Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Abhi saying I will not let anything such happen. Maaya is at the music event. Akshu stands behind her. Akshu imagines herself on the stage, and Abhi supporting her. She says Abhi will come soon. Maaya runs away. Kunal and Akshu go after her.

Abhi says my mum is the most imp for me, dirt got splashed on her, you have to apologize. He asks Harsh to stop. He says if we can’t heal wounds, then we shouldn’t hurt him again, I don’t care, it happened intentionally or not, but apologize and end this drama here, say it now, I m saying for the last time.

Akhilesh says it happened by mistake, it was not intention, but an accident. Dadi says yes, I was also there. Abhi says you have to say sorry. Akhilesh says I will count your mistakes, say one sorry, I will apologize to your mum. Harsh says no, fall in Manjiri’s feet and apologize. They all argue.

Dadi asks them to stop it. She says I swear on Akshu, Akhilesh didn’t do this intentionally. Abhi shouts stop it all of you. He asks his family to come with him. Manish says perfect, you always turn and run away, I gave Akshu’s hand to you, I thought you will support her. Harsh says your daughter has run away leaving Abhi.

Manish says Kairav was blamed falsely, Akshu knows to keep relations, she went with him, Abhi had sworn on his love, to live and die together, what did he do, did he try to find her, no, he just goes on trips. Harsh says your son and daughter have run away like cowards. Abhi stops Harsh. He looks at Manish.

Maaya says I can’t face so many people. Kunal says I know you got scared, media can ask you to sing, I trust you, please. Maaya says I can’t do this. He asks Akshu to explain Maaya, else our hardwork will get ruined.

Akshu says its not hardwork, but cheating, anyways I won’t cheat you and run away. She asks Maaya to listen to her song. Kunal says they would be announcing Maaya’s name anytime. Akshu sings Dil se bandhi ek dor…. Maaya gets calm. Akshu asks better. Maaya nods.

Abhi asks Manish what does he want to say. Manish says she is our daughter, she saved her brother, we don’t know what happened to her, she is alive or not, we don’t know, you loved your sister and broke all relations in anger, you did a brother’s duty, what about a husband’s duty, did you keep your vows, how did your love lose in front of the hatred of the world. Abhi and Manjiri cry.

Akshu says we have waited for this moment since long, we have prepared for this, don’t worry. Maaya says yes, but I m feeling scared. Akshu says you feel scared because this matters to you, I have lost a lot, you can achieve a lot, I used to get panic attacks but I cracked it, close your eyes and think what you love the most, if you get it, then you will win, one who don’t try lose.

Manish says you fought us and the world for your love, how did your love lose, your name is Abhimanyu, he was fearless, you have many questions on mind, go and try to find the answers, we felt our Abhi will always protect Akshu, you don’t know how life loses balance, we have done a lot to find Akshu, what did you do, do you have an answer. Abhi says yes, but if I say then you won’t understand, if you understood, then I would have not needed to say.

Akshu says I m supporting you, don’t get scared, Kunal has done a lot to fulfil your dream, we have come close, we can’t leave it without trying, just go for it. Akshu says good, come. Maaya sees the masks and gets an idea. Akshu says no, this will be much. Maaya says I can’t lip sync and face everyone, I need some time, I need it a lot. Kunal says we will do this if she wants. Akshu says it’s a music competition. Maaya says yes, we have to do this.

Manish drags Abhi out of the house. Abhi smiles and recalls the last time Manish dragged him out of the house. Hasta rehta hoon….plays… Manish says you are smiling even now, what’s the reason.

Manish says you held my hand tightly last time, today your hold is soft because of sorrow, your BP is high, take medicines, else you will fall sick. He wipes Manish’s tears. Abhi leaves and cries. Parth pacifies Shivansh. He messages Shefali. Maaya comes on the stage, wearing a mask. The man says she has her own style. He asks her to remove the mask, it’s a safe zone.

Maaya says I want to keep a mask on, it’s a style statement. The man says this conference is here to see your face, remove the mask once please. Kunal signs Maaya. Shefali says hurry up. She goes. Kunal goes on the stage. He says I m Maaya’s brother, we all have come for a music event, its an art, an artist should get freedom, she has worn this mask to represent the suppressed voices, please support that cause.

Abhi comes home. Mahima smiles seeing Abhi. He goes to his room. Mahima says Goenkas got a call from Mauritius. Abhi gets angry. He gets frustrated and thinks of Manish’s words. He says Akshu, you have to answer my questions.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shefali calls Abhi. He hears Akshu’s voice. He says I m going to Jaipur. Akshu thinks this city will make me meet Abhi.


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