Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th January 2020 Episode Start With Abir thinking about Mishti. He imagines Mishti there. She comes to him and asks how did you call me selfish, you always understood my heart, how could you think that I can tell such a big thing to hurt Kunal, did I change or did I change. He says no, I made many mistakes. She says no, your mistake is just one, to blindly believe Kunal, every elder brother has a duty to protect younger brother, every younger brother must tell truth to elder brother, Kunal didn’t tell you the truth and you didn’t try to find out, I got punished. She disappears. Abir says Kunal didn’t tell me the truth, I didn’t find it necessary to find the truth… He cries.

Rajshri comes to Mishti’s room and thinks did she run away again. She sees Mishti in balcony and says I was afraid… Mishti says that I have run away, I know you are much scared. Rajshri pacifies her. She says Akshara, Shaurya and Naira had many problems in their lives, I m scared being your mum, I will support you. Mishti says I promise I will never get scared or run away. Jugnu says Meenakshi would be coming back. Kunal says I want to know if mum knew that Nishant is an addict. Jugnu says she will not spare me, she has come, Kunal, she is coming upstairs. Kunal looks for the files. He gets the letter. He reads about Nishant’s medical reports that he was an addict before. He thinks it means she knew it. Meenakshi comes there. She says you are spying on me. He says you knew Nishant is an addict, even then you have sent me to kill him. She says I knew he is an addict, I just wanted to protect Abir and family. Kunal says enough, I can’t listen to this. She asks will you complain to Abir about me. He asks what will I tell Abir about our doing. She says I just know that Kunal is weak, he can’t fight for his right like his mum.

Nannu says we will have a compatibility test. Mishti asks really, after so much time. Nannu says yes, it will be fun, we will touch our roka dress. He winks to Rajshri. Rajshri says yes, I have swapped the clothes. Nannu and Mishti choose clothes. Kuhu says you both failed. Varsha asks why are we doing this. Kuhu says it was Nanchak’s idea. Rajshri says its different. Nannu says its like us, how different we are, when we are together…. Mishti says everything is awesome. Nannu says one is like me, loud, handsome. Kuhu says other is like Mishti, boring and out of fashion. Vishwamber says no, she is naughty and shy, I m with Nannu, they are different, but look good together.

Kuhu says yes, the clothes look good, but final decision will be mine, wear these clothes on any date, wear what I decide. Mishti says fine. Vishwamber says we should take rest now. Nannu asks Mishti to sit for some time. Everyone goes. Nannu says I didn’t know what to say. Mishti says it means Kuhu was right, we failed. He says no, we managed the situation, we got a gold medal, you get this for quick reply. She says you also get a gold medal for these sugary talks. They have a moment. She says you don’t believe in these tests. He says because you believe, I don’t want you to change.

Kunal comes to Abir and says I was waiting for you, you didn’t tell me. Abir asks should I have told you. Kunal says no, I mean yes, I was worried. Abir says you may help me, tell me, how much do you love me. Kunal smiles and says a lot, more than myself, I will do anything for you. Abir says like you married Kuhu on my saying. Kunal says it was much wrong. Abir says you did that for me, you will do it again. Kunal says no, I won’t do anything wrong now. Abir says it means you didn’t do anything wrong, yes or no. Parul, Nanu and Meenakshi come. Kunal says no. Abir says you were worried on the party night, why. Kunal says I was worried. Abir says your wife didn’t come home. Kunal says I have no idea. Abir says you didn’t focus, her brother was unwell, you didn’t know it, look at me. Kunal says no.

Abir asks no? He says Maasi, he is no one for me and you, he is just Meenakshi’s son. Kunal recalls Meenakshi’s words. Abir says the person who can spike her wife’s brother’s drink without thinking the consequences, that person can’t be my brother, Kunal you hate Mishti, you had put someone else’s life in danger, what can be the strong reason for this. Meenakshi says you know my son Kunal can’t take anyone’s life, he loves you a lot, he does everything for you. Abir says no, he does everything for you, I m a big fool in this house, I trusted dad first, he used me, Kunal is doing the same now. Kunal says I m not like him. Abir says you are like the mum who raised you, you broke my trust, I have nothing today, you are Kunal, you can’t be my Nanko.

Parul cries. Abir says Kunal has done a crime, he has hidden this crime and didn’t tell us, he has spiked an ex-addict’s drink, Nannu was trying to come out of the addiction since 10 years. Nanu asks why Kunal. Abir says Kunal didn’t tell us or thought to apologize to Nishant, this person can’t be my brother, you think who you are. He goes. Kunal cries. Khushiyan bhi baaten….plays….. Abir recalls Mishti. Abir cries. He sees some burnt paper there. He picks it and sees yours Mishti written on it. He says Mishti had come to tell me that she is mine. He recalls her letter. He says no, how can this happen, it means I read the wrong letter, someone changed the real letter, who can do this. He sees Meenakshi’s sitar. He cries and says it means mum got the real letter and she changed it.


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Nanu asks do you love Mishti. Abir shouts yes, I love her. Mishti says Abir and Mishti’s story is over. Abir says this story won’t end.


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