Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd July 2021 Episode starts with Ranvir saying why did he lie and cheat me, I asked him many times, he didn’t tell me anything. He shouts. Sirat looks on and cries. She sees manager there. Ranvir says I trusted him and regarded him my friend. The man asks him to take care of his health, its okay, its just about money. Ranvir says cheat is cheat, person can tolerate cheating about money, but not in relations, if anyone cheats me in relations, then I will either die or kill. Manager goes. Sirat comes to Ranvir. He says sorry, you got scared seeing my anger, I can’t tolerate anyone’s lies, I want to end my anger and also leave this habit to trust people, I got cheated 20 times and again I blindly believe them, its just you who I trust completely, you will never break my trust, you won’t cheat me, right. She says whatever happened, no one will cheat you, I will never cheat you. He says I know. He hugs her. Chauhan looks on. Sirat asks Ranvir to calm down and have water.

Sirat takes care of him and does as he says. He asks what happened to you. She says sorry, did I hear anything wrong, I was massaging your foot. He asks what are you doing, is this love or something else. She thinks I don’t have the answer. He says tell me, are you shy or hiding something, what happened, your change is fine, but don’t change much that I lose my Sirat, I like my old Sirat, who punches the wrong doer, our relation is of equals, we will go to our house if Chauhan said something. She says no, they are our family, we will stay with them. He says we have few relations here, not entire family. She says we will stay here, we won’t go anywhere.

Kartik meets Ranvir. He says we will hire a different boxer, Sirat will still be our brand ambassador, she will focus on you, family and practice. Ranvir says its a brilliant idea. Kartik asks him to take care of himself. Ranvir says you can better handle this. He leaves. Sirat thinks of Kartik. Ranvir comes home. He says Kartik has handled everything. She asks is it because of me. He says no. She thinks maybe Kartik didn’t tell him, thanks Kartik, you are paying a big price for our friendship. Suwarna says I feel shy to get remarried. Manish says I like it, everyone will be attending it. She smiles. He says I m happy, we will fulfill the things that lacked last time, we can revive the promises, adjust our children and grandchildren in the marriage album, it will be fun. She says I can’t see Kartik lonely. He says he has to be much happy in this marriage. Naira holds Kartik’s hand. Kartik smiles. He says I call you every day and trouble him. She says you just miss me, I come myself, are you worried about Sirat. Kartik says she doesn’t tell me anything. She says we want to keep few things to just ourselves, its not a condition that one has to share everything. He says right, friendship is unconditional, I should have told this to Sirat. She says she would be knowing it, we also had Jai Veeru jodi. He says I had to convince you, else my love would have been one sided. She says you are so bad. He smiles. She says our relation was of friendship and love for us. He says no one can take your place, when I m hurt, I just miss you. She says relation of friendship is the most superior one, Sirat will understand this soon.

He says yes, ups and downs happen in business, it shouldn’t happen in relations. Its morning, Suwarna comes to meet Sirat. She says sorry to come without informing, its our wedding anniversary, I came to invite you all, we will be glad if you all come. Saroj says we will surely come. Sirat says no, we can’t go, doctor asked Ranvir not to exert. Suwarna says I promise we will take care of him. Chauhan says don’t worry, we will surely come with family. He thinks I don’t know when I get such a chance, I will insult Sirat and end her goodness drama. Suwarna thanks Chauhan. She says family has kept three functions in three days, I want you to come. He says many chances to meet. Suwarna gives sweets to Sirat and hugs her. She leaves.

Kartik asks why did Suwarna go there. Manish says I stopped you from doing business with Sirat, you didn’t listen, I stopped Suwarna from inviting them, she didn’t listen. Kartik says Ranvir isn’t well, Chauhan will taunt Sirat. Manish says I don’t want to spoil my anniversary, think of some way to not invite them. Kartik says Sirat should refuse, I m sorry. Chauhan says start preparations from today. Sirat says we can’t go, doctors asked Ranvir to rest, I have to stay back to take care of him, someone has to go, you all go there. She goes.

Chauhan says Saroj, explain Sirat and Ranvir, Goenkas did many favors on Sirat. She says Sirat is refusing, I will talk to Ranvir. Ranvir comes home and sees Chauhan and Saroj. He goes to his room. Sirat worries for him. He asks her to chill. He says Saroj told about Suwarna’s invite. Sirat says I want to stay at home and spend time with you. He asks is this the reason, you will like it when you meet them. She says I like being with you. He says fine, what did you and Chauhan talk in the hospital, that you have changed so much.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd July 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Ranvir blindfolds Sirat and gets her to Goenka house. He stumbles. Kartik holds Sirat. Ranvir says thanks Kartik, it was a surprise for you.


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