Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2021 Episode starts with Kartik joking on Sirat. She says I m tensed, I was feeling weird since the morning because of this. He says you didn’t know that this will happen. She says I knew something will go wrong. He says trust your hardwork and courage. He prays for her. Ranvir asks the jewellery to hurry up. Saroj asks him not to worry. He says few people get a chance to keep promise before marriage. She says fine, go and get Sirat for the marriage. He says I will drop you to the resort. Sirat says coach isn’t here, don’t know how will I fight without him. Kartik says I will be there for you, we shall check the opponent list. Sirat says who is Lalita, Nandini was going to be my opponent, anyways, I will fight her. Kartik says first date changed and now opponent changed, is Chauhan behind this, I can’t ask her, she is already in stress.

Lalita puts the stone in the boxing gloves. She says I have done a good work to become a boxer, someone has to lift Sirat and take her from the ring, send the money to my dad. Chauhan says I will send the money. Referee says bash up will be happening in the match today. Ranvir stops the car. He asks what happened, you have put barricades. Inspector asks him to cooperate, he can’t help. Ranvir says that inspector also said the same, as if someone made him say this. He opens the dicky and asks him to check. Kartik makes Sirat ready. She asks him to promise, even if he gets hurt, he will take her to mandap. He says if anything happens, then we have to go to hospital. He says no, just mandap. He says nothing will happen, you can run to the mandap.

She says if I can’t run, then you have to lift me. He says no, you are heavy. She sees the medal. She says it will be a memorable day if I get this medal and mangalsutra. He says yes, this medal is just for you, the ribbon colour matches the bridal dress, you can wear it during pheras. She says idea isn’t bad. Chauhan sees the match on the video call. He says I will win, its right. Kartik wishes all the best to Sirat. Sirat goes inside the ring. Kartik signs her to just punch the girl. Kartik doesn’t get network. He says Ranvir would be calling, he won’t get connected, Sirat come on, do it fast, we have to reach mandap soon. Sirat punches Lalita. Referee stops them. Sirat gets punched, and thinks how can her punch be so tough. Chauhan says Lalita will do as I said, she will break her bones. Kartik asks Sirat to have water. Sirat says yes, but her punch is heavy, I felt that she has filled stones in her gloves. He worries and asks her to give her best.

Lalita hurts Sirat. Kartik says its a foul, she is playing wrong, stop her. Referee doesn’t stop the match. Chauhan says you made my son away, I will make him away from you. Ranvir says match will be starting, I will go and get Sirat. Police comes there. Officer asks for Manish Goenka. Manish says its me. Officer says we have to check all the rooms. Manish asks why. Officer says we got to know that some rare diamonds are smuggled here. Kartik says stop the match, its a foul. The man asks him to shut up. Kartik thinks to stop the fight. He asks Sirat to just lose. Sirat says I have to beat her. Chauhan gets a message. He says now Ranvir will be stuck in that raid, and Sirat here. Sirat falls down. Kartik worries. Chauhan says even cricket isn’t so much fun. Kartik asks Sirat to get up. Lalita says I don’t think your marriage can happen today. Akhilesh says its wrong. Ranvir asks do you have warrant to do this. Officer says let us do our work. Officers ruin the decorations. Ranvir asks him to show documents. Officer says don’t interfere in our work. Manish stops Ranvir.

Kartik sees Lalita and others signing. He sees the man speaking to Chauhan. He asks Sirat to get up. He sprinkles water on her. He says this is happening on Chauhan’s word, get up and beat her, show the power of your punch, its time to hit back, come on Sirat. Referee starts counting. Kartik says you won’t let this happen, get up, Ranvir and your love will lose if you don’t get up, give them a tough reply, get up. Sirat gets up. Kartik smiles. He asks her to use all her strength, referee isn’t saying about the foul, you have to make her lose. Sirat says her gloves has stones inside. He says maybe, you also don’t think anything, just beat her, keep hitting on her shoulders. She says its not allowed. He says this game is happening without rules, this is a fight between Chauhan and you, he is taking revenge on you, you have to win, everything is fair in love and war, both are valid here.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik says we have to go to hospital. She asks him to take her to the mandap. She gets ready in the bridal wear. He cares for her and adorns her. She faints.


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