Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 16th November 2021 Episode starts with Amrita saying its not left for you. Pritam says its fine, I had it many times. She shares her paratha. Ik tara….plays… She says we will make it half. They smile. She eats the parathas and loves it. She says this is really so good, best paratha. He says but you had half.

She says you had half, half and half have become one. Jagneet asks what did you think about Yuvraj’s alliance, make him meet Amrita, if she doesn’t like him, then matter ends. Saroj says there is no harm. Jagneet says think about Kuljeet’s future, what dreams you had seen and what happened. Kuljeet says fine, we will make him meet Amrita. Amrita shakes hands with Pritam. She says you won the challenge.

She asks him to eat it now, else she will snatch his share and eat, its really tasty. He says I know. Jagneet says Yuvraj is coming next week. Kuljeet says he will go and meet her, we will think what to tell Sakhuja once they meet.

Jagneet says Yuvraj and Amrita will unite if Lord blesses. Amrita talks to Ansh. Pritam comes downstairs and hears her. He asks am I the tenant for Ansh also. She says yes, he is the heir of Sakhujas, you are the tenant. He says right, I will give the rent to Ansh on time, else Ansh can ask me to leave. They laugh.

Amrita says you aren’t a tenant now, but our family member, you saved our lives, but you got me in that condition. He says don’t leave the chance to taunt me. She says never, you didn’t leave the house for Ansh’s sake. Pritam smiles seeing Ansh. He asks her to ward off the bad sight, because he has seen Ansh with much love.

Kabir comes and says bye Pritam uncle. Pritam asks him to change, else he will beat him. Amrita says you are threatening Kabir. Pritam says you don’t start again. Kabir says I didn’t get the almond oil, take the money back, its out of stock. She says other baby oil doesn’t suit Ansh. Pritam hears them. Kabir says ask Guneet to get it. Guneet says bless me that good sale happens today. Dada and dadi bless him. Soni and Nimmo also wish him. Guneet says I m taking Kabir along.

Kabir asks did Sethi ask for me again. Meera says no, you showed ego, you lost the job. He asks her to talk to him once, he will say sorry. She says I will try. Kamli says Sethi Sir has come to meet you. Kabir says I will talk later, Sethi has come. Meera asks but why. Kamli says Sethi said he is Kabir’s boss. Everyone goes and meets Sethi. Sethi says I came to meet you all on Diwali. They welcome him.

They ask Sethi to have the tea. Kabir says Amrita is my Bhabhi. Sethi says congrats for the baby, I salute you. Amrita asks why. He says you are a widow of a corona warrior. Kabir says talk about work. Sethi says I got Diwali gifts for you all. Driver gets it. Dada ji jokes. Dadi asks for a juicer. Sethi says I will send one, Kabir introduce me to the family. Kabir makes a face. Guneet introduces the family.

Dada ji says I m a standup comedian, call me in your office function. Nimmo asks how did you come, you paid your money. Sethi says don’t embarrass me, I will return the money, explain Kabir to join the office again, I want him back. They ask what. Sethi says I m calling him but he is upset, he doesn’t want to work. Amrita asks why did you refuse. Kabir says I don’t want to work, Guneet cried because of him.

Pritam talks to Nitin and Monty about Naveen. He sees a lady going with the baby. He asks for almond oil. They ask what oil. He says its for Ansh. They ask him not to get personal with Sakhujas. Kabir says I won’t do the ad. Everyone asks him to take the job. Sethi says I guarantee, this deo ad will be superhit. Kamli jokes on Kabir. He refuses to work with Sethi. He says Sethi insulted me a lot.

Sethi says I m sorry for that. Sethi apologizes to Guneet also. Kabir says you told about my family also. Sethi apologizes to everyone. Kabir says no means no. Amrita pulls his ear and reminds his promise. She asks Kabir not to say a word, he will do this job, that’s it. Kabir says I can’t refuse to you, fine, I will do the job. Sethi says thanks everybody, Kabir join after Diwali, I will send the juicer mixer grinder, bye. He leaves. Everyone smiles. Nimmo says Ansh’s coming is making things fine.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pritam says you were finding baby oil so I got it. Amrita says don’t get it until I tell you. She talks to Ansh and cries.


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