Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 22nd November 2021 Episode starts with Krishnakant arguing with the family. He asks them about Naveen. Meera asks him to calm down. He asks why, they got Naveen kidnapped. Angad says you should be ashamed before blaming such a thing, get out of here. Meera says shut up, talk with manners, we didn’t come here just like that, Naveen is kidnapped by your tenant, Pritam, call him.

Krishnakant says Pritam had kidnapped him at gun point. Soni says Pritam doesn’t even know Naveen. Amrita says you are mistaken, why will Pritam do this. Meera shows them the video. They get shocked.

Pritam asks Amrita to send more diyas. Kabir asks Soni to get the diyas. He wishes Meera and Krishnakant happy diwali. Krishnakant asks where is my son, Naveen Sehgal, you kidnapped him. Kabir says you had to help him. Nimmo asks him to come downstairs. Pritam comes downstairs. Krishnakant asks where is my son.

Angad asks did you kidnap Naveen. Amrita asks what’s all this. Pritam says sorry, I didn’t know he is Meera’s brother. Nimmo asks why did you do this, who are you, are you really a goon, how can you kidnap someone from his house. Kabir asks what did you do. Dada ji says you have to answer me. Krishnakant says I will call the police now.

Pritam says you will get your son, if I knew he is Meera’s brother, then… I met Meera, I didn’t know your son. Amrita asks why did you kidnap him. Pritam says you all met Nitin, Naveen took a loan from him, one lakh, he didn’t return since 6 months, we just scared him. Meera asks what. Krishnakant says you should have asked me, I would have paid it, why did you kidnap him. Pritam says Nitin didn’t had his address, we just followed him, he is safe, he will be at home, you are like family.

Krishnakant asks where is Naveen. Nitin asks Naveen to tell peddler’s name. Monty threatens him. Naveen says I don’t know anything. Nitin gets Pritam’s call. Pritam says Naveen is Meera’s brother, is he fine, you will get your money, I m with his dad, he is saying he will give the money, let him come. Monty leaves Naveen. Pritam says his dad wants to talk. Nitin threatens Naveen. Krishnakant asks Naveen how is he. Naveen says I m fine, just a misunderstanding, nothing else. Meera asks did they do anything wrong with you. He says no, I know them, I m coming home, bye.

Pritam says its solved, your son will come, if I know he is related to you all, then matter would have not reached here, don’t scold your son, he is young and made a mistake. Nimmo taunts Krishnakant. She asks him to handle his family, else he will just have the money, not respect. Angad says next time, check the facts first and then come here, out.

Pritam says its my mistake, I should have not taken him this way, you are his dad, Nitin’s money… Krishnakant says I will return it. Guneet opens arms and says at least wish happy diwali now. Krishnakant turns to go. Nimmo says respect is a big thing, not money. Krishnakant and Meera go to their car. Pritam goes to them and says save your son if you can, he takes drugs. Krishnakant says don’t say nonsense, my son doesn’t do this. Pritam says save him, there is still time, your son will get saved from the police today and reach home. He goes. Krishnakant and Meera get shocked.

Pritam says I just went to wish diwali. Amrita scolds him for kidnapping someone. She says don’t forget you stay with us now. Dada ji asks does anyone ask for money this way. Dadi says he is younger than Kabir, you should be ashamed. Pritam says I m really sorry. Amrita says you would have told Nitin to kidnap Naveen. He asks do I look like a goon, Nitin was worried, I couldn’t control myself, I promise I will never do this again, we will celebrate diwali, come, I will burn Ansh’s first cracker if you permit. Amrita smiles and nods.

They celebrate diwali. Amrita sees Karan’s pic an says you didn’t come on Diwali even this time. Pritam turns to see her. He goes and takes Ansh. He asks Amrita to take Ansh, her Karan has come. Amrita takes Ansh. He asks why are you making Ansh’s diwali sad, you also burn a cracker, you don’t need a matchstick for this, you can burn this by another cracker. They smile. Amrita burns the crackers. Krishnakant slaps Naveen and says drugs…. Naveen says I m not into drugs.

Krishnakant says I understand why you fainted in the room, who steals the money in the house, the entire truth is out. Meera says I asked you to tell me the truth, you lied to me. Krishnakant cries and gets emotional. He says you got into drugs with my hardearned money, you got you on this path. Meera says we got to know your truth today. He says if he gets caught, then how will I save him, we will lose the respect. She asks Naveen to speak up. Krishnakant asks since when is this going on. Meera asks do you just take drugs or supply also, tell me, is your friend Sam involved. Naveen says Kabir trapped me in all this. They get shocked.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ansh cries a lot. Pritam sings and consoles Ansh. Everyone looks on. Kuljeet says the guy wants to come home and meet Amrita. Guneet says fine, you send him here.


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