Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2022  Episode starts with Abhi making Akshu wear the anklet. Ankhon ki gustakhiyaan….plays….. They smile. They both get calls. She goes to Anisha. She gives the lipstick and jewellery box. Shefali says help me in setting her hair, this isn’t working, I will get another straightener,

check a good look for her. Anisha gets a message. She goes to the window and signs someone. Akshu sees this and worries. Manjiri blesses Anisha. Mahima says pray that the function goes on well. Manjiri says its our responsibility also, not just of Akshu. Mahima says Akshu has a dual relation and dual responsibility.

Akshu thinks why would Anisha lie. Anand asks Abhi and Akshu to come fast, there is a good news. Harsh says Dr. Kunal Khera called, he is coming here in some time to meet Abhi. Abhi asks finally, today? Harsh says yes. They happily hug. Everyone smiles.

Akshu hugs Manjiri and says finally, Dr. Kunal is coming. Manjiri hugs Abhi. He goes to keep bhog for Kanha ji. Akshu kisses Abhi’s hand. Neil asks everyone to come, because the groom’s family is coming. Mahima asks Akshu are the preparations done. Akshu says yes, I will check again. Akshu and everyone welcome Goenkas.

Akshu points a gun at them. Manish and Dadi ask what is all this. Akshu says I have to threaten you all, you don’t do any drama here, there shouldn’t be any issues. They all nod. Manish says we will not say anything, even if you keep a rubber band instead the ring. Akshu says good.

She turns to Birlas and asks them to welcome her Maayka well. Abhi says we understood, move the gun away. Akshu drops the gun and says tension is over now. Everyone smiles. Manish says no one would have welcomed this way. Mahima and Anand welcome them. Abhi says Akshu, your welcome was just like you, cute,

effective and unique, thanks for pleasing everyone, they will get so happy after engagement. He sees Kairav and says Kairav had troubled me a lot, now my turn, see how I rag him. He calls Kairav as Jila, Jija plus Saala. Kairav says even you are Jila then. They hug. Akshu sees Anisha going. Mahima says Akshu, call Anisha. Akshu goes and looks for Anisha. She sees Anisha with some guy. Kairav recalls Abhi’s words.

Kairav says I remember everything. Abhi says it means I don’t need to repeat, you are a sweet brother, I m not so sweet. Kairav says I remember. Abhi says you have to listen to me, I won’t ask you to keep her happy, you will do it, you are a good person, I just want to say… its done. Kairav laughs and says I understood,

I promise I will keep her happy, you and Akshu might have seen comedy show at night. They joke. Abhi says I m not worrying, I was taking revenge. Kairav hugs him. He says Akshu will cry if she sees us. Abhi says then she will cry for her spoiled makeup, she might be with Anisha. Harsh says Dr. Kunal is reaching in 5-7mins. Abhi asks where is Akshu.

Akshu sees Anisha gone. She says I m outside the house. Abhi asks why. Akshu says I can’t hear you, I will call you in two mins. Abhi calls Anisha. Akshu turns and sees Anisha. Anisha asks are you following me. Akshu says no, I just…

Anisha asks do you doubt me. Akshu says no, I thought you need help, why is that guy troubling you, why are you meeting him secretly. Anisha says he is a friend, any problem. Akshu says you call him home. Anisha says you are doubting me again like Dadi, I didn’t expect this from you.

Akshu thinks is she really thinking so, or saying this to distract me. Abhi comes and asks what are you doing here, come inside. Anisha says I came to plan a surprise for Kairav, my friend was going to get something, Akshu thinks I will run away again, so Akshu came to see. Abhi says its okay, guard will get it. Akshu says I didn’t say her anything. He says its okay, come fast, Dr. Khera is coming. Akshu hugs him.

Dr. Kunal is seen. Dadi asks why did you go out, you may catch bad sight. Akshu says no, she just went till the garden. Dadi and Mahima ask them to come. Akshu says I m not doubting you, I just find you worried. Anisha goes. Akshu says shall I tell Kairav or not, no… I should just enjoy the function.

Abhi thinks Dr. Kunal didn’t come till now. Akshu thinks come soon and change our fate, Dr. Kunal. Abhi says our family function doesn’t complete without Akshu’s singing. He asks her to sing. Dr. Kunal comes there. Akshu says this is for you two. Kairav smiles. Akshu stumbles and is about to fall down the stage. Abhi holds her hand in time and pulls her. Everyone is relieved. They all see Dr. Kunal. Abhi says Dr. Khera. Everyone smiles seeing him.

Akshu cries happily. Abhi thanks him for coming. He introduces Akshara as his wife. Kunal says so you are Akshara. Abhi says she is saying thanks to you, its her effort that you have come to help a surgeon.

Akshu thanks him. Everyone thanks him. Kunal says don’t say thanks, its my work, so I have come, I think I have come on a wrong day, some function is going on, I will come on some other day. Anand says no, we want you to be a part of this. Abhi says Akshu was going to sing now, its my sister and her brother’s engagement, she was going to sing, she heads our music therapy dept. Kunal says nice.

Akshu goes and cries. Abhi wipes her tears. He says you have made impossible possible today, Dr. Kunal was a possibility, you made him a reality, he is here just because of you. She says no, because of Kanha ji and family prayers, people call him Dr. miracle, your hand will get fine. She says we have to go to the hospital after engagement, come now, wipe your tears. They hug.

Harsh says being the CEO of the Birla hospital, I give instructions to doctor, I fold hands today, please help my son, make his hand work. Manjiri says I m a mum, every person who gives a new life to her child is like Lord for me, thanks. Kunal says don’t say this, please, I feel uncomfortable. Anand says I think we are getting too emotional,

I understand. Mahima says we will do the rasams, then Abhi and Kunal will get a chance to talk. Dadi thinks why is she always in a hurry. Kairav and Anisha sit for the engagement. Mahima and Suwarna do the aarti rituals. Abhi says wait, Akshu’s song. Servant says mic isn’t getting on, it fell down. Akshu says its okay. She sings Kabhi mujhko yaad karke…

. Mere saaya saath hoga…. Kunal smiles. Kairav and Anisha exchange the rings. Everyone showers the rose petals on them. Akshu sees Abhi and sings for him. They smile. Everyone claps. Kunal says I think I should leave now, I will see you all tomorrow.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi says if Kunal tells that my hand can never recover then… Dr. Kunal does the tests. Akshu prays for Abhi. Abhi asks the chances for his hand recovery. Dr. Kunal says 99%. Abhi cries happily.


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