Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd September 2020 Episode starts with Abir asking how can you take my life’s decision. Meenakshi says I m your mum, I gave you birth and raised you, you fought with me, I didn’t leave you ever. He asks do you want price for these favors. She says I want my right, this house needs its heir, you will be heir’s dad, if Mishti isn’t the mum. Vishwamber says I pity you, you are a mum and couldn’t understand the meaning of mother. He goes and says come with me Mishti. Meenakshi says its my son’s right to get happiness of his child. Abir says I don’t want it. Meenakshi says Mishti, its tough for me to see Abir living like this, Abir has a habit to go against me, so he is supporting me, his sorrow of not getting a child will get over your relation, then you will think I m saying right. Abir shouts Mishti is my life. Meenakshi says Mishti is such a girl who can’t give heir to my family, she is unlucky for this house, she has to leave from her house. Abir says you are proud to be a mum, how can you say this. He says I m sorry, forgive my mum, she couldn’t understand her son’s pain, what will she understand her bahu’s pain, we always had fights. Meenakshi says we had fights, you won, as I have let you win, Mishti is a burden on us. Vishwamber argues.

Mishti and Rajshri cry. Abir says please don’t take Mishti. Mishti says I will die without Abir, no.. Vishwamber takes her. Abir says please no. Kunal says please stop them, Kuhu and I are there to make you Dadi. Meenakshi says I just don’t want a grandchild, I want a real heir for this house, just my real son Abir’s child can be the heir. Kunal, Abir and Kuhu get shocked. They cry.

Jasmeet says I feel bad for Mishti, anyways, what can be done, ask Kuhu to do something, its right chance, Meenakshi wants the heir, Kuhu can give the heir, maybe it will be good for Kuhu. Varsha says Kuhu is my daughter, Mishti is also like my daughter, how can you think so. Jasmeet says Meenakshi decided that heir will be Abir’s child, not of Kunal, we have to do something, else Meenakshi will burn happiness of Mishti and Kuhu. Vishwamber says forgive me, I can’t leave you in this house. Mishti says you know what happened when I was away from Abir. He says you have to bear the pain. Abir says Vishwamber is right, I m upset with you. Vishwamber says I know I should have not spoken to your mum like that, but I couldn’t stay silent. Abir says you spoke right, I m upset as you are taking your daughter, not your son, Maa wants a heir, and I want Mishti, I couldn’t think she planned to make Mishti out, I thought she will consult a doctor, she didn’t think for us, she has no place in her heart for us, can I come along.

Kunal recalls Meenakshi’s words. Kuhu comes to him. He cries. Kuhu says Varsha said Meenakshi spoke nasty things to Vishwamber, does she think just Abir can give her the real heir. She cries. Kunal sees Parul crying. Kunal holds her hand and says Maa. They cry. Yeh rishte…plays…. Parul says when an identity is snatched from a person, darkness is seen around, I was in your place, my identity was by my husband, when he left, I couldn’t see any way, when darkness is deep, then stars show the way, you were my star, I did everything for you, your star is someone else, not me. He says Abir. She says your identity is Abir’s younger brother Nanko, you just have to support him. Kunal says yes and hugs her. Parul hugs Kuhu.

Abir says I will leave the house, but not Mishti. Vishwamber says you can leave this house, but not end ties with your mum, she will always hurt Mishti, I can just take Mishti home, I can’t make you away from your mum. Abir says real relations are of love, like ours, not namesake, I want to get away from mum, I want to protect Mishti, because my mum is wrong, Meenakshi is a businesswoman and makes deals, I won’t leave Mishti. Mishti asks Vishwamber to give a chance to Abir. Rajshri says please. He says fine if you three want this. Meenakshi takes medicines. Parul asks Abir not to go anywhere. Meenakshi says Parul, tell Mishti that she has no place in this house.

Parul says I can understand your pain, but see Mishti’s state… Meenakshi says I have understood everyone’s pain and did everything I could, but not today, I will do what I want, I want real heir for my family. Kunal and Kuhu come. Meenakshi says Mishti can stay here if she can give me the heir, else no. Parul says its wrong. Meenakshi says don’t forget your place, manage your kitchen, I will manage my family. Kunal asks why are you saying this. She says I have decided it. Abir says its about my life, you manage your office, I will manage my life, come Mishti. She says its about family’s future, you never accepted my decisions, you learn to bend down, my decision won’t change. Abir asks what’s this decision.

She says its tough decision, I got you and Mishti married, I got Parul into this house, we got Kunal into our lives, it was my tough decision to run this house and business. Abir says well done, I told my problems thinking you worry for me, you worry for yourself, I m feeling happy that Mishti can’t conceive, the baby would have us as parents but you as Dadi, Dadi’s work is to teach good things to baby, you would teach him to hurt and blame family, you would make him like you, I m happy that this responsibility ended, I would have not let your shadow fall on him, I would not show his face to you. She raises hand. Kunal stops her. She says get away, won’t you listen to your mum. He says I m listening to my mum, every problem has to go through me to reach Abir, even if its you. Mishti says stop it, forgive me, I know its happening because of me. Meenakshi says I know your tears are not fake, sorry, I can just pity you, not give a place in my house. Abir asks what will you do, will you make her out and get me remarried. Meenakshi says yes. They get shocked.

Abir says you know I won’t see anyone except Mishti, how will you get me married, you always blackmail, you blackmailed me for Kunal, how will you do it this time, tell me, what’s your plan. Meenakshi asks him to keep patience, he will see her plan. Abir says I have no patience now, I don’t want to stay here, Mishti and I will leave this house. He takes Mishti with him.


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mishti says I respect Maa, I won’t let her come between us. Abir says I know. Meenakshi gives a letter for Abir. Mishti reads, I m ending my life. She runs to stop Meenakshi.


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