Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th October 2021 Episode starts with Dada ji and everyone asking Amrita to take care. They leave for Jagrata. Amrita is with Soni and Dadi. She goes and talks to Karan’s pic. She calls Kuljeet. He asks Saroj to make Amrita’s room ready, there is still time for delivery. He answers Amrita’s call.

She says I won’t come with you. He says their condition is bad, they aren’t ready for taking money. She says no, money isn’t everything. Saroj asks her to get Nimmo along. He says pack your bags, I m doing this for your sake, take care. Amrita cries. Pritam knocks the door and shouts. Amrita asks Soni to check. She goes and opens the door.

Pritam sees her and holds her hand. She asks him to leave her. He pushes her on the sofa. He shouts and asks what do you want, you like to follow me, why, you snatched my life and my happiness, that woman thinks we have an affair, you know what will happen with me now, my life will be snatched now, why did you come after me. He asks the family to come out. Dadi and Soni come. Pritam shouts in the drunken state. Amrita cries. Dadi asks are you not ashamed to get drunk and come.

He says Amrita has to answer me, I stay on rent, why does she spy on me, explain her to stay away from me. He scares Amrita. He says you are a widow, so I have tolerated you till now. Soni asks what did she do. He says she is after me, ask her, why does she follow me, what does she want to know about me.

Dadi asks him to go. He asks why did you come there, what did you tell that woman, you snatched my life. Amrita shouts I didn’t do anything, go downstairs, else… He says I will shout to the neighborhood and tell them that you follow me. Dadi asks are you not ashamed to blame her. He asks isn’t she ashamed to follow me, ask her why does she want to know about me. Soni asks him to leave, else she will break his head.

He asks Amrita to stay away from his life, else he will snatch all her happiness. They cry. He goes out. Dadi says I will call Guneet, Soni get water. Pritam says I won’t let anyone snatch my Rahul. He cries. Amrita drinks water. She feels labour pain. Dadi asks Amrita is she undergoing the labour. Amrita says yes, save me. Dadi asks Soni to call Guneet and Angad. Pritam lies on the bed. He says why does this happen with me. Dadi looks for Amrita’s medical file.

Rathi makes a plan. He says when rdx blasts, then police will investigate and catch Pritam, his game will be over. He laughs. Satija comes there and returns the bag. Rathi asks what are you doing. Satija says its a fake rdx box. Rathi says its real. Satija asks him to check it himself. He shows the bag contents.

Jogi says Pritam double-crossed us. Satija says give me real material or return my money. Rathi says Pritam didn’t do good by cheating me, Pritam and his people will die. Soni calls Angad. She says he isn’t answering. Dadi says call Pammi. Soni says she isn’t answering, we will take Amrita. Pritam hears Amrita screaming. Soni says they aren’t answering. Amrita says nothing should happen to my child. Pritam slaps himself. Dadi says go and call Rastogi, he has a car. Pritam washes his face.

Amrita says save me, nothing should happen to my Karan. Pritam falls and gets up. He run downstairs. Soni goes to get help from neighbors. She says Amrita has labour pain, there is no one at home, come fast, get the car. Chobey says I will get it. Pritam goes to Amrita. Dadi scolds him. He says let me take her to the hospital. Amrita says don’t come close to me. He lifts Amrita. She shouts and slaps him.

He says I have to take you to the hospital. She slaps again. He says get her medical file. Soni asks where are you taking her. He puts Amrita in the taxi. He says I m taking her to the hospital, get her medical file fast. Soni gets the file. Amrita cries. Pritam calls the taxi driver. He says she is a patient, drive fast.

He asks where is the medical file. He asks Dadi to inform the family. He leaves in the taxi. Rathi’s men come there and see him. They follow Pritam. Dadi gets a call. Guneet asks what happened, Soni called. Dadi says nothing is fine, just come home with everyone. He asks what happened. She says Pritam took Amrita with him. He asks what, where and why. She tells everything. He gets shocked. He asks Nimmo to call Dada ji and Angad, they have to leave fast.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Doctor talks to the family. She says we can either save the mum or child. Pritam looks on.


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