Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 10th November 2019 Episode Start With Mehul deleting the messages. He says I will cut your trap and get free. Rajshri and Kuhu worry. Rajshri says how long shall I lie to Vishwamber. Kuhu says if I had Abir’s app, I could track Mishti, I will take his phone when he comes. Rajshri asks if Abir comes, with whom will he get engaged, just manage this, I promise I will punish Mishti when she comes. Kuhu says I have an idea to make them late. She tells her idea. Nanu and everyone pray while doing the aarti. Meenakshi prays for her son Abir. Parul thinks Mehul is like a termite, he shouldn’t be here to weaken our relations. Abir thinks where is dad.

Meenakshi asks Abir to have the aarti. She gets emotional and says I don’t lie, I swear, I have always wanted your and family’s betterment, I accept I lied for your betterment, I can’t apologize for being your mum. Everyone cries. Abir takes her blessings. She applies black dot to ward off bad sight. She says Maheshwaris have sent shagun for you, they asked me to apply shagun tika to you. She applies tika. Jugnu says Mehul left this for you. Abir reads the note… its your day, I want to make it memorable, there is a surprise for you, I will meet you at Maheshwaris. Meenakshi thinks what is Mehul going to do now. She gets a call.

Lalita asks are you sure Parul is there. Mishti says yes, I didn’t know Parul is Mehul’s wife. The car tyre gets punctured by nails. The goons come. Mishti asks the driver to lock the car fast. She asks Lalita to have courage. The goon breaks the window. Mishti says I m calling the police. The goons leave. Mishti says goons will know that we have no network in our phone, we have to act. She acts and asks inspector to come fast. The goon calls Mehul. He says there is no network, how did she call the police. Goons run after Mishti. Mishti asks Lalita to run other side. Kuhu asks Rajshri to stay calm. Varsha asks what happened. Kuhu says get cool talc for her, Mishti will take time. Jasmeet says she can take time for marriage. Varsha says Kunal made us wait, now they will wait for Mishti. Rajshri says right. They hear the car horn. Kuhu says my in-laws are here. Rajshri prays for Mishti. Kuhu and everyone welcome Rajvansh family. Mishti gets tired and says I will meet Abir soon. Kuhu says this is a gift for you Abir. Nidhi says Kuhu has gone crazy.

Abir asks what are you saying. Kuhu says you sit on one side of weighing scale, we will keep gifts on other side, when it gets balanced, we will donate the gifts to Usha kiran and flood victims. Everyone praises Kuhu. Meenakshi says we shall make Mishti start this. Kuhu says sorry, she will take time to get ready, Abir sit here. Abir says Mehul is planning a surprise, he will come in some time. His hand gets hurt. Meenakshi thinks what is Mehul doing now. Mishti falls down and gets hurt. The female farmers look on. Goons surround her. Mishti gets a sickle and threatens the goons. She says you think we women are weak, when we get united, none can weaken us. The lady says she is right, we will see them. They all come to save Mishti. Goons get scared. The lady asks Mishti to just go. Mishti thanks them and says Abir is waiting for me. Abir asks is Mishti safe. Kuhu says yes, its your engagement, she is very happy.

Kuhu asks everyone to keep their gifts. Everyone keeps gifts. Rajshri asks where is Mehul. Abir says yes, he should have come by now. Shaurya keeps a sewing machine. The weighing scales get balanced. Abir thanks him. Vishwamber says I think we should wait for Mehul, if we keep something, weighs will be equal, we don’t want to complete the ritual without Mehul, I know this day will matter to him a lot. Mishti says Abir said he will come here. She gets some sound of ringtone and goes to see Abir inside the house. She falls down. He picks her phone. She gets shocked seeing Mehul.

Mehul taunts her. She says I m happy to see your true face on the day of my engagement. He says you had to become a good fiancee, bahu and wife, you had to keep quite. She says sorry, I can speak and I will speak when its about Abir, you want me to keep quiet, so that Abir gets arrested. He asks what will you do. She says you fell in my sight, you used Abir for greed, he loves and respects you, its my mistake, I thought I m giving a gift to Abir by getting you back, why did you come back. He says shut up. Goons come and say this girl is clever. Mehul says you have the answer, why did your dad come back in your life, Abir said he used to take money from Rajshri. Mishti says there should be law for people like you, you shouldn’t have right to give birth to children, fathers are friends and protectors, you have used your won, you have no right to become a father, did you think Abir needs your love. Mehul shouts shut up and asks her to keep her smartness to herself. He says I would have got Meenakshi’s property and went away, Abir will now go to jail. She says I won’t let this happen. Goons catch her. She shouts for help.

