Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2021 Episode starts with Ranvir taking Sirat for the dance. Everyone dances. Chauhan signs the photographer. Sirat falls in Kartik’s arms by a push. Their pics get clicked. Chauhan smiles. Sirat leaves. The photographer says someone is calling you, Sir. Kartik says all the ladies are here, except Sirat, where did she go. Sirat says Kartik calls me his friend and I feel inferior, what shall I do, I can’t go from here or stay here. She gets angry. Kartik comes. He asks why did you come here, is everyhing fine, did you feel bad of my words, come, don’t be alone here. Someone locks the door from outside. Kartik checks the door. He says its locked from outside. Chauhan sees Ranvir happy and smiles.

Kartik calls out Gayu and Suwarna. Sirat says this never happened before, call someone. He says Kairav has my phone, give me your phone. She says I left my phone there when I was putting mehendi. He says relax, I will call out from the window. Someone opens the door. Kartik says strange, it opened on its own, I think it was stuck. He goes. Sirat also leaves. They get recorded. Ranvir coughs. Kartik asks are you fine. Ranvir says nothing, I think I had much of that spicy chutney with kachoris. Kartik says once you get fine, we will have much kachoris. Kairav gets up and stumbles. Kartik and Sirat hold him. Kartik thanks her. Chauhan smiles seeing them. Kairav gets water for Ranvir. Lav says you all are sitting like functions is over, there are many games, come. Chauhan says real fun will be tomorrow, its marriage tomorrow, right, okay then permit me to leave. Rukmani says whenever you take your wallet before leaving the house, remember this sister. Everyone smiles. Chauhan leaves.

Sirat sees Ranvir fallen. She checks him and asks him to get up. She cries. He wakes up and asks what happened. She asks why did you fall like unconscious. He says yes, I slept like falling unconscious. She asks how did this things fall. He says maybe I did that in sleep. She says I thought something happened. He says nothing happened to me, don’t worry. She hugs him. He says nothing will happen to me. She says sorry, I forgot this isn’t our house. He says I feel its our house, there is much affection here, this was your house also. She says it was, your house is mine. Ranvir says if I have to go somewhere for a long time, then I would like to leave you here, you get happiness, respect and support in this house, you have an unbreakable bond with this house. She thinks I want to keep our relation. Kartik comes and says sorry to come between you two, Lav and Kush have planned game, come.

Chauhan says my fake story is ready, sponsors will come tomorrow, Sirat will be insult, sponsor will not leave Kartik and Sirat. He laughs. Its morning, the haldi arrangements are done. Ranvir and Sirat come. Everyone smiles. Dadi wards off tthe bad sight and blesses their pairing. Kartik introduces the new sponsor Mr. Raj. Raj says I say from the heart and do from the heart. Ranvir says Sirat is just the same, she will be your fan. Sirat gets a call. Raj says I will meet her later. Chauhan says more the people, more the fun. Kartik introduces Raj to the family. Sirat asks who is this uncle. Ranvir says team’s new sponsor, Raj, he is different, he is good, he has old thinking but cool. Sirat asks is he sponsoring girls’ boxing team. Ranvir says orthodox, he believes in our culture, he understands that girls’ team should progress, come and meet him. Naksh gets Manish and Suwarna. Kartik says sit facing either sides, haldi will be unique. Dadi asks everyone to apply haldi. Kartik says we will tell you now. He sings Suraj ke baahon me… They all dance.

Chauhan sees Sirat with Kartik. He asks her to be careful. Raj says Sirat will go far by her hardwork and family’s blessings. Kartik says I have planned a surprise for mum and dad. Ranvir says I will help. Kartik says you chill, I got their first marriage’s pics and videos, I want to show that. Ranvir says fantastic. The photographer projects Kartik and Sirat’s pics on the screen. Chauhan signs him and removes the pic in time. Sirat doesn’t see it. Kartik says I have to check all connections now. Sirat goes to have water. Sirat falls. Kartik says really sorry. He helps Sirat. She says I m fine. He says anyway, what my luck, you got hurt because of me now. Chauhan says there are many people and team sponsors also, they both will be insulted now.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Maai says you don’t deny the relations made from heaven, you will get your love. She writes K on her hand. Sirat asks whose name is that. Maai says your fate is connected to him.


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