Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2021 Episode starts with Sirat crying and hugging Nani. She asks her to say if her character is bad. Nani says no, your intention is clear, your character can’t be bad, you have a clean heart, you fell in love but realized later, you got married in between, you don’t need to answer anyone, the society also questioned a Devi like Sita, you don’t think of anyone, the relations should be strong, not helpless, you aren’t bad, your fate is bad. Sirat asks do you think I can keep this decision. Nani says relation without emotions is like a desert soil, flowers don’t grow in a desert. Sirat says I understood, I have started trying, I won’t let anyone complain, I have to go and give medicines to Ranvir, I have to become a good wife now. Nani says I m always with you, be a good bahu if you want to become a good wife. Sirat nods. Chauhan says if I go close to hear, it will hurt my heart, I can’t tell the truth to my son, I won’t let you go free. Dadi and everyone talk about Manish and Suwarna’s marriage anniversary.

Kartik asks what’s the plan. Gayu says we will do Jaimala and pheras again. Suwarna says no, it will be too much. Manish says its fine, do it, I won’t lose this chance, I regret that I lost this chance last year, I wish it gets fulfilled this year. Kartik says we will get them married again. Suwarna says we will invite Sirat and Ranvir. Kartik says let it be, Ranvir is unwell, Sirat has to take care of herself. Suwarna says we won’t like it if Sirat doesn’t come. Kairav says call her right now. Kartik thinks how shall I explain them, I m calling, don’t answer. Sirat calls the doctor to ask for reports. Kartik says she isn’t answering, I will message her. He gets a call from boxing club guy Mehta. Mehta says Sirat has to be there in the event, else your name and company name can lose reputation. Kartik says Sirat won’t come, I have to find a way.

Ranvir sees his fav dish and thanks Saroj. Saroj says thank Sirat, she made it. Nidhi says she made many things. Sirat says sorry, halwa burnt a bit. Chauhan taunts her. Sirat says its my mistake, I should have been careful, this won’t happen again. Ranvir says there is no problem. She says no, mistake won’t happen again. He asks her to sit. She says you have it first. She serves food to everyone. Chauhan says you should our wash hands before serving food. Ranvir calls the servant. Sirat says servant went out, its fine, I will make him wash his hands, he is elder, I will get blessings. She gets the water and bowl to make Chauhan wash his hands. Saroj says she is sensible, she wants to keep everyone happy. Kartik says I didn’t know it will be a big loss. Mehta says Sirat has to come. Kartik says I will ask her schedule. Mehta says hurry up, sponsors are asking a lot, if Sirat isn’t at the event, then it will affect your name and Sirat’s image, you talk to some big personality, like any political leader, who explains them well, like Mr. Chauhan.

Chauhan comes to Sirat. He says there is no one here that you are acting, tell me the truth, why this drama to become a good bahu and good wife, its in your blood to cheat. She says its true that I didn’t think much before marriage, but I thought well now, I want to become Ranvir’s life partner now, you don’t trust me, I m not in a hurry. He says but I m in a hurry to prove that cheating is in your blood. Sirat argues. She says I m not scared of anyone. The servant says Ranvir is saying, Kartik is calling repeatedly. Chauhan laughs and answers the call. He puts the phone on speaker. He signs her to talk.

He sits there. He hears Kairav. Kairav says I was calling you since a long time. She says sorry, I was busy, what is it, tell me. Kairav says everyone has some friend, like you and dad, I don’t have anyone. She says Vansh is with you. He says I want a good friend to share things, like you and dad. Chauhan smiles. Sirat says you will get her. Kairav says I fought with my friend, she didn’t support me in the school. She asks did you ask her why did she do this, maybe she has some reason, one has to have belief in friendship, you should have asked her, one should change thinking, we should give a chance to someone to change. Manish says we won’t take Chauhan’s help, I told you to think before about it, end this here, we don’t want more tension. Kartik says its about our image and reputation.

Manish says you should have thought before. Kartik says Sirat is helpless, she won’t get loss for us. Manish says you shouldn’t mix personal and professional things. Kartik says she has a genuine problem. Manish asks what solution do we have. Kartik says I will think. Chauhan laughs. He says you are clever to fool Kartik and Kairav. Sirat says its your thinking, I won’t try to change it, I told Kairav what I had thought, I m trying to become Ranvir’s wife by my heart, I made a mistake and you made a mistake, you have no right to insult me, you have no reason to not give me a chance, please can’t we forget everything and make a new start, for the sake of Ranvir, please. Chauhan says I wish Ranvir becomes a good son and trusts me, that day will be your last day here. She says you keep praying, I will pray that Ranvir and my relation gets strong, I have to win this match. He says time will show it. They look at the door. They think who was there hearing their talk, was it Ranvir.

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