Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2022  Episode starts with Manjiri calling Abhi. She says I prayed for your peace, a flower fell down, Lord has given the hint that my prayer will be answered. Abhi says your prayer will be fruitful, thanks. Kairav comes to Udaipur. He thinks Akshu would be busy.

Akshu thinks of Kairav. Abhi sits outside the hotel. Akshu thinks of Abhi. She says just some days more, I have come a step closer to you Abhi, I know you are angry, but I will convince you. Abhi says I won’t go from here, you didn’t respond to me even once, maybe my voice didn’t reach you, but why didn’t people know you by your name, did you change your name.

Kairav comes to Goenka Villa. Maaya asks Akshu to come and meet their fans. Akshu says they are fans of that voice, they don’t know its my voice, not yours. She says I didn’t tell Kunal, I want to meet my fans, I m so excited. Abhi hears the fans talking of Maaya. He goes to see.

Abhi enters the hotel, putting a hoodie jacket. He sees Maaya as the singer. The fans praise her. Akshu smiles and hums a tune. Maaya sees Abhi. Guard asks him to stop. She stops the guard. Abhi stares at her. She asks who are you. Abhi asks who are you. She says I m Maaya. He asks do you sing.

She says I live to sing. He asks did you sing Lag jaa gale. She says yes. He says lie. She asks what do you mean. He says that voice isn’t yours, you didn’t sing. She says I sang it. He says your voice sounds different. She asks how many singers do you know. He says I know at least one, that voice wasn’t yours. She asks him to click a pic and go, he is her fan. He says I m not your fan, where is she who sang this song.

She says I sang this song, shut up. He says lie again. She says I have some throat problem. He says there is no problem. She says you are saying as if you are a doctor. He says yes, I m. She asks him to get lost. He asks why, is it your dad’s hotel, I will come back to hear your song again. She gets tensed and goes.

Abhi says Akshu sang that song. Akshu asks Maaya what happened, you were so happy. Maaya says celebs might deal with strange people. Akshu says yes. Maaya asks what shall I do. Akshu says ignore, but why are you asking. He says there was a strange fan, he was talking strange things.

Akshu says ignore. Maaya says yes, I will meet many such people, Kunal is there to handle such people. She thinks his eyes were attractive. Abhi calls Aarohi. He asks did Akshu come back. She says no, we don’t know anything. He thanks her and ends call. He says I will find out Maaya’s illusion, I won’t go from here. He sits here. Aarohi calls Mahima and says Abhi called to ask about Akshu. Mahima says good job, keep your eyes and ears open, inform me when you know anything. Aarohi says yes.

Akshu calls Kairav. She says I hope everything is fine in Mauritius. Kairav sleeps outside the house. Akshu talks to someone to ask for evidences. The man says I have some pics, tell me where to meet. She says once I meet Abhi and this case gets solved, everything will be fine. Abhi sings lag jaa gale…

He sees Maaya leaving from the hotel. He follows her. Kunal says I have sent Maaya in another car, we have to be careful. Akshu taunts him. Abhi follows Maaya’s cab. Kunal and Akshu are in another car. Kunal says my hardwork and sacrifices will be paid off when Maaya wins this event. Akshu says you didn’t make any sacrifice, I have made a sacrifice and stayed away from my Abhi for one year, Abhi is my motivation and inspiration, don’t waste my time.

Maaya thinks of Abhi. Abhi thinks of her. Abhi’s bike skids and he falls down. Akshu asks him to handle it. She shouts Abhi. Driver asks what happened, you are shouting like some accident happened, road is clear. Abhi falls there. Kunal says Abhi isn’t here, what happened to you.

Akshu says Abhi… She looks around. Kunal says he isn’t here. She says my heart is saying, something happened to my Abhi. He says he isn’t here. She says no, I can feel it. She sees the bike fallen. She says that’s my Abhi, how, why, I don’t know. She asks driver to stop the car. Kunal asks him to keep driving.

She shouts. The driver stops the car. She asks Abhi and shouts. Kunal asks driver to lock the door. She says I have to go to Abhi. He says I will call the ambulance and attend him, I can’t let you go. He asks driver to take her in the car. She says you can’t stop me from meeting my husband.

He says I m a doctor, I won’t let anything happen to Abhi. She asks him to go away. She slaps him. She says just don’t try to stop me, I should have slapped you before, I won’t get late now, I will ruin everything if you try to stop me now.


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akshu runs to Abhi. Kunal says don’t know what’s their connection that they find each other, I won’t let this relation affect Maaya’s dreams. Akshu takes Abhi in the car. Kunal looks on.


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