Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2022 Episode starts with Maaya asking Akshu are you having apple juice, you have to sing today. Akshu says its methi dana water, relax, I m fine, my hand is also okay, don’t make me nervous, I have to keep my promise and values, I just expect you to respect this.

Maaya and Kunal say sorry. Maaya hugs Akshu. Akshu taunts Kunal. She says we will focus on round 1 today. Kunal thinks sorry, I can’t let you meet Abhi, even fate doesn’t want you both to meet. Abhi is on the way.

He hears the music event live on radio. Maaya is called on stage. Akshu wishes all the best for both of them. Maaya says thanks, handle it back stage, I will handle on stage. Akshu sings Lag jaa gale… Abhi hears her voice on radio. He is shocked.

Akshu imagines Abhi with her. Abhi also imagines Akshu. He takes a u-turn and goes back. He takes the radio. The man says its my dad’s radio. Abhi tries to tune into the same channel. The man asks him to give the radio. Abhi pushes them.

He hears Akshu’s voice again. He says Akshu, its Akshu’s voice. He returns the radio and says you won’t get the medicine, you will get fine, sorry. He leaves. Kunal and everyone clap for Maaya. Abhi comes there and shouts Akshara. He sees someone else. He says she will be back stage. The man stops him.

Abhi says I know it was you, you are here. Akshu smiles hearing the people praising Maaya. He says Abhi used to cheer for me, and dream such a thing for me. She says I wish you were here, it was our dream. A man asks what are you doing here, you aren’t a contestant, go out. She asks whose performance did you find the best. He says Lag jaa gale was the best. She goes to Maaya.

Abhi comes there and asks where is Akshara, she had sung a song on the stage, Lag jaa gale. The girl says someone else sang that song. He hears about the contestants leaving. He runs out. Akshu leaves. Maaya says the day was the best, I loved it. Akshu thinks this event got me close to Abhi.

The car leaves. The guy says Lag jaa gale singer was too good, I wanted to take a selfie, but she left. Abhi shouts Akshara and runs after the car. Akshu says Abhi… Kunal asks what. She says nothing.

She turns and doesn’t see Abhi. The car breaks down. The driver checks it. Abhi comes there and opens the door. He sees some other taxi. He says sorry. He sees Akshu’s car again and runs after it. Akshu reaches the hotel. Kunal asks why are you turning back again and again.

Abhi also reaches there. He feels tired. He runs inside the hotel and looks for Akshu. He asks the receptionist about Akshara, she is a contestant in the music event. The lady says no, there is no such entry. Abhi says music event contestants are staying here right. She says yes. Maaya cries. Kunal asks what happened. Akshu says she is happily crying that her dream has turned true.

Maaya says yes, I have felt this for the first time, it’s a special feeling, I did it today, everyone was clapping and cheering for me, I loved it. Kunal says you deserve it. Maaya says I want this in life, fans and fame. Akshu worries. Maaya says I want to feel this again and again. He says yes.

She says make this part of life, not entire life, else you can’t live without it, you need me, I can’t become your habit. Kunal thinks Akshu will leave from Maaya’s life but Maaya needs her, how will I stop Akshu.

Abhi argues with the manager. He says I m searching someone, fine, I will book a room, keep the money, just let me go and check, let me find Akshu, its been a year, I have heard her voice today, I want to go and meet her once, you can understand how it feels when someone disappears from life, I m a surgeon,

a professional. Manager asks him to leave. Abhi threatens him. Manager says throw him out. Abhi says let me go in and check. Guards throw him out. Abhi says I know its your voice Akshu. Abhi scolds the guards. He says I won’t go from here until I meet Akshu.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhi meets Maaya and asks did you sing Lag jaa gale, that voice wasn’t yours. Abhi falls down the bike. He falls unconscious. Akshu sees Abhi and runs to him.


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