Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th May 2021 Episode starts with Ranvir saying my thinking is also the same, its good that nothing changed in two years. Chauhan leaves in anger. Nani says now he won’t let Ranvir’s marriage happen. Ranvir says no. Manish says I would have not invited him if I knew he is Ranvir’s dad. Ranvir asks him not to feel guilty. Akhilesh says we were going to do business with him. Kartik says we won’t do it now, sorry, but we won’t deal with criminals. Surekha asks will he trouble us.

Ranvir says no, I won’t let you all fall in danger, he can do anything to stop Sirat and my marriage. Sirat says I m worried for your safety. Ranvir says so we decided to go out of Udaipur and marry. Sirat says keep Maudi here, we will come later and take her. Kartik says no one will go anywhere. Chauhan throws the glass. He says I met your son today, he was with Sirat, he didn’t leave her till now, he may have forgot what happened before.

Nidhi hears him. He says I got to know that they are together, my men went to his godown, but they had run away, Goenkas are also good family like us, don’t know what she told them to convince them. Kartik says we will keep the marriage here, don’t get stubborn Ranvir, what’s the guarantee that your dad’s men won’t reach there, talking is a solution, not running away. Ranvir says it will be a suicide.

Kartik says we can get police protection here because of my dad. Nani asks Ranvir to agree. Ranvir says fine, we will stay here but I don’t need anyone’s permission for my marriage. Kartik says you won’t go, I should go. Manish and Akhilesh ask him why would he go. Kartik says someone a third person’s perception is needed to sort two person’s problems, like dad and I didn’t talk for years. Ranvir says fine, I will come. Kartik says no, you won’t come along, just I will go. Sirat says no, you won’t go, I can’t let you take risk. Kartik says I have to go. Ranvir says her fear is justified.

Kartik says I m also justified, you all will face him once again. Manish says then I will also go with you, its decided. Manish and Kartik come to meet Chauhan. Chauhan says you took the right decision, any good businessman would have done this. Kartik says we didn’t come here for business, we can’t do partnership with you. Chauhan says I thought you are sensible, personal and profession, keep that separate. Manish says yes, but we have some ethics, we don’t do business with those who don’t value humanity. Chauhan says you shouldn’t care what the person does out of partnership. Kartik says business relations are also like our relations for us. Chauhan asks them to get out.

Manish asks Kartik is he done with the insult. Kartik says please stop, we will talk about Ranvir and Sirat. He says Mr. Chauhan, they love each other a lot since childhood, they stayed away for two years because of you, they met now and want to marry, Sirat is a nice person, I know her, she is my friend. Chauhan says if she is so good, then why didn’t you marry her, she was your fiancee right. Kartik says she is my friend, just a friend, our marriage would have been just a compromise, when we got to know Sirat and Ranvir’s relation, we cancelled that compromise, I explained my son that Sirat won’t come to our house, he understood, can’t you understand your son’s longing.

Manish says I m also a dad like you, I know the pain of being away from child, nothing is imp than child’s happiness. Kartik says status doesn’t matter, their hearts are connected since childhood, can’t you see that. Sirat says I m worried, Chauhan can scold Kartik. Ranvir says I told him not to go, he could have taken me along.

Kartik says your rigidity would have made you lose your son two years back, fate gave me another chance, don’t lose it, let their marriage happen. Chauhan asks his wife to take the juice drinks back. He says thanks for the advice, its my and my son’s matter, you and your son don’t interfere in this. Manish asks is this insult enough, come. Kartik says wait a min, I would have gone if it was just about Ranvir, its about Sirat, she is my friend. Chauhan says friendship happens between equal people, that girl has no status, she can’t even become a maid in my house, you want to make her my bahu, she has no house and family, she just struggles in that boxing, how did you get her alliance to me. Kartik says enough, I won’t hear a word against her, she isn’t rich, but she is a nice person. Chauhan says you think she is good, but did she teach this to you, she is very clever, be careful. Kartik says enough, get quiet now.

Chauhan says I was at your place and didn’t say anything, but you can’t shout on me in my house, I can pull out your tongue, remember. Manish shouts enough, how dare you talk to my son like this. Chauhan asks how dare your son come to my house and advice me, don’t get enmity with me, if you get Ranvir and Sirat married, then remember. Manish says many came and went like you, we will see. Chauhan and Manish hold each other’s collar. Kartik scolds Chauhan. He asks Manish is he fine. Chauhan says I won’t leave you all. Kartik says we are not scared of you, you will know our status when we keep Ranvir and Sirat’s marriage on the same date and same place, we will get them marriage, you do anything you want. Manish and Kartik leave. Chauhan shouts. His wife gets shaken up.

Ranvir and Sirat ask tomorrow? Kartik says marry in the daytime, your dad knows that your marriage will happen at night, better marry in the morning. Ranvir says he didn’t listen to you. Manish says he has threatened us. Kartik says let it be, they are stressed. He says sorry Amma, we can’t keep functions now, we will keep marriage directly now. Sirat asks what was Manish saying. Kartik says Sirat… Kairav and Vansh come and say we have prepared dance for sangeet. Kartik says sangeet won’t happen, someone else booked that hall, you do the photography and make the best album. Ranvir says I will leave now. Sirat asks him not to go. Ranvir says its matter of one night, then we will be together always. She says don’t go. Kartik says she is right, we all will be tensed for you, stay here. Ranvir says he can’t harm me. Kartik says what’s the need to take risk, let the marriage happen well.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sirat smiles seeing the arrangements. Chauhan says I have thought of it, but you have to do it. Kairav says Sirat isn’t in her room. Ranvir says did my dad do anything to her. Kartik worries.


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