Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2021 Episode starts with Suwarna saying they gave a big meaning of the rasam. Manish says yes, they shall show the rings again. Dadi says we won’t show the rings again, we told you to see it well. Akhilesh jokes. Kartik asks them to turn. Lav and Kush tie the rings. Kartik moves back. He collides with Sirat. Photographer clicks their pic. Manish and Suwarna look for the rings. Suwarna asks Manish what happened to his scanner. Manish says its tough. Manish and Suwarna find the rings. Kartik checks and says right, who will put the ring first. Manish gets on his knees. Everyone claps. Manish says I should have done this before, everyone was against our marriage, just Akhilesh was there, you didn’t get any dreams fulfilled but you never complained, I want to do this rasam. Dadi says yes, do it, maybe my mistake also gets rectified, Suwarna if you say, I can also go on knees.. Suwarna hugs her.

Kartik sings Kuch hai junoon sa….plays….Everyone dances. Kartik and Sirat’s pics get clicked. Sirat goes to Ranvir. Manish and Suwarna exchange rings. Everyone smiles. Ranvir and Sirat come to their room. Ranvir sees the decorations and says everything is of your choice, Sirat. Kartik comes and asks sorry, is it too much. Ranvir says love doesn’t have anything too much. Kartik says its Lav and Kush’s idea to make you feel you have come to some hotel. He asks Sirat not to take stress, she can ask the sponsor to talk to me. Ranvir says I m stress for Sirat, she got me along. Kartik asks them to get ready. Ranvir thanks her. Kartik goes.

Ranvir sees Sirat and asks did anything happen between you and Kartik, any fight, or any stress because of Chauhan, you guys aren’t talking. Sirat says I spoke. He says he spoke, you didn’t even answer, we find good friends with difficulty, you should keep him well. She says this is our room, Mr and Mrs. Ranvir Chauhan. He asks shall I put do not disturb sign out. She says no, we will keep reminding, I asked Saroj and Nidhi to get your things. He asks her not to worry. She says have medicines, I will get it. He says you are my wife, stop being a nurse, everything will be fine, I got you here to change your mood, you become old Sirat again, your punch has your love, not all this, I didn’t see gloves in your hands since I went to hospital, don’t hurt yourself, don’t ashame me that I fall in my eyes. She says don’t say this. He says promise me, you will love me more than care. Naksh and Kartik see the dark mehendi. Rukmani comes. She asks did you soak the mehendi in iron kadai. They say yes. She says now apply it to your head, it won’t help to apply on hands. Naksh goes to Kirti. Kartik says I will ask Suwarna. Sirat collides with Kartik. He says sorry. She moves away. She hits the pillar. He cares for her. She says I m fine.

Their pics are clicked. He says you started lying, you are hurt, I will send ice pack. She says sorry, I m sorry, you are troubled because of me, Ranvir told me how sponsors backed out. He says its fine, I can understand it. She says you would be very happy. He says I didn’t feel bad, I felt bad about what you are not saying, sorry, I feel friendship is one where we can speak out the heart, I won’t force you, I have no right to question on your life, sorry, Ranvir loves you a lot, he got you here to see you happy, I also want you happy, just stay happy, that’s all I want. He sees the photographer and says function isn’t happening here, go that side. Kartik goes.

Ranvir asks did we miss anything, sorry, I fell asleep. Kartik says no, you came on right time. Chauhan says it means I m also not late. Everyone sees Chauhan, Saroj and Nidhi at the door. He says congrats to you all. Rukmani asks who are you. Chauhan introduces himself and asks about her. She asks do you have any sister. He says no. She says Lord has sent you to the right place, you would have prayed to get a good sister, I will tie you rakhi, you give me nek, we will have a brother-sister relation. Manish and Akhilesh joke and laugh.

Ranvir gets a call. Manager asks him to send the factory outlet video once again. Ranvir says fine, I will send. He checks a big video recording on party night. Chauhan comes and asks him to see shagun. Ranvir thinks I can’t forgive him. He says no need to give shagun separately, I have given the gift from our side. Chauhan says I m glad to hear it. Ranvir says you should enjoy and let others enjoy. He goes. Chauhan says I will enjoy the most, my son’s happiness is everything for me.

Dadi asks Sirat to have mehendi. Sirat thinks I was mad to go away from this loving mehendi, I will not go away now. Dadi asks Kartik about the special thing in mehendi. Kirti and Gayu explain about mehendi art, the competition will be tough. Naksh says you will make your partner’s face with mehendi. Dadi says its tough. Chauhan asks Sirat will she make Ranvir’s face on her hand. Ranvir applies the mehendi to Sirat. Kairav says this is cheating, you are making the design. Ranvir says she can’t make it well, I can’t spoil my reputation. Everyone smiles. The ladies dance on mehendi song. Nidhi pushes Sirat while dancing. Sirat’s mehendi gets spoiled. She prays. Ranvir says chill, I will handle everything, don’t worry.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik asks Sirat why did she come here. Someone locks the door. Kartik asks her to come. He check the locked door. She worries.


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