Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th August 2021 Episode starts with Guneet saying there are many ashes there, they will match the DNA, they need some documents. Angad asks why again. Dada ji says they are asking for documents again. Dadi says don’t know when will Karan get Mukti. Amrita cries and goes. The baby kicks. Amrita talks to the baby. She says I couldn’t tell Karan about the good news, else he would have fought with his death. She recalls the family getting happy that Karan is coming home. Nimmo says there are two good news. Dada ji asks what’s the other good news. Soni asks what did doctor say. Nimmo says you are going to become Dada. They all hug and dance. Kabir says we won’t tell this to Karan on call, we can’t see his expressions, don’t tell him, we will tell him when he comes. FB ends.

Amrita says I agreed to them, I waited for your return. She recalls the family cleaning the penthouse for Karan’s quarantine. Amrita decorates the room. Kabir jokes that Amrita is writing love letter for Karan. Amrita stops him. Dada ji says I will show the video to Karan. Kabir says we will tell Karan about the baby or later. Amrita says I will give the good news today. Kabir says he may forget everything and hug you. She says I will keep this pic in penthouse. Guneet says Karan didn’t call till now. They go to see Karan. The doctor says Karan can’t come, his reports have come, he had fever since ten days, I had messaged you all on his saying, he got unwell at night, I m sorry, we couldn’t save Karan. They get shocked. She drops the pic. FB ends. Amrita hugs the pic and cries. Kabir comes and hugs her. He consoles her.

Amrita asks the family not to get sad and make baby sad. She asks Kabir to go to office. Kabir says I will go with dad. Nimmo says no, go to office. Amrita says Dada ji and I will make a new video today. They all laugh. Meera talks to her team. She gets shocked seeing Kabir. She asks how dare you come to my office again, get out of here. He says not now, I can come here anytime. She calls the guards. She warns Kabir. Shetty comes. Kabir says I have come. Shetty asks why did you come here. Kabir says you gave me a job. Shetty asks how can I forget. Kabir says dead body… Shetty says don’t talk about it. Kabir says introduce me to the staff. Kabir says Meera, won’t you welcome me. He meets everyone. Meera asks where did you get him. Shetty says road, I mean roadside cafe. She asks why are you sweating. He says gas problem, is sweating a crime. She says no, this guy isn’t right. Shetty says shut up. He calls Kabir to his cabin. Meera says how did he get the job. Amrita hears Kamli saying about Pritam. Dada and Dadi talk about Karan’s ashes. Amrita asks will we know it from DNA. Soni says yes. Amrita shouts on Kamli and asks her to stop talking about the tenant. Mansoor asks where are you lost.

Pritam says I m lost. Mansoor says good, I find you when you go lost, don’t worry, maybe you don’t know that I talk good when I drink tea, Danish told me what happened in the case today, come, we shall have tea. Pritam and Mansoor go to have tea. Mansoor asks how did you like the new house. Pritam says place is good, Sakhuja family talks a lot, your friend talks a lot, he told me 17 jokes. Mansoor says I m sure you didn’t laugh on his jokes, even I can’t laugh on his jokes, but I have to keep friendship. Pritam says they aren’t normal. Mansoor says they are ordinary people, you aren’t normal, you will also learn to live there, fine, you don’t keep any terms with that family, just do your work and leave from there. Pritam nods and says I will see that, how long will we drag this case, I know she is just troubling me. Mansoor says that woman has hatred filled in her, she wants to harm you, she isn’t able to think her betterment.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pritam says I kept the bag at Sakhuja house, come there at night. Meera challenges Kabir. Kabir says I will have pizza celebration now.


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