Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th November 2021 Episode starts with Kuljeet and Saroj getting emotional that they are leaving. Amrita pacifies Saroj. Pritam comes. He gets hurt. Kabir and Angad hold him and ask him to it. Kabir asks Soni to make an omelette for Pritam. Angad says get his medicines first. Kuljeet says we will meet again. Soni gets the medicine. Dadi gives him water. Pritam recalls Vishaka’s words.

Dadi asks him to take it. Soni gets soup for him. He asks who drinks soup in the morning. Guneet says have it, you will get strength, Amrita made this for you. Pritam says she has enmity with me. Dada ji says have the soup first, then have the omelette. Pritam says I won’t have the soup. Everyone asks him to have it.

He refuses. Amrita scolds Pritam and says I will get Karela juice for you. Pritam says you can’t bring me here and torture. She says you have to drink it. Nimmo says you can’t win over her. Pritam says its forcing, fine, I will have it. Kuljeet says no one can win over her, get fine soon. Amrita asks Soni to stay here and see that Pritam doesn’t cheat. Everyone goes to send off Kuljeet and Saroj.

Kuljeet stops Guneet. He says we didn’t talk about it. Guneet asks what. Kuljeet asks what did you think about Amrita, now her delivery happened, we had spoke about this, Amrita has a long life, do you remember your promise of settling Amrita. Guneet recalls…. Kuljeet cries. Dada ji consoles him. Guneet says we all lost Amrita. Kuljeet says Amrita has become a widow, she is young, she lost Karan, but she has Karan’s baby. Guneet says we got this good news, our Karan is coming back.

Kuljeet says Karan can’t come back for Amrita, is this her age to become a widow, did you all think what to do. Dada ji says you are right, we got too happy thinking she is pregnant, and didn’t think anything else. Guneet says Amrita has our heir. Dada ji says yes. Kuljeet says I thought to get her remarried once she comes out of the sorrow. Guneet says Amrita is our family. Kuljeet cries. Dada ji says I m understanding your pain, you are saying right, Amrita should settle again, she should get happiness again. Guneet asks how can this happen.

Dada ji says don’t get selfish, think of Amrita, not the baby, you said she is your daughter, should she sit at home like this all her life. Kuljeet says I also love the coming baby, but we have to think about Amrita also. Guneet cries. Dada ji says Karan has passed away, we can’t ruin Amrita’s happiness. Guneet says fine, as you say. Dada ji says no, tell Kuljeet what you will do.

Guneet says Amrita’s life will no stop, we will settle her down, let this baby come in the world. FB ends. Guneet sees Amrita and the baby. Kuljeet asks did you change your decision, I m worried for Amrita’s future. Guneet says I m also worried, I didn’t forget my promise, I m also her dad, we will get her remarried. Kuljeet thanks him. Amrita asks what emotional talk is going on. They say nothing.

Soni asks shall I feed you the soup if you have pain, I mean, shall I help you. Pritam says I don’t want help for such a nonsense thing, who drinks soup, I can’t have it. Nimmo asks why did Guneet get silent, he left. Dada ji says he had to go to the shop. Nimmo takes the baby. Amrita sits there to have water. Pritam asks are you crying. Amrita says no, please don’t make it an issue. Dadi says her parents left, she will cry. Dada asks Amrita to rest. Amrita says I m fine here. She argues with Pritam.

She asks didn’t you finish the soup till now. Pritam says I m having it. She says its for your good. He says its great soup. Nitin and Monty come to meet Pritam. Pritam says I m fine, alright, we will go upstairs and talk. Angad says go to the room. Pritam says fine, come. They go.

Nitin says you here. Monty says you are going fast. Pritam asks what do you mean. They joke on him and laugh. Kabir comes and asks what’s the matter. Monty jokes. Kabir asks Pritam not to do action, he has to get fine. Nitin thanks him. Kabir says its fine, one isn’t a human if he has no humanity.

Pritam asks Nitin about the main party. Nitin says I think its Rathi. Kabir says get me few deals. Pritam says you go. Kabir says its my room. Pritam asks shall I do my work. Kabir says fine, I will do my work. Pritam says don’t do anything to Rathi now, let me understand. They talk indirectly. Kabir says explain me also. Pritam says later. Kabir says I sacrificed this bed for you, I got a call, I m not useless. He gets a call.

They laugh. Pritam says find that man who attacked me, I can get into lockup and beat Rathi anytime. Rathi scolds his goon. Goon says I attacked Pritam, but those two boys came between, I will try my best. Rathi says I want result. Nitin says these people are really good. Monty says yes, stay here for some days. Nitin says its for your safety. Rathi says get him out of Sakhuja house and kill him. Goon says he isn’t coming out, I promise I will shoot him. Rathi says enter that house and kill him, do something with that woman and baby, that Pritam comes out himself, if needed, kill that woman and baby also.


Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pritam says she was scolding me, but I like it when someone cares. Amrita says its our responsibility to care for our tenant. Karan suggests Rahul name for the baby. Pritam says no, not Rahul. Dada ji asks what’s the problem.


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