Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 11th November 2021 Episode starts with Kabir says Naamkaran is done, we shall have some fun now. Pritam recalls Rahul. Amrita says yes, enough of emotional talks, lets have fun, everything will be of my and Ansh’s wish. Guneet asks them to say what to do. Amrita says gents will entertain the ladies today.

Dada ji says I can present an act. Everyone says no. Pritam writes Rahul on the grains plate. Dada ji asks him to come. Soni says Amrita wants all the gents to dance on ladies songs. The men ask what. They all agree to become ladies. Nimmo says let them prepare, I will take the baby to the room. Soni plays the songs. Piya tu….plays… Dada ji and Guneet wear sarees and dance. Amrita dances with them.

Pritam smiles. Everyone claps. Kabir and Angad come next wearing sarees and dance on Didi tera devar deewana…. Everyone laughs. Soni says its Baljeet’s turn now. Baljeet asks will I look good to dance wearing saree. Kabir and Angad say you have to dance. Baljeet dances on Chadti jawaani…. They all laugh.

Pammi also dances with him. Everyone claps. Amrita sees Pritam. Pritam asks why are you looking at me. Dadi says you also tell the song of your choice, Soni will play. He says don’t drag me into this, I m not a part of your family. Dada ji asks what, what are you doing here, then return the puris you had in the morning.

Kabir says return the bed on which you slept for two days. Everyone tells him that he is family. Guneet says you are our family. Soni says yes, we regard you our family. Pritam says okay. Goon comes back. He looks inside the house. Pritam comes wearing a saree. Everyone claps. Pritam says you planned this right. Amrita says you are not so imp. Kabir asks Soni to play the song. Soni asks which song. Pritam tells her.

Soni plays the song. Pritam dances on Chikni chameli…. Everyone claps for him. Goon tries to aim at him. Amrita whistles for Pritam. Dada ji compliments Pritam’s dance moves. The eunuchs come dancing. Pritam tries to remove the saree. The eunuch catch Pritam and scolds him. Pritam says no. The eunuch says this is my area. He says I was just dancing in the Naamkaran. They joke on him. Pritam removes the saree. He wears his jacket back. The eunuchs bless the baby. They all dance. Amrita dances with them on Inhi logon ne….

Goon aims at Pritam. The eunuchs bless the baby and call him handsome. She says the baby went on Pritam. Everyone gets shocked. Baljeet asks what nonsense. Pammi says this baby isn’t of him, he is just a tenant. Pritam says Amrita is the baby’s mum. The eunuch compliments Amrita and asks for money. Dada ji gives money, 500rs. They ask for 50000rs.

They all ask what. She asks what happened, why are you shocked, its the first baby after many years, I want 50000rs nek. She asks who are you to this baby. Angad says I m his uncle. She asks him to give money. Guneet says we can’t give money. Kabir says we have no money. Dadi says we are not that rich as you think, we have financial problem. The eunuch says the baby has come to end your poverty. Nimmo says we are not lying, we have no money. Guneet says yes. The eunuch asks for 45000rs. Kabir asks what’s your problem. She stops him. Pritam tries to say. She says shut up, you aren’t from this family. She asks for 25000rs. Guneet comes in front of Pritam when the goon aims. Amrita says we are really in trouble, we don’t have much money.

They laugh on Amrita and say your baby is very smart, don’t you want us to bless him and go, call this baby’s dad, he will give us money. Amrita cries.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The eunuch says the baby is born as an orphan, we bless him to get a father. Amrita takes the baby. Pritam bends to pick the toy. Goon shoots. Pritam sees the bullet. He goes to shoot Rathi in the cell. Rathi asks who are you. Pritam wears the police uniform.


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