Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2021 Episode starts with Ranvir asking how did you start worrying for him. Sirat says its nothing like that, my heart wants to do all this, how was your meeting. Ranvir says it was good, Kartik said he will handle, he got a new sponsor, he knows you can’t attend all meetings, he hired a new boxer, I will call Kartik from your phone, my phone battery is off. Kartik asks Kairav to finish the homework. Kairav says Kisha didn’t come to school. Kartik asks what shall I do, solve the problem. Kairav says find out why she didn’t come to school, but tomorrow. Kairav says I will do this later. He does drama. He says I learnt this from you, you don’t become Papa, but friend like Sirat. Kairav answers the call and asks Ranvir to make him talk to Sirat. Kairav asks Sirat when will you come and meet me, I miss you, Kisha didn’t come to school, I asked Papa also. He asks Kartik to tell Sirat. Kartik sees Sirat and recalls her words. Ranvir smiles. Sirat greets and says Amma is calling, I will talk later, Kairav. Ranvir looks at her. She goes. Kairav says Sirat forgot us since you and Sirat got married. Ranvir smiles. Kairav goes.

Ranvir says sorry, Sirat has run away. Kartik says its fine, Kairav is also stubborn, everyone misses her, especially Kairav. Ranvir says Sirat refused to come on Manish and Suwarna’s anniversary. Kartik says its fine, let her do. Ranvir says you both are special friends, people never get such understanding, I feel this relation is of last birth. Kartik asks why did you call. Ranvir asks the boxer’s name. Kartik says Babita. Ranvir asks did you talk to her. Sirat hears their talk. Chauhan says I will tap Sirat’s phone now. Lawyer says you said your son can’t hear anything against Sirat, we have to make fake stories and make it look true, we will link her to Kartik, your son will get sympathy, Sirat will be blamed.

Chauhan says great, I can see Ranvir and Sirat’s marriage breaking, I just want Sirat and Kartik to get under the same roof. Kartik says ring is ready. Manish says I came to ask, did you talk to Sirat, did you invite her, you have to tell the sponsors, he is your friend, sponsors won’t cooperate with her. Kartik says I have thought to decide new boxer for team. Manish says sponsors won’t agree, Sirat is the team face. Kartik says I will convince them. Manish says you aren’t convincing the one you should, and convincing everyone else. Kartik thinks to message Sirat. He messages her. She doesn’t check. Ranvir asks Sirat to help him. Sirat sees him stuck in the kurta. Kartik calls her. She sees Kartik’s incoming call. Ranvir asks her to answer. She answers. Kartik sees everyone coming there. Kartik says sorry to disturb, and ends call. Chauhan says I didn’t get the proof, I m keeping an eye on them, I will see how long they get saved.

Sirat says he is your dad, you can’t be upset with him. Ranvir says I can’t forget that he wanted to get you shot. She says try to forget it. He asks how can I forget it. She says try for my sake, its for my peace and happiness, I want peace in the family. He doesn’t listen. Lav and Kush come and call out everyone. Naksh, Kirti and Krish come dancing on dhol. Everyone smiles. The family meets. Kirti says we got celebrations after a long time. Kartik says yes, and grand too, I will make sure that our money and image doesn’t get any loss, dad shouldn’t worry for the team. Manish nods. Lav and Kush show the planning of functions. Vansh and Kairav give their ideas. Akhilesh jokes that he would have kept a bachelors’ party. Kartik grinds the mehendi leaves.

Kirti asks shall I add more water. He asks her to do some work. Suwarna asks what are you doing. Kartik says we are grinding mehendi, its a rasam. Suwarna says we get readymade mehendi, why are you working hard. Kirti and Kartik start a drama and ask the bride to go. Suwarna laughs. Kirti asks what’s the matter, your smile doesn’t have the shine, why. Kartik says you need glasses, see my sparkling smile. Naksh and Gayu come. Gayu says we were talking about adding more dhamaal. Kirti says we will take Suwarna on shopping. Naksh says Kartik and I will take Manish on shopping. Gayu says Kirti and I will dance. Naksh says Kartik and I will also dance. Kirti says it looks like you have a competition with me. Naksh says no. Gayu and Kirti ask Kartik when will Sirat come, call her. Kartik says she will come if she wants, Suwarna has invited her. He goes. Gayu says maybe because Ranvir isn’t fine.

Its morning, Ranvir and Sirat get ready. He asks her to get decked up everyday. Sirat says you said your friend’s family is traditional. Chauhan looks on. Sirat says we won’t stay there for much time, doctor advised you not to exert. Ranvir coughs. They leave. Kairav gets the rings and puts it safely. He says last time, rings got misplaced, this time I locked the box. Vansh says box is fixed, if we lose the key, we will break the box and get rings. Dadi asks them to call Manish and Suwarna. Kairav says don’t know when will Sirat come. Kartik says she won’t come, sorry.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranvir blindfolds Sirat. He lifts Sirat and gets her to Goenka house.. She asks him to drop her down, he isn’t well. He stumbles. Kartik comes and holds her. Ranvir thanks her. He says it was a surprise for you.


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