Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th August 2020  everyone making plans to catch Varun. Kunal says we will get the data from phone. Abir says it will take time, we have to stop him from coming here. Parul gets some letters and asks Mishti to check if its imp. Mishti checks and says its threat letters. Kunal says Varun would have sent it, its a crime to threaten someone, we can get the handwriting matched and report to police. Mishti says its Kuhu’s handwriting, why did you write the letters. Kuhu says because I m worst sister in the world, sorry Mishti. Kunal gets upset.

Varun says none is affected if Mishti goes to jail, Mishti didn’t want Abir and Mishti to marry. Nirmala says you don’t want to marry Ketki, she isn’t pregnant, why. He says you want Karan’s murderer to get punished, think about Mishti’s confession, not this marriage. She goes. He looks for his phone. He says where did it go. Kunal says Kuhu you proved you are very clever, don’t talk to me. Kuhu says sorry, I had written these letters before, I m on your side with heart and soul. Mishti asks will you do as I say. Kunal says she may tell this to Varun. Abir says listen to her. Mishti asks are you on my side. Kuhu says yes. Mishti says thanks for letters, I got an idea, we will go to Varun’s house, we have no time. Kunal says Varun knows his phone isn’t with him. Abir says fine, take care. Kuhu says I will take care of her.

Varun calls to find his phone. Mishti comes in disguise of servant. She says Nirmala has sent your sherwani. She goes. He gets a letter inside. He reads, I know your secrets. He worries. Varun comes to Nirmala. Mishti goes away. He says someone had come there. He sees Kuhu. Kuhu greets him. She says sorry, this vase fell down, I have come to say that we are with you, I knew Mishti is a violent person, police will know it too, Ketki will be your bahu. Nirmala says we were coming now. Kuhu asks can I spend some time here, my family wants the marriage to happen well. He says whatever. He asks Nirmala did she send someone to his room with sherwani. Nirmala says no. She asks Kuhu not to keep an eye on them, they will come for marriage. Kuhu says there is a letter here. Varun takes it. Kuhu says today is the day when Karan’s culprit gets punished. Mishti hides and nods to Kuhu. Varun reads the letter, everyone will know what you did three months back and this is not a joke. Abir says we got to know that this phone was there at that site, Varun will not get business until police shuts this case.

Kunal says maybe he killed Karan to get property. Abir says this phone isn’t registered on Varun’s name. Kunal says he makes evil plans using this phone. Mishti says we will catch Varun red-handed, he will go to that place to clear the evidence. Abir says we will catch him there. Mishti says he will confess it, we have to give him a final letter. Kuhu reads… Varun you made a mistake and left an evidence, you have to go back there to give a price, you hit Karan five times, get five crores and come alone. Abir says we have to leave when Varun leaves from home. Meenakshi asks what if they get police. Vishwamber gets commissioner’s call. Kaushal says Laxman just gave this.

Meenakshi says its Karan’s reports, check it. Mishti says letter is ready. Mishti throws the toy plane on Varun’s call. Kuhu calls Varun and says you didn’t change the plan yet. Varun says no, we are leaving now. Kuhu goes. Varun gets the toy with letter on his car. He reads it and gets shocked. He says who is doing all this. Mishti calls Abir and says we are waiting for Varun to leave, is everything fine at home. Abir says great, yes, we were seeing Karan’s reports. Varun leaves. Vishwamber says commissioner said Varun’s family asked police to interrogate Mishti, we have to make Varun confess truth. Mishti says my family is with me, I m not worried. Abir asks her to reach accident site and not do anything until they reach. Meenakshi says I want to come along. Abir says you trust your sons right. She says yes. He says we are with you. Vishwamber says I will come. Meenakshi says we all are with Mishti, come back soon with my Bahu. Abir and Kunal take her blessings. She says take care. They leave.

Varun comes there. Mishti and Kuhu also come. Mishti gets tensed. Kuhu says we have to wait for Abir and Kunal, I m with you, I will call Kunal. She calls Kunal. Abir asks for taxi. Kuhu asks did your car break down. Kunal says it will take some time, is Mishti fine. Abir asks did you reach, we will also reach. He asks Mishti if she has rope of hope. She says yes. He says don’t worry, I m sure you will be thinking of that night, but it was half truth, we got to know the complete truth. She says I defended myself from Karan, its my right, Karan’s brother murdered him, I was right. Abir says I m proud of you, everyone is proud of you, don’t worry, we are with you. Kunal says taxi is here. Abir says we are reaching, don’t do anything. Mishti says come soon, I will wait for you. Kuhu says you are feeling better now. Mishti says yes, if Varun goes. Kuhu says Abir asked us to wait. They see Varun leaving. Kuhu says I think you made some plan, I m with you. Mishti says thanks. Kaushal says marriage won’t happen now. Nidhi cries. Parul says we got to know Varun’s truth on time, else Ketki would never be happy, come.

Rajshri asks Meenakshi to have water. Meenakshi says Mishti is just like you, if she sees anyone in tension, she supports and takes care, I regret I couldn’t take care of her, I m really sorry. Rajshri says you didn’t know it. Meenakshi says I couldn’t understand it, Mishti’s eyes and nervousness, everything was saying that she needed my love and help, I couldn’t give it to her. Rajshri says don’t feel guilty. Meenakshi says you are consoling me, Mishti went on you, if anything happens to her, then… I will not forgive myself. Rajshri says no, she is strong, nothing can break her, she was alone, now we all are with her, our blessings are with her. Varsha says Nirmala has come with the police. Meenakshi goes to see. Mishti runs and drops a letter. Varun picks it. He reads… what did you think, you will murder your brother and none will know, I know everything. He sees something written on the road. He reads… imagine what will happen when your family knows it.


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajshri smiles and says Mishti fainted, its a good news. Abir says it means Mishti and I…. He says I will give much happiness to this baby. He hugs Mishti.


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