Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2021 Episode starts with Ranvir, Kartik and Sirat coming to the hospital. Nidhi says mum is critical, don’t know she will get saved or not, she isn’t responding to the treatment. Ranvir hugs her and consoles. Kartik asks how did this happen. Sirat says I know how it happened. She goes to Chauhan and says you did this, because she came in my marriage. Ranvir and Sirat scold him. Kartik asks her to calm down. Ranvir asks Chauhan to leave. He says don’t know what will you do now. Nidhi says dad didn’t do anything, mum fell down on her own, I have seen it, we got her to the hospital, but doctor said that mum has no will to leave, she is torn between dad and son.

Chauhan says you think I m responsible for all this. He asks Ranvir to beat him. He asks them to save Saroj. Sirat says your mistakes won’t be forgiven this way. Chauhan says don’t punish my wife, bahurani come home. Sirat says don’t worry for Amma, Ranvir and I will look after her, I can’t stay under the same roof where you stay, I can’t forget what you did or forgive you. Doctor comes and says patient got conscious, you can meet her. Ranvir and Sirat go. Kartik says you are doing a good drama, whatever is going on in your mind, remember that, if anything happens to my friends then… Chauhan says there is a big difference between old and new Chauhan, I m worried for my wife, I just want her life to get saved.

Saroj says how is my fate, Sirat’s mu dikhai happened in the hospital. She gives her diamond bangles to Sirat. Sirat wards off the bad sight. She says you found a nice way to make me serve you, you jumped down the stairs, get well soon and then come home with me. Saroj says no, my heaven is with my husband, I know you both will take good care of me, but I can’t live without him. Suwarna and Surekha talk about Saroj. Suwarna says Kartik went for Ranvir’s sake. Surekha says no, he went for Sirat, she has kept him tangled in the problems of her Sasural, Kartik isn’t her family member, why does he care for Ranvir’s mum, I know you all love Sirat, I think he should think about his future, she took the challenge to get Kartik married, she should free Kartik from her problems, you may think anything now.

Kartik finds Sirat angry and goes to cheer her. He asks what happened. Sirat says Ranvir agreed to his mum, he didn’t ask me. FB shows…. Ranvir says fine Amma, if you think you will get fine if we stay along, then we will come home and stay with you. Saroj asks will Sirat feel bad. Ranvir says no. He asks Sirat will you have any problem with this. She signs no. He thanks Sirat. FB ends. Sirat says I know mum’s relation is the most imp, but he should have asked me, how will I stay there with that man who kept me and Ranvir away from two years, no one understands me. Kartik says I understand, I know Ranvir will also understand. She says Chauhan will plan some attack on me again, he may kill me this time, Ranvir doesn’t think of this, but I will think of it. He stops her. She says let me vent out my anger. He says relax, do deep breathing, its your duty to support Ranvir, just think that you are going to save Ranvir’s mum, then you won’t feel bad, until Ranvir is with you, Chauhan won’t do anything, you are enough to handle anyone. She thanks him. She says I m not scared now. He says its my charm. She says I will accept that you have charm when you meet the girls and they get ready for the marriage. She teases him. They go.

Saroj welcomes Ranvir and Sirat home. She gets dizzy. Nidhi does the aarti and tilak. Kartik gets tea for Manish. Manish asks what are you doing at this time. Kartik says much work is pending. Manish says we should work hard. He likes the tea. Kartik asks what did you want to talk. Manish says I just came to ask you how are you doing, I wanted to know that you agreed to Sirat for the marriage, I know you just said that to answer her, but I want you to seriously think. Kartik says no. Manish says you will need a life partner, I m saying this by my experience. Kartik says no one is lucky like you, Sirat told this to me. He tells whatever Sirat told. Manish says the reasons aren’t so silly, you are a mindblowing person, you don’t deserve to spend life alone, you should try to get happiness. Sirat’s grahpravesh happens. Chauhan comes. Manish says life is short, but it looks long when person is alone. Kartik says I m not alone, you and family are with me, I have Naira’s memories also. Manish says its good to hear, but trust me, its tough, move on, you aren’t cheating Naira, she would be happy to see you happy, give it a thought. He goes.


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