Shaurya calls Mehul and asks who is shouting there, is everything fine. Rajshri worries. She says ask him where is he. Mehul says I m in market, there is much noise here, I m reaching. Abir asks is dad fine. Shaurya says yes, he is on the way. Abir asks is Mishti fine. Kuhu says yes, I will tell Mishti you are asking for her. Abir says I want something. Mehul plays Abir’s shayari. He says wow. Mishti cries. He says Abir will get behind bars, don’t cry, I will go away, Abir will get arrested for my crimes. He asks goons to tie Mishti. Mishti says leave me. She says you care for Parul and Kunal, right, or are you using them also. Mehul says Meenakshi and Abir are main characters, i will come with new characters in new chapter. He asks goons not to leave her until he calls them. He goes. Abir says enough, I want to meet Mishti.

Rajshri says Mishti maybe in some problem. Kuhu says she is herself a problem, Abir wants to see her pic. Rajshri asks what will we do now. Kuhu asks why is Mishti doing this. Rajshri says Mishti doubts on Mehul. Kuhu asks what. Rajshri says yes, Mishti said his intentions aren’t good, entire family is here, Mehul and Mishti aren’t here. Kuhu says if Abir knows that Mishti went to spy on Mehul, he will be heartbroken. Rajshri asks Kuhu to find Mishti’s pic and modify it so that Abir doesn’t doubt. She hugs Kuhu. Kuhu says I will do it, don’t worry, Mishti will end problems and come. Mishti sees a lantern, a window and some sharp object.

Abir says I would have heard if Mishti called me out, where are you Mishti. Kunal comes and asks him to touch one hand. Abir says not now. Abir gets a candy cigarette and asks how did you get this. Kunal says I found this with difficulty, Nidhi used to think we are really smoking, how she shouted and ran to mum. Abir and Kunal act like Nidhi. Kunal asks what happened. Abir says I m having a strange feeling like something bad is going to happen, how shall I see Mishti. Kunal says I will get water. Abir says no, I want to see Mishti once. Mishti falls down the chair. She says my fear was right, our fate is same, I didn’t get my dad win and I won’t let your dad win. Kunal says we were fighting a lot and were stressed out, sorry. Abir says even I m sorry. They laugh. Abir says once Kuhu shows Mishti’s pic then… Kunal says you should have told me, Kuhu is useless. He goes.

Meenakshi sees Abir. She says its your day Abir, you should have happiness in heart, how shall I get your smile. Mishti recites Abir’s poetry and cuts the ropes by a rock. She gets up and sees Abir’s gifted chain. She keeps it. Kuhu says what shall I do, idea…. She clicks her selfie. She thinks to photoshop and put Mishti’s pic in it. Kunal calls her out. Kuhu stops him at the door. He says this is how you welcome me. Kuhu asks how can you come into a girl’s room like this. He says I was coming into my wife’s room, if you don’t let me come in, I will tell her that something is fishy. He calls out Varsha. Kuhu thinks what to do. He asks her to open the door. She opens the door. She says fine, come in. He comes in and sees her wearing her dress. He says oh, I didn’t know you are not ready.

She says yes, Mishti ran to loo, I m struggling with this zip alone, shall we get ready. He nods. He helps her. Bekhudi….plays…. Rajshri calls out Kuhu. Kuhu goes out. Rajshri says I m scared. Kuhu says you trust me. Meenakshi does aarti and sings kabhi khushi kabhi gham. She gives aarti to everyone. Everyone dances. Meenakshi happily cries. Mishti ties a cloth to her face and tries to go out. Kunal sees Kuhu. She burns the place. Abir says Mishti…. Goons come in. Mishti beats them with a rod and leaves from the door. Kunal takes Abir for dance. Mishti runs. Mehul comes home and smiles. Rajshri thinks Mehul is here, why didn’t Mishti return. Mishti shouts for help and gets a lift. Rajshri asks Mehul why did he get late. Nidhi says Mishti didn’t come yet.

Shaurya asks about the surprise. Mehul says Abir decided to end our distance, Abir wants to make my name shine, he wants to join his name with mine, Abir told me that he is part of me and wanted to tell everyone, I went to officer and gave the documents, sign on it, his name can change today itself. Vishwamber asks Abir do you want to do this today. Mehul says yes, I love Abir, he also loves me, he wants to be known as Abir Kapadia. Meenakshi gets a message. She says its Abir and Mishti’s day, we can do this tomorrow. Vishwamber says we also wanted this, you all should decide on this, Abir I m giving Mishti’s hand to Abir, not to Abir Rajvansh or Abir Kapadia. Kuhu says wow, simply beautiful. Mehul says I wanted to give him a gift. Abir thanks and hugs him. Varsha asks shall we start engagement. Vishwamber says yes, we will get Mishti. Rajshri and Kuhu worry. Mehul thinks if Mishti isn’t here, how will engagement happen.


Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 11th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Abir says take me to Mishti. He calls her out. Mehul asks where is Mishti. Mishti says I m here uncle, I m fine. Mehul gets shocked. Mishti says I promise Abir, I will tell you the truth after engagement. Mehul thinks to stop her.


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