Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2022 Episode starts with Anand saying there is a lot of work in the hospital. Everyone discusses their work. Abhi says give me 5 mins, I will change and come. Anand asks him to take rest.

Abhi asks how will you do everything alone. Mahima says we have Parth and Neil with us. Abhi says hospital is like my second home. She asks him to get well soon and come. Akshu says she is right, get well first and then you can help everyone. Abhi says fine, keep me posted. She asks about that man.

Parth says we will make sure he gets punished. Harsh comes. Mahima says you both will take rest all day. Manjiri says I won’t let them come out of the room. Vansh says Kairav and I will also go. Abhi asks why.

Manish says we are also family, Akhilesh and I are free, call us if needed. Anand says thanks, it won’t be needed. Harsh says I m coming along, I have handled such things in the hospital, I lost the position, I have a right to help as a family member. He goes with them. Manjiri prays that everything gets fine. Suwarna says I got your Teej stuff, its in the car, shall I talk to Manjiri.

Akshu says no one can stop me from celebrating Teej, Abhi and mum support me. Suwarna says festivals come to increase happiness in life, its Abhi and your first Teej, make it memorable, will you keep fast tomorrow. Akshu says yes, I will keep the fast. Manjiri hears them and thinks to do all the preparations for Akshu’s Teej.

Akshu comes to her room and sees her belongings spread everywhere in the room. Abhi says I missed you Akshu. She says missed you too. She says I used to organize the things in my room there. He says I used to spread the things, because organized room didn’t look like ours. She says we are so stupid, we didn’t value love.

He says no, we couldn’t understand. She says this fire incident was good for one reason, we realized our mistake. He says we realized how much we love each other. She asks him to have medicines, then he can go to his first love, hospital, his patients, surgeries. She gives him the water bottle. He drops the bottle.

She says sorry, I thought you held it. They take medicines. She says medicine is bitter. He says wait, let me get something sweet. She kisses his cheek and says its sweet now. Abhi says my medicine was much bitter.

He goes close to kiss her. She gets shy. She goes and closes the door. Os ki boonde….plays… He takes a rose and puts the rose petals on the bed. She dons a ghunghat and comes to him. He pulls her hand and gets her close. She closes eyes. They get close.

Mahima says we should make someone sit on Harsh’s position, this can’t happen again. Anand says Harsh managed everything alone, there was no issue. She says we can’t get him again on this chair, we have to hire someone. Anand says Parth isn’t interested, we have to talk to someone else.

Akshu wakes up and sees Abhi. She switches off the alarm thinking Abhi would have got disturbed. She kisses Abhi. She gets up. She goes. Abhi feels pain in his right hand and moves it. Akshu says everything is ready, who do I ask to eat along.

Abhi comes and says you were going to have the food alone, without your husband. She says this is not our bedroom. He says there is no one here, how does it matter. She asks did you keep fasts. He says I don’t keep fast. Manjiri comes and asks them how did they wake up soon. Abhi asks did mum also keep a fast.

Manjiri says I will make tea and come, Akshu will need to eat well. Abhi says I will share the food and help her, you can also help her. Akshu asks did you also keep a fast. Anand, Mahima and everyone come home from work. Anand says everything is under control. Mahima says even Shefali came there to help.

Abhi says sorry, I wasn’t there. Anand says its okay, you already did a lot. Neil asks for breakfast. Akshu says Teej food is ready. Mahima asks are you keeping the fast, you aren’t well. Akshu says I will take medicines, Teej is a festival, I want to keep the fast, it depends on will power, I want to do this for Abhi.

Mahima asks Abhi are you okay with this. Abhi says its Akshu’s decision. Akshu says I want to do this for my happiness, don’t worry, Abhi is with us, you also come and have the food. Parth asks Shefali to keep the fast if she wants, he won’t force her. Harsh sits alone. Manjiri looks on. Neil takes a plate for Harsh.

Abhi feeds Akshu and teases her by touching her foot, holding her hand and signing her. She smiles. He sees Manjiri looking at Harsh. He says nothing changed, mum is going to keep the fast like always. Harsh asks will I get tea, see that Teej food doesn’t have much sugar and oil, I don’t like inviting problems. Abhi gets up and stares at him.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi says make Harsh realize that he can’t take you for granted. Akshu says he just needs you. Manjiri gets sad. Harsh asks her to apologize to him. Akshu and Abhi give gifts to each other. Akshu dances in the Teej function. Abhi smiles.


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