Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2022 Episode starts with Abhi calling out the lady. Akshu is in the washroom. She washes her wound. Abhi asks do you need a doctor. Kunal worries.

Abhi thinks to break the door. Kunal comes and calls him out. He asks what are you doing here. Abhi says I have check a lady. Kunal says I just took her and send her to the hospital, we have to handle our duty, how do you feel. Abhi says good. Kunal says I m feeling very good, we should sit and have a talk.

They go. Abhi drops the first aid kit. Akshu hears the sound. She sees the shadow and says maybe doctor has come, I didn’t hear anything in washroom. She opens the door and doesn’t see anyone.

she waits for the doctor. Kairav thinks to take his medicines and go back home. He hears the people talking about him. he says police came for me, what shall I do, shall I call Akshu, no, it will be risky. Kunal asks Abhi to sit. Abhi asks why are you sweating, is your BP high. Kunal says I don’t know, you tell me

. Abhi says you are a doctor, you know the best. Kunal says intercom isn’t working, I will just be back in one min. Abhi asks him to take his time. Kunal goes to Akshu’s room. He says I can’t let you both meet each other,

I m a doctor, and I will do the medical help. He goes to Akshu. He asks how can you be so careless, knowing the event is close, give me your hand. Akshu gets back. Abhi recalls Akshu’s words. He says I don’t understand what to do, maybe he has some idea.

Akshu and Kunal argue. She scolds him and asks him to leave. He leaves. Akshu cries and thinks of Abhi. She does the aid herself. Abhi feels restless. Kunal comes to him. Kairav says Akshu got my visa too and booked my ticket in advance, just this visa and ticket can save me. Kunal says sorry, just sit.

Abhi says there is blood on your hand, is everything fine. Kunal says I think its that lady’s blood, its normal for doctor’s hands to get patient’s blood on it, you can relate to this, how is your hand. Abhi says its fine, thanks. Kunal says I should thank you, I got imp things while doing your surgery, like my work,

you made me a doctor again. Abhi says and you made me a doctor again. Akshu cries and says Abhi would have done the aid to me, I would have been much happy. Abhi asks shall I ask something if you don’t mind,

do you have any info about Akshu. Kunal says sorry. Abhi asks did she talk to you, I couldn’t stop myself from asking you, just recollect, if she told you something. Akshu says I miss you Abhi, and cries. Kunal says no.

Kairav sees the police outside his house. Abhi says I came with Shefali for an event, she is covering a music event. Kunal asks are you staying back. Abhi says I will checkout tomorrow morning, how did you come here, is there anything special that you don’t want to tell me. Akshu sings. Abhi says it was nice meeting you. Kunal says likewise, I will drop you till outside. Abhi leaves. His heart beats faster and he stops near Akshu’s room. Kunal worries.

Abhi sits to tie the shoe lace. He leaves. Manish says you are proved wrong, now next call will be from my lawyer, all the best Mahima. Mahima says he was sounding confident. Aarohi looks at her. She says I don’t care, I work in your hospital, its too late, I have got a lot of work to finish.

She leaves. Harsh comes. Aarohi greets him and goes. Harsh says she didn’t tell her family that she is working here. Mahima says yes, its not imp to tell everything to everyone, but she is good at her work.

He says yes, she is efficient, can we trust her. She says we shouldn’t trust anyone, she didn’t tell me about the call, we can’t trust her, but we have to keep a weak link. Abhi recalls Akshu’s words. He says you went with Kairav, you didn’t message or call, why do I miss you, I felt its your voice and I came to Jaipur, what’s this strange feeling, my life has become a puzzle. He gets angry.


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