Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th September 2022 Episode start with the man saying we can’t see Maaya’s face today, but we can hear her song. Akshu thinks to ignore this and just think of Abhi. Abhi says you have to meet me Akshu and answer me. Shefali talks to Parth and Shivansh on video call. Akshu sings Mera pehla junoon.

Shefali says I feel I heard this song. She says my boss is messaging me, I have to call Abhi. She ends call. She calls Abhi and asks how did you go suddenly. Abhi hears Akshu’s voice in background. He asks who is singing.

She says some contestant, press conference is going on for a music event, boss wanted to talk to you. Everyone claps for Maaya. Abhi recalls Akshu’s singing. He shuts his ears and laughs.

He throws things. Manjiri comes and asks what happened, you didn’t do this before, where are you going. Abhi says Jaipur. He leaves. Harsh asks what happened. Manjiri says he left for Jaipur. He asks why did he go on bike, what’s happening there. She says he has his memories there, is it related to Akshu.

Abhi is on the way. Maaya thanks Akshu. She says everyone was praising me. Kunal says I knew it, you will become a big star. Maaya says we should go to Hawa mahal and celebrate. He says no, you should take rest, the event is even there. Maaya says we should go. Akshu says no, I won’t come,

I know this city well, Kunal will be in tension, you can’t enjoy then, I have many memories here, you go and have fun, I m sure. Maaya says fine, I will go and get my bag. She goes. He thanks Akshu. Akshu says I didn’t do this for you, I m counting days that this event ends soon, I want this contract to end, I want to go back to Abhi.

Dadi asks Manish what happened. Everyone comes. Manish says police had called, they want to interrogate about Kairav’s call. Aarohi asks what, did he try to contact you. Vansh asks when did the call come. Manish says that day, it was Kairav’s call, if Mahima knows this, then…

Akshu calls Kairav and asks are you fine, I was missing you a lot. He says yes. She says very soon, everything will get fine. He says I know, you don’t worry for me, tell me, how is Jaipur. She says I m feeling strange, I feel its all familiar and different also, I m sure that things will get fine. Mahima asks inspector what is happening, she gave the proof of Kairav’s call. She asks for results,

why didn’t Kairav get arrested. Manish says they have no reason to arrest him. Goenkas come. Manish says law supports the truth, not Birlas. Anand says you have to get the proof, we have the call recording, you addressed Kairav in it. Manish says hear the recording again,

no one told anything from the other side, I guessed it and took Kairav’s name, I want to test your medicine degree, its real or not. He asks them to greet his lawyer Saklani. He says he has come to ask one question. He asks how did you get that phone call recording, I know, because he has confirmed it, don’t you know that it’s a legal crime to tap someone’s phone without knowledge,

Mahima can get arrested for this, I can file a case on her. He asks Inspector didn’t you tell her. Inspector nods. Mahima says you do what you want, I did what I wanted, I have informed Mauritius police, Kairav will be arrested soon, we will be proved right when we find him there. Manish says if he isn’t there, then it will become difficult for you.

Abhi is on the way. Akshu sees a love balloon and thinks is this a sign, this city made me meet my love, it will return me Abhi. Abhi thinks I don’t know what I will do if its her voice. He reaches Jaipur. He comes to the music event and asks for the list of participants. He checks the list.

The man asks who are you searching for. Abhi says I want to see the video of this event, please, it was a public event, it will come on tv also. He checks the event recording. He says I thought its your voice, but no, you aren’t here. Akshu wakes up and holds the love balloon. She gets up. She gets hurt by some glass showpiece. Maaya sends an audio that they are shopping, it will take some time.

Akshu says they didn’t come back, I will call the reception. She calls the receptionist and asks her to contact any doctor, she got a deep cut on her hand, its paining. The girl says I will call Dr. Kunal. Akshu says no, I know him, he isn’t here. Abhi hears the receptionist and goes to offer help.

Kunal comes and sees Abhi. He worries. The girl tells about Akshu’s room number. Abhi asks her to get the first aid kit. Abhi goes with the girl. Kunal rushes. The girl guides Abhi the way and goes. Kunal sees Abhi at the room door. Abhi rings the bell. Akshu cries in pain.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi calls out Akshu to help. She doesn’t respond. He tries to break the door. Kunal calls him out and takes him aside for a talk. Abhi asks do you have any info about Akshu. Akshu opens the door.


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