Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th September 2020 Episode starts with Naira seeing a water pump and thanking Ganga maiyya. She says will this be safe for baby. Kartik holds her hand and says no, its not filtered or boiled, if anything happens to baby, I can’t forgive you and myself. She says trust me, its imp for me to drink water. She uses the pump. She doesn’t get any water. She sees a tap. She goes to check. She gets water and drinks from the tap. She feels her baby. She cries and says you didn’t accept defeat, thanks for supporting mumma. She says I will go and buy some things for you, this ring is with me, I can sell it and arrange money, but whom to sell it, there is no one around. Kartik gets conscious. He is tied up. He manages to sit and looks out. He calls out Krishna. Krishna sees him and gets up. Mrs. Desai asks where are you going. Krishna says nowhere and sits back.

Naira says I know you would be hungry, wait for some time. Krishna asks shall I go and sit there, I feel dizzy. Mr. Desai says fine, don’t act smart. She goes to Kartik. Kartik says open the ropes. She frees his hands. She says I want to go to Naira. He says I will take you to her, don’t get scared, come with me. He gets down the tempo and gets Krishna. They run. He stumbles and screams. Mr and Mrs. Desai see them. Kartik’s wallet falls. Naira says I will get something to eat here, but I have no money. Wind blows. She stops. She stumbles and sees a wallet. She picks it and sees Kartik and her pic. She says its Kartik’s wallet. She shouts Kartik. She thanks the Lord. She says where are you Kartik, I m coming.

Dadi asks what are you all doing, inspector. Inspector says Naira’s phone also got off. Akhilesh asks why will she do it. Inspector says maybe her phone fell down or got stolen. Naksh says I asked her to come back. Inspector says Kartik’s case is of kidnapping, we can’t take risk, we can find Naira by using social media, anyone will inform us about her. Dadi says just get my children safely home. She cries. Kartik falls down. He asks Krishna to hide. They run to hide. Mr. and Mrs. Desai look around. Kartik sees Naira and recalls their moment. He says what shall I do, how to save Naira and Krishna, our baby, I can’t take risk, they have guns. Naira asks the people about him. Chukar gai….plays… He sees Naira.

He thinks she has come so far to find me, I can’t walk four steps to her. Naira cries. He thinks of their moments. He says please, nothing should happen to them. He comes in front of Mr. Desai. He thinks it was imp to mislead them. He says you won’t get Krishna. Krishna is also caught. She sees Naira and says Na…. Krishna shuts her mouth. Kartik and Naira are taken to the tempo. Naira eats the food. She says baby, I will eat fast. She thinks thanks Kartik, I got your wallet. Kartik sees her and recalls.

The shopkeeper asks her to eat slow. Kartik asks Krishna to go. They get inside the tempo. Naira drinks water. Kartik cries. He says I can’t risk your and Naira’s life, so I did that. Krishna thinks Naira told me Ram and Sita’s story, when Raavan kidnapped Sita, Sita threw her belongings and showed the way to Ram, I will do the same. The shopkeeper says look there, someone is throwing things from that truck. Naira goes to see. Krishna wipes Kartik’s tears. She thinks Kartik is worried for Naira but she is strong, she can save us. Naira thinks where did I see this taweez, Krishna, are Kartik and Krishna in that tempo. She asks the man where does that route go, is there any masala factory. The man says yes, its shut since years, I heard some other business is run there, do you understand it. Naira thinks Kartik would have known it and got trapped, I have to go after them.


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