Yeh Teri Galiyan 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Yeh Teri Galiyan 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Teri Galiyan 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Shan hugs Krishi.
Shekhawat asks Asmita can 30 people fit here/ Asmita says it’s big enough. She is drinking juice. Shekhawat says what should be the theme? Asmita faints. Shekhawat says Asmita.. Are you okay? She faints. Shekhawat says I did what I had to. Tonight would be our wedding night. He takes her to the bedroom. Shekhawat says I am really sorry. I am married to you but I have to do this to consummate it. You were going away from me. No one can save you from me. You have to be mine. He caresses her face. Shekhawat takes her saree’s pallu. Someone taps on his shoulder. Mamo comes and says what is happening here? What were you going to do here? Do you even know what is it called? Marital rape. I thought you have changed but you’re the same beast.

He throttles Mamo. Mamo says Vicky.. Leave me. Shekhawat says to stay in your worth. I have tolerated enough. You’re misusing my niceness? You have to work on my orders. Not I. Remember what I did to your mom? Don’t mess with Vikram Shekhawat. You thought I brought Asmita here and was showing all the care? I was only pretending in front of Nevi. But no one here, so consider it a warning. Mind your own blo*dy business. Follow my commands. Mamo says do you have any idea what are you doing? I brought you up like a son. I gave you all the love. I thought you have changed. There’s no way out of the hell you’re in. Shekhawat says get out of here or I will kill you. He pulls her hair and shoves her out. Shekhawat says get out. He locks the door. Mamo cries and says Vicky, open the door. This is wrong. How do I save Asmita? She doesn’t even know what demon has she married. Shekhawat says I will make you mine. This pretty face would be mine only now.

Scene 2
Shan looks for Asmita. He says where is she? I haven’t seen her for hours.
Shekhawat says you did well Asmita. You kicked Shan out so he won’t come to save you either. He takes off his coat. Shan looks for Asmita in the garden. The gardener tells her Shekhawat took her to the room. Mamo looks at Shan and says Sarpal has to be the Ram here and save Asmita. I hope he finds her.

Shekhawat takes off his shirt. Shan knocks on the door. Shekhawat says who is it? He says it’s me sarpal. Open the door. It’s an emergency. Shekhawat puts on his shirt and says hat happened? Shan looks at Asmita fainted on the bed. He is angry. Krishi says uncle, have you seen my mom? Shan says she’s inside. Go.
Krishi says mama, open your eyes. Shan says Krishi was crying for Asmita. He comes inside the room as well. Krishi says mama I was locked inside the closet. Why aren’t you opening your eyes? Shan says what happened to her? Shekhawat says she fainted. Let me get my phone. He goes out. Shan says I will kill you. I knew you’re a beast. You locked Krishi and then was going to force yourself on Asmita. I would have killed you.

Shan says Asmita open your eyes.

Shekhawat says Sarpal and Krishi ruined my plan. He is angry. He takes out his belt and laughs. He says you should be punished for this defeat. He hits himself and says Krishi. You came in my way again. You failed my plan. Mamo sees him hitting himself. Mamo says I thought he would change. I know her face reminds him of someone. But this face is becoming a problem for her.

Asmita opens her eyes. Krishi hugs her. Asmita says what happened to me? How did I faint? I was in the hall. Where is Shekhawat? Shan says Krishi get her lemonade and bring Nevi. Shan says Shekhawat brought you here and tried t force himself on you. Asmita is shocked.

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