Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2021 Episode starts with Akhilesh joking on Manish’s age. Everyone laughs. Kirti asks Manish to do the puja. Manish and Suwarna give the wedding invite to Lord. Dadi asks Lord to accept the invite. Kartik says I wish my parents anniversary comes again and again, I wish they live for 100 years. Kirti says they shall give couple goals to everyone. Gayu says its like fairy tale for me, such anniversary thing doesn’t exist for me. Kirti holds her. Naksh holds Kirti’s hand and smiles. Dadi says Lord has blessed me and my family. Kartik says I m lucky to get such parents. Kirti says you are saying as if they are just your parents, I m also lucky. Suwarna says I m lucky to get such respect in this family. Kartik says I m sorry for troubling you in initial years. Suwarna says you will celebrate just happiness. He says yes, no one will do senti talks, my mum and dad are the best, we all love them. They all hug. Akhilesh says something is missing.

Kartik asks what. Kirti says fun didn’t start. Surekha says fun has come, look there. They see Rukmani coming. Rukmani shouts Bhaiyas. She goes to Manish and Akhilesh. Dadi gets aside. Rukmani says when I heard Manish is getting married, I came running, I can never forget my brothers. Surekha says I informed Mansi. Rukmani says yes, I had to come and do sister’s rituals, so I came running, I didn’t come to take nek, but to do my duty. She does tilak to Manish and Suwarna. She blesses their jodi. Manish says so sweet. Rukmani asks for nek. Manish gives the nek. Kartik takes Rukmani’s blessings. Rukmani says I came uninvited. Kartik says just family can do this, we are glad that you have come. Rukmani says I will dance well, we will sing, dance and have fun, I met pandit, he said auspicious days started here, big changes will happen. Lav asks shall we start the first function. Kartik says yes. Kairav says guests didn’t come. Suwarna says Sirat and family…

Manish says maybe they won’t come. Rukmani says that duplicate. Kairav says no. Kartik says they will join if they come. Ranvir blindfolds Sirat. He says its my friend’s demand. She gets hurt. She says I don’t know this place. He says right. He lifts her and takes her. She asks him to put her down. Ranvir stumbles. Kartik holds Sirat. Ranvir laughs and says thanks Kartik. Sirat gets shocked. They put down Sirat. Ranvir says it was a surprise for you, I hope you got it. He opens the blindfold. Sirat sees Kartik. Kartik says you did good that you came, it was a good surprise, where are others. Ranvir says mum and Nidhi are coming, I didn’t ask Chauhan, we had planned to attend the marriage, we are staying here for 3 days, I know Sirat refused to Suwarna, she is conscious about my health, I was concerned that Sirat loves this family, she can’t miss a big occasion here, I made this plan, I made an imaginary friend who wants to meet me before leaving the country, I got Sirat here. He says Sirat don’t worry, mum and Nidhi will get our clothes for other functions, don’t scold me, I won’t feel unwell here. Kartik says she is overprotecting you, she loves you a lot.

Ranvir jokes. He says I promise I will take meals and medicines on time. Kartik asks them to come. He sees Sirat worried. He asks them to think if they will come inside, they can go if they want, if family sees them, then family won’t let them go. He goes. Sirat says we will go. Ranvir says Kartik is so sorted, he saw you worried and asked us to leave if we want. Kairav says wow Sirat, so pretty. Kartik turns and signs Ranvir to ask. Ranvir signs Sirat is fine. Dadi asks Ranvir and Sirat to come and take blessings. Kairav hugs Sirat. Dadi says I m fine now, sorry for that day. She blesses Ranvir and Sirat’s jodi. Rukmani sees Sirat and says you are just like Naira, anyone will get tricked, can I touch you and see. Sirat nods. Rukmani cries and holds her face. Sirat meets Naksh. Akhilesh asks are you fine. Ranvir says I got saved, because Sirat is my wife. Kairav says I got the keys. Vansh says we shall start ring ceremony fast. Lav and Kush say we decided it won’t be a boring ceremony, just do what we say.

Manish says okay. Saroj says Ranvir asked Nidhi and me to come, Sirat and he will stay there for 3 days. Chauhan says I will come along. She says its good, I will make your clothes ready. She goes. He says I have also made some preparations. He calls someone. Suwarna asks Manish to come. Manish says fine, I have disconnected the call, can’t you wait for sometime, get the ring. Suwarna says everyone is waiting. They start arguing. Kartik says you won’t get a second chance, you both set an example, we want you always set this example every year, I stayed with Naira and learnt one thing, one should live every moment well, I can’t tell it to Naira now, I advice everyone to confess love, apologize and move on, its a big regret if one doesn’t speak their heart out.

Manish and Suwarna say sorry to each other. Kairav says good boy, good girl. Ranvir says Kartik said right, one should confess feelings. Sirat holds his hand. Manish says get the rings, I can’t wait. Naksh says our team has made a plan. Manish asks what. Kartik says these are your rings, look at it carefully. Manish and Suwarna say fine. Kartik says see it well. Manish says its a sight of diamond sellers, I have seen it well. Dadi says see it well. Manish asks what’s happening. Lav and Kush suspend a hanging structure with hundreds of rings. Ranvir asks Sirat to see the ceremony. Kirti says we will hang your rings with these rings, you have to find your rings. Manish asks what’s the logic. Kartik says logic is to explain every that we don’t get love easily. Naksh says we don’t value that we get easily, what we get with difficulty becomes precious.


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