone sings birthday song for Shivansh. They hug him. Anand says everything is happening good, kidney issue is solved today. Abhi says we will concentrate on his birthday. Shefali says teddy bear theme. Akshu says I will handle decorations. Aarohi asks shall I take this responsibility. Neil smiles.

The man scolds Kairav and cancels the deal. Kairav worries. Manish stops Vansh and says let him fight his battle, just he can defeat his anxiety. The men blame Kairav and get rude. Aarohi says I like to do decorations. Akshu asks since when, you never did that. Aarohi says I was busy in medical studies,

I didn’t get time before, everyone knows studies are tough. Mahima says yes, let Aarohi do, Akshu won’t have time for household work. Akshu says tell me if you need help. Abhi says nothing should go wrong. Aarohi says don’t worry, I know what to do. Parth says get ready for the best birthday, Shivansh.

Aarohi thinks I wanted such chance to get into their good books. The man asks will you pay for our loss. Kairav turns to run away. He stops and recalls Akshu’s words. He comes back to them and apologizes for the order delay. He answers them confidently. He asks for two days time.

The men leave. Everyone smiles. Suwarna says bravo, you have defeated your fear and won the biggest fight of your life. Manish says bravo, we all are proud of you. Aarohi checks decorations. Akshu makes the cake. Neil and Abhi get the gifts. Parth asks Aarohi to ask for help if she wants. She says yes, blow the balloons. Parth asks Abhi and Neil to help him. He asks did you talk to videographer.

Akshu says I spoke to him in the morning, the cameras are set, we will make the edited video and make the best birthday video. Aarohi goes. She gets a call and says oh, so there are two doctors named Dr. Iyer, one is psychiatrist and other is gynac, find out who is he treating her. She says I need to know about that file. Akshu says teddies are heavy, it can fall down, put them somewhere else. Aarohi says perfect can’t be better. They argue. Teddy falls down. Aarohi looks on.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi, Akshu and everyone dance on Tukur Tukur… Abhi sees his file with Aarohi and stops her. She says you slapped me. Neil shouts on Abhi.


